Wednesday February 21, 2007

Franklin goes to the College Art Association conference, and finds it, um, wanting. I don’t know shit from looking for a college teaching job, but F is at his best when he’s pissed off, and stuff like this makes for a great read. And as much as I sometimes disagree with him, I’ve no doubt he’s right about the CAA.



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  1. onajide    Sat Feb 24, 12:54 AM #  

    Another colleague just returned from the CAA confab and said exactly what Franklin said. Other artist friends have said the exact same things years ago. In order to apply for a univ. teaching position, one must provide a listing of every job one has ever held, provide recommendations from tenured faculty, provide philosophy of teaching statement, artist’s statement, samples of ones artwork, samples of students work, samples of ones research, and, obviously, necessary skills to teach ones craft. I know that’s not everything but, when one must tailor ones application to each institution one applies for, it is more than a little daunting!