Wednesday January 11, 2006

Bayfront balloon rides

A company is planning on offering balloon rides (for 30 people at a time!) over Downtown Miami for $14 a pop. Almost as much fun as Trapeze lessons. (Via 411. The image is obviously a computer rendering.)

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  1. Charles Whitman    Wed Jan 11, 10:59 AM #  

    With all the crackpot gunslinging yahoos running amok, you’d have to be out of your gourd to go up in a hot air balloon.

  2. Franklin    Wed Jan 11, 02:26 PM #  

    Anyone unfamiliar with Mr. Whitman’s work should refer to the final authority on the matter.

  3. Mister E    Thu Jan 12, 11:29 AM #  

    Kinky Friedman. Now there’s a contribution to the nation’s arts and letters. He does for music and literature what Richard Speck did for nursing (so long as we’re on this topic).

  4. Franklin    Thu Jan 12, 01:07 PM #  

    Indeed. Plus, he has a website.

  5. Living Will    Thu Jan 12, 02:12 PM #  

    Sure he’s got a website. Who doesn’t? This is the 21st century: even dogshit has a website. Speaking of which, google on “Speck’s Pecs” (I refuse to link it here) to see how far down a hole humanity can plummet.

  6. Rollo Nickels    Thu Jan 12, 04:48 PM #  

    ......and all of this relates to balloon rides…how?