Wednesday January 11, 2006

South Beach: the TV show

Oh good, now we have everything we need, including a shallow, stupid Baywatch knock-off TV show based on South Beach, on UPN. Promises to make Miami Ink look like 24.

Speaking of which . . . has anyone seen that Nip/Tuck show? I hear it’s stupid, but I always thought that was a good idea for a Miami TV show . . . and at least a concept with potential and a good name. But I digress. Just ‘cause all the critics hate a show, does that make it not worth checking out? Probably, though those inclined can do so tonight at 8 pm (2 hour special, which . . . doesn’t that conflict with Lost?).

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  1. Christian Calzadillas    Wed Jan 11, 03:58 PM #  

    I have a few friends that are in South Beach (the tv show), so I’ll be watching it, but I am really moist with anticipation of MTV’s 8th & Ocean! I can’t wait to see myself in that one.