Thursday February 22, 2007

Alex Villalobos kills the “get out of the left lane you slow-ass” bill in the State Senate Committee on Transportation. I second his damning. And in fact, here’s his web page — whereon an e-mail address and a map of his district can be found. Maybe let him know how we feel?

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  1. otto    Thu Feb 22, 09:45 AM #  

    I would normally agree with you alesh, but the fact that we have highways that have exits from the left lane makes it difficult to implement a law like this. We should start by banning left lane highway exits as do most civilized countries.

  2. alesh    Thu Feb 22, 10:04 AM #  

    Um, actually, we’re blessed with the word “unless” and brains that are capable of comprehending rules with exceptions.

  3. otto    Thu Feb 22, 10:32 AM #  

    its the combination of poor signage and bad design… many times there are no warnings that a left hand exit is about to approach. So the “unless” exception assumes the driver knows that a left hand exit is approaching. In Miami where many on the road are tourists… they are stuck trying to change against three lanes of traffic to get from one side of the highway to the other.
    Granted in most cases people are just stupid slow dumb-asses in the fast lane, but a law. A Law just for driving slow in the fast lane doesn’t make sense. Especially if there is a speed limit.

  4. alesh    Thu Feb 22, 12:01 PM #  

    Makes perfect sense. How cool would it be to get two tickets — one for going too fast, and one for going too slow!?