Sunday May 28, 2006

It never fails. I’ve got some news for you, guy: they’re not Latino. Also, Ed McMahon called to say, “you may already be a racist!” Personally, I’ve lived on South Beach for five years, and I’ve never noticed Memorial Day weekend as anything more then a bunch of people hanging out and partying.



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  1. lackner    Mon May 29, 10:39 PM #  

    My post mentioned latinos and blacks – reread it here:
    I’ll reprioritize to match your racial preference next time. If you think that Memorial Day is just a bunch of people “partying” then clearly you haven’t been watching the news. 850 arrests, one stabbing death, one shooting – that’s not what I call hanging out. Furthermore I don’t understand what any of this has to do with racism – if I said they were black, instead of latin, that would make me less racist? Please explain.

  2. White Dade    Tue May 30, 03:35 PM #  

    Lacker, though you were waaaay off if suggesting that there were many Laitnos on the beach this weekend, you summarized what most Miamins feel and are not a racist. If it were a convention of black stockbrokers and attorneys, I don’t think we would have had the violence that we did. But every Miamian I know, White and otherwise, stays off the beach for Memorial Day. You just said what everyone else was thinking.

  3. John    Wed May 31, 02:38 AM #  

    I’m not going to speak about this year b/c thankfully I’m not there. I will say that there are generally always a certain percentage of Latinos in the crowd in the past. The majority are usually African American. And? I think Critical Miami’s point was that no one specifies when White kids are in Pensacola or Lauderdale or S.D and Cabo out West. And as someone who has done all these circuits, there is smoking, drinking, snorting, violence, etc. All accompanied by RAGING hormones and youthful stupidity. Not most folk but it occurs. You’re dealing with a half million older teens and young adults partying- that is like a NY/LA sized city’s worth of teens, all on a spree. I think you can see where something negative WILL happen but so what? Miami has the highest violent crime rate in the NATION. I am sure measure for measure (age group, number of kids, party weekend) Miami Beach was pretty damn safe.

    Come to think about it, the last Miami encounters with night club violence was being out the night that the Russian kid was killed by a couple of Cuban kids, in a fight that began in club at 5th and Ocean I was at with the kid being killed in a near by municipal garage. And then there was the shooting involving several Cuban and Puerto Rican gang member kids in the Grove outside of Oxygen. I stopped going out to South Miami too late on weekend nights after I saw police and there was some brutal gang fights in the Wendy’s parking lot involving Hispanic kids (who in the area tend to be Colombian / South American). I was not surprised to read in the news that eventually a kid was killed… Know what Miami Nights- they were all just young, dumb fucks. Being a young, dumb fuck has no color boundary.

    That aside, many of the kids in the past (and I’ve been seeing a change as kids of different backgrounds come from all around) were Black college kids and recent grads from the Northeast; a lot of frats and sorors getting together, etc. As wild as these kids are they are better educated and have larger incomes than the vast majority of locals. Because of this I do agree that the police should be aware that they are dealing with a mixed group. The last thing some promising youth need is to wind up dead b/c some ne’er do wells have fucked up the party.

  4. Miami Harold    Wed May 31, 11:44 AM #  

    Quote from Lackner (above): Furthermore I don’t understand what any of this has to do with racism – if I said they were black, instead of latin, that would make me less racist?

    Answer: No. It wouldn’t make you less racist.
    It wouldn’t make you more racist, either.
    Most of us know racism when we encounter it,
    despite vociferous denials
    that often arrive in “plain talk”
    uttered by “everyone,” as in
    You just said what everyone else was thinking
    (quote from White Dade, above).
    While there is racist speech,
    racism isn’t something said so much as
    something believed and acted upon.
    But do carry on.
    It’s better to see this shit out in plain view
    as opposed to under white sheets.
    Perhaps some day you’ll grow out of it.