Friday December 15, 2006

Miami Basel: An Art Costco for Billionaires. Ok, fine. But “glorified sandbar?” I have an idea, Mr. Trebay. Why don’t you report on something other then a list of events you heard were happening and shit you read off a press release? The closest thing to a fact we get in this piece is the bit about 216 NetJet flights because, what, it was impossible to make more then one phone call? (thanks, Lei)

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  1. Manola Blablablanik    Fri Dec 15, 11:46 AM #  

    Ugh. First we are the town that is and hosts a “a crowd so aesthetically jaded” and then we are “third world country” !!!

  2. alesh    Fri Dec 15, 12:42 PM #  

    Hey, I for one find being called a “third world country” a compliment, especially from some republican hick.

  3. tgrizz    Sat Dec 16, 03:47 PM #  

    Someone must have pissed in his espresso. He is probably still upset he couldn’t make it in to Mansion or Mynt.