Sunday May 28, 2006

freedom of the seas

I’m getting a little sick of all the damned freaking fuss about the Freedom of the Seas. It’s a stupid, ugly boat (with a stupid name), and as you can see from my picture, it’s a little bigger then the one next to it. Geez.



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  1. muss the fuss?    Mon May 29, 09:26 AM #  

    ok, so who’s making the fuss here? Not to worry, Channel 7 is covering the Loews heavily these days…

  2. Gus    Mon May 29, 06:57 PM #  

    Hey, Alesh, that’s pretty damn critical. What’s your deal? But I guess you wouldn’t be CriticalMiami if you weren’t being…

    I’m kidding. I really enjoy your criticalness. Awhile back, you criticized the comments in my Miami Ink post, and it really got be thinking.

    So here we are again, you critizing all of the coverage about the new “Freedom of the Seas”, and me thinking about what you have to say.

    I think the reason why there’s so much hype, is because human beings are fascinated by: The Biggest, The Best, The Longest, The Top 5, The Top 10, The Top 100. Have you seen VH1 this month?

    For some people, it’s exciting that the longest cruise ship in the world is docked in the Port of Miami.

    I saw it again today, and tried to snap a picture from my car, but camera phones suck and i missed the shot.

    Maybe what you’re trying to do is link bait us into seeing your pretty picture. I have to admit, you got the Best Shot of that damn boat.

    Anyway, thanks for being you. I really like your site :-)

  3. alesh    Mon May 29, 07:40 PM #  

    Thanks, Gus. I have a beef with the cruise industry in general, so “the biggest boat until the next biggest one comes along in a couple of months” just doesn’t’ do it for me.

    And seriously i’ve been driving by it, and it’s not that big.

    Also, speaking as someone who has to drive by them on the MacArthur, why are all the cruise ships designed the same? The freighters are at least painted cool colors . . . what was that one boat that had its hull painted blue? At least that looked like a real boat.