Wednesday February 21, 2007

A rundown of the upcoming Subtropics festival, including an interview with Subtropics’ founder, Gustavo Matamoros. “Miami has been a big failure at trying to be like New York. This is because to be like New York one must start with the subway.”

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  1. that guy    Wed Feb 21, 08:25 PM #  

    The biggest problem with Miami trying to be like New York, is Miami trying to be like New York. If I want New York, well, I’ll book a flight to New York.

    Let’s let Miami become, well, Miami. But with a transit system that functions beyond Downtown.

  2. alesh    Wed Feb 21, 09:41 PM #  

    I think the big difference between MIA and NY the quote refers to is the availability of a broad range of cultural options. Miami has a lot going on, so long as you don’t compare it to NY, which has INSANE amounts of stuff going on, which if you live there starts to seem natural and reasonable, and if you come down here, MIA’s cultural scene can seem impoverished.

    On the other hand, Camilo moved to LA a year ago and every time I talk to him, he talks about how he misses the cultural and artistic stuff down here compared to LA.

  3. Andrés    Wed Feb 21, 10:39 PM #  

    There is zero comparison between Miami and New York. As a recently removed New Yorker, who grew up (partially) in Miami, I am not seeking to diss Miami at all…even if NY is a superior place to live your life. For me it helps to remember that culturally, the US is a Nuyo-centric society: film, art, music, etc. This can be tiring, and is one of the things I think about—as I cry myself to sleep—when I’m feeling a heavy dose of nostalgia for NYC. As my move down here approached I often thought ‘I can’t wait to get the claws of NY off of me.’ This morning I drove to Miami international airport. When I saw the landscape of cranes dusting up the horizon I became excited about the potential of this town, and that’s what MIA has going for it now—it’s growing and writing it’s own story. New York’s story has been written and rewritten endless times.

  4. that guy    Thu Feb 22, 10:28 AM #  

    Also, don’t forget there’s more people in the New York metropolitan area than in the entirety of South Florida. There’s more options because there’s more people.