Wednesday May 31, 2006

A nice article in the New York Times on the new Miami architecture. I still say that Koolhaas woulda been better then Pelli, but it’s all good. (via Miami Transit)



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  1. A.T.    Fri Jun 2, 03:53 PM #  

    Alesh, I agree that Pelli is no Koolhaas, but it has nothing to do with the amount of writing in the Wikipedia. Barragan (if you look) has less written up than Pelli and is still of the best architects of the 20th century. The story goes that Koolhaas was not as PR as Pelli was when he presented his design (or so I’ve heard).

  2. John    Sat Jun 3, 12:30 AM #  

    Okay, I just checked here and saw this convo about Cesar Pelli, Rem Koolhaas and Luis Barragan. It is odd b/c I had put up a comment at Miami Transit mentioning Barragan so I don’t know if it is a coinkydinky. It seems A.T.’s comment was misplaced here.

    If it is a coincidence PLEASE tell me where a convo on Kookhaas, Barragan and I guess you can throw Pelli in. There was an interesting allusion to architects who excell at PR vis a vis (innovative) DESIGN which perked me up even more (did someone say Gehry?) Barragan is my favorite architect(next to Legorreta, Fathy… hmm, let me hold that thought.)

    Yeah, my point here is if there is a conversation about this goin’ on ‘bout this, please lets me know so I can read!

  3. alesh    Sat Jun 3, 07:54 AM #  

    OK I moved the comments here.

    Based on what I’ve been told by a couple of architects, they picked Pelli because his design maintained the Sears fragment (i said so in the second link above). That could be incorrect, but it sure sounds like exactly what they would do; you know “maintain a link to our past” etc etc. Makes political sense. And it’s BS; I won’t rehash why, it’s in the original post, but most people I share this story with get a little bitter that we dont have a Koolhaas PAC. But and so YES, it does obviously involve PR and social engineering. Speaking of Gehry, there’s a very famous dancing building in Prague designed by Gehry in collaboration with Vladimir Milunic, a Czech. The story is that Gehry got the commission because he collaborated with a local. Also speaking of Gehry, check out the cover of the new SunPost!

    w/r/t MPAC, it’s all water under the bridge, tho. We have what we have, and the fact is that it’s pretty cool. I drive by MPAC twice a day, and it’s still fun. It looks good.

  4. Manola BBB    Sat Jun 3, 11:51 AM #  

    Wow! What a cool building!

    Gehry’s Guggenheim museum in Bilbao Spain so ROCKS. It’ll be great to have something of his in our own backyard, provided NWS can get funding for capital, which is a goliath fundraising task.