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Friday October 12, 2012

26 fashion blogger weekend





Friday September 28, 2012

Dragonboat weekend





Friday September 21, 2012

Beer snob weekend

beer snob





Friday September 14, 2012

Optic nerve weekend

optic nerve





Friday September 7, 2012

DWNTWN Art Days weekend

ugly type

So, Downtown Art Days. Let’s take a quick look at how badly these asshats have set this up. This is the retardedly named DWNTWN’s big event weekend-long signature event. (DWNTWN = Downtown Miami’s cultural website, created by the Miami development authority.) Check out their website’s homepage. There it is: “Save the Date/Art Days/Sept 7-8.” Awlright, click there! Hmm… you can’t click that(!!). Ok, click the link right underneath, “See More Events>”. That takes you to this page, on which there is NOTHING about the downtown art days. You can “filter by month” at the bottom, but clicking on “SEP” does NOTHING. Note that all the events on the page have passed. Clicking “CALENDAR” at the top takes you to the same page you’re already on.

AHA! — there’s a link for DWNTWN ART DAYS up there. Hallelujah. Click it. That takes you to this page, which at this point it should not shock you has NO INFORMATION on it. (Remember: this event is so central to this organization that their URL is named after it!) There is a link to a PDF “calendar and map,” and this is where I really start to get mad. Anyway, here’s the PDF. Check it:

Are these people deliberately making this hard because they for some reason want a bad turnout? This is not snark or sarcasm. I am not genuinely wondering. (Please do not tell me that they don’t have the money to do better, because I’m looking at this website, and they have MONEY for DESIGN.) Also, I’ve wasted all my time, so the rest of this guide is going to be abbreviated. I guess you’ll just have to head downtown, find a copy of whatever this PDF looks like when it’s printed, and hope it’s worth your while.





Tuesday September 4, 2012

Get your election on


I know you’re disappointed with Obama. But look, you don’t want Romney and a Republican congress running the country for the country for the next four years. And if you think about it, you don’t want Obama going down as a one-term president.

And here’s the thing: Florida will decide this thing, more than likely. We’re the largest tossup state, and we’ve been picking the president since 1992 (when, amazingly, we voted to give George Bush Sr. a second term).

All of which is to say that you need to get ready to vote. If you’re registering for the first time, the application is at the bottom of this page. You should also fill out one of these if you want to change your party affiliation or if you’re moving. (Though if you’re moving within Dade County, you can just call the elections department, 305-499-VOTE, and they’ll do it over the phone.) If you’re submitting one of these forms anyway, you might consider changing your party affiliation, either to lodge your weak protest against the hegemony of the two-party system or because you’d like to vote in someone else’s primaries (like this year’s Republican primary). You should to enjoy perusing the list of political parties recognized in Florida.

Don’t get purged — make sure your Drivers License is up to date. You can update it through Florida HSMV’s charming Virtual Office. This would also be a decent time to consider becoming a Poll Worker. I bet you have no chance if you don’t speak Spanish or Creole, but you can give it a chance anyway. (As a hint, the link to the voter application PDF is broken at that link. If you click “ESPAÑOL,” you can get the application there.)

Do it today, otherwise you’ll be kicking yourself like those jackasses who voted for Nader in 2000.


Friday August 31, 2012

Vultures on a stick weekend


Your weekend weather: absurdly hot and not rainy. I shall be in an undisclosed location in the Keys and as per August there’s precious little going on anyway, but have at it:






Friday August 24, 2012

Floatopia weekend






Friday August 17, 2012

Lego weekend

Is it still August? The only thing you should “to do” is stay home and drink, or maybe go see a shitty movie. But whatever, here you go:





Friday August 10, 2012

Shakespearean weekend






Friday August 3, 2012

Drums and beats weekend


Friday July 27, 2012

Metrorail weekend

My girlfriend and I are staying cooked up inside in front of the TV watching the Olympics all weekend, so this is for y’all. (Actually, it’s almost August. Does anyone go outside this time of year? The other day I got sweaty driving somewhre in my air-conditioned car. Anyway.)

Image: Curbed Miami.


Friday July 20, 2012

Critical weekend


Are we doing weekend to-do roundups again? I don’t know. Maybe. It’s a pain in the ass, and so many people are doing it … but they’re doing a shit job (unless you know of a good one, in which case let me know ‘cause I have better things to do with my Friday morning), so let’s at least try.


Friday June 15, 2007

Dad's weekend

Father's day


Friday June 8, 2007

'Huh, another boat show?' weekend

boat show


Friday June 1, 2007

Hurricane season weekend

ana gaskell

It’s the first day of hurricane season, and the first day of kids summer vacation today (and the stinkers had a half-day yesterday — when was the last time you had a half-day at work?). More on that later.


Friday May 18, 2007

Cuba Nostalgia Weekend


Friday May 4, 2007

Dragonboat weekend



Friday April 20, 2007

420 Weekend

smoking airplane

Courtesy of MLP, this traffic update for the weekend around Carnival Center: “Northbound Biscayne Blvd. will be closed from 11:00 pm Friday through 6:00 am Monday. Southbound Biscayne traffic will be open throughout the weekend, but at times may be reduced to a single lane. This closure is due to the Biscayne Blvd. reconstruction project.”


Friday March 16, 2007

Website weekend



Friday March 2, 2007

Merce Weekend

merce cunningham Ocean performance

This weekend is probably the peak of the season. Get your butt out there and do something… but bring an umbrella just in case. Weather looks like it’ll be gradually cooling off, but possibly rainy.


Thursday March 1, 2007

Take two minutes now to take a quick and easy step to help secure state arts and cultural funding. An initiative for $2.47 per capita for the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.


Friday February 23, 2007

Metropolis weekend

metropolis the movie


Thursday February 15, 2007

Tonight's events for equstrians, urbanites, historians, and artists

William Keddell says:

Events for Equestrians, Urbanites, Historians, and Artists, this Thursday:

  1. Start your evening 5pm in downtown’s Lummus Park were you can visit the City of Miami’s newly completed Police Horse Stables. Enjoy refreshments from TROY Community Academy’s Teen Cuisine and attend a short presentation- see attachment
  2. 5.40pm The King’s Edict – the latest publication and exhibit from Troys Community Academy’s “Hidden Histories” Project
  3. 6.10pm. Join Dr. Paul George for a short walking tour of Lummus Park Historic District
  4. 7.00pm. Go to opening at Historical Museum of Southern Florida’s latest show “Port Royal, Jamaica”
  5. Then go Jam @ MAM. Its Samba Night at the Miami Art Museum MAM see “The Machine, The Body and The City –Gifts from the Charles Cowles Collection” plus “No Man is an Island” video work from Dutch Artist -Jesper Just.

This is all very well, but I call for a ballot initiative that anytime our government has an event for the public, they be required to put up a permalinked, standards-compliant web page about it.


Friday February 2, 2007

Trafficnightmare weekend


Superbowl. Yawn. Speaking of things that irritate me, I’ve decided that any titles I get in all-caps will be reduced to all lower case. Without anyfurther ado:


Friday January 19, 2007

Comedy weekend



Friday December 29, 2006

Noo Yeerz Eave weekend

king mango strut parade

New Years’ Eve? Well, there really are perfectly good stuff-to-do lists all over the place: Miami Music Guide, the Herald (1, 2), MiamiBeach411, and the aforementioned Miami Nights, so I see no reason to do one of my own. The smart money is celebrating with a small group of friends at a low key party, anyway. I’ll be at OceanDance, and you’re all invited.

By the way, tonight, End of Cinematics [Flash with sound] at the Carnival opera house looks impressive, and of course Woody Allen is kicking it old-school in the concert hall.

What about Monday? How about brunch and a light outdoor activity in the early afternoon?


Wednesday December 27, 2006

Miami Nights isn’t fucking around: they started last week on their New Year’s Eve party list, and are updating it continually. Prices for most parties are in the three and four-digit range per person, whazzup! Update: Here’s the Herald’s list.


Friday December 15, 2006

Pre-holiday tension weekend


Friday December 8, 2006

The Art Basel guide for normal people

inside art basel

Art Basel is fun! You don’t need to be an expert, or have a big checkbook, to enjoy it. In fact, most people there this weekend will just be there for fun, to look. If you’re thinking about it, just go! You’ll have a good time. The Herald, the New Times, and everybody else has big “Art Basel Guides,” but if all you want is to go for a few hours and see what all the fuss is about, just read the next paragraph and go! This isn’t rocket science, and you don’t need to do any major preparations.

Art Basel is here. Google will give you very nice driving directions if you need them. The parking lot across the street from the convention center charges $10, the garage in 17th Street charges $8. It costs $24 to get in for adults, $12 for kids, students, and seniors. The earlier you’ll go, the less crowded it’ll be and the more time you’ll have to look, and maybe take a break for food at Lincoln Road; just tell the person at the door you’re coming back and they’ll stamp your ticket stub or whatever. Once you’re inside, you can find out about Art Video Lounge, Art Positions, Art Perform, and Art Sound Lounge, which are in the neighborhood and which you may want to check out, too. Unless you want more then a casual day trip, don’t worry about anything else; some of the other fairs are great, but they’re much smaller, and a bit of a hassle. The “special events” are a hassle too, especially for parking. I spent six hours at Basel the other day and I still didn’t see nearly everything.

What to expect
I have pictures of some of the artworks I liked here and here. Expect to do some serious walking! Wear comfortable shoes. The fair is laid out in rows, but when you’re walking around it feels like a complete maze. I’d wandering around at random and getting lost. They have a little map, but trying to follow it to “see everything” is an exercise in futility, and you can walk through the same area over and over and see new stuff anyway.

The people who work for the galleries are all very nice. Unlike at some of the other fairs, they generally won’t start conversations with people (which is a relief for me), but they’re very happy to answer questions. If someone tries to talk to you and you’re not interested, nod and walk away — they’ll think you don’t speak that particular language!

Oh, about “stupid question.” Yes, unfortunately there is such a thing as a stupid question. Don’t ask “what makes this art?” or “couldn’t anybody do that?’ Questions about how something was made, or details about the artist, are great. It’s considered polite to preface “How much does that cost?” with a question that suggests why you’re interested in a particular piece. (Eavesdropping on conversations between gallery employees and visitors is a good way to learn interesting little tidbits.)

Officially, cameras are banned, although these days it’s easy to sneak a little camera anywhere. I walked around with a big camera over my shoulder and photographed everything, and though I have credentials that say I can do so, nobody really checked. Lots of people take photographs, so you should be able to sneak one here and there, so long as you TURN OFF YOUR FLASH. (Yes, break out your camera’s manual right now, and figure out how to take it off auto-flash mode and to turn the flash on and off yourself, because the truth is that the camera often does the exact opposite of what you need to take a good photo. But I digress.)

Do save some time for Art Video Lounge, which is across the street from the convention center. I haven’t been yet, but in past years it’s always been great. Art positions is about a 10 minute walk from the convention center. It’s usually worth it, especially if you’re wanting to get some fresh air anyway, but mainly it’s more of the same.

By the way, here’s a link to the Art Basel website, not that it’s particularly helpful.

Stuff for free and cheap
Art Basel is expensive! For a family of four it’s $82 with parking. Personally, I think it’s worth it. If you don’t want to spend the money, NADA is free, and it’s great! It’s like a smaller, more relaxed Basel. There isn’t nearly as much to see, and not all the artwork is as impressive, but it’s very much worth a visit. There’s a parking lot that charges $10, but you might be able to find free parking on the street in the surrounding neighborhood.

I think you can get in free to Basel’s Art Positions and Art Video Lounge without a ticket, but I’m not sure. I’ll find out put the information right here by tomorrow morning. [ Update: Yes, Positions and Video Lounge are free. Also on the beach, Bridge, Aqua, Ink, and a couple of the other fairs are free. Basel is still worth the money, though.]

There’s a list of the rest of the fairs here. I’ve also been to Scope, Pulse, and Photo Miami so far, and all three cost $10. Scope was my favorite — I’ll try to do a post about it later. Photo Miami was also great; much much better then a lot of people were for some reason expecting. I wasn’t as crazy about Pulse. I generally don’t like the hotel-based fairs like Aqua, because the rooms tend to be cramped and not good for looking at art (ymmv).

Whatever you do, don’t waste your time this weekend going to the Miami Art Museum, Miami Art Central, the Margulies Warehouse, or any other place with art that you can visit next weekend, or in a month. These places are all very much worth visiting, but this weekend they’re overrun with out-of-town art people, and there’s a lot going on that’ll be gone by Sunday evening.

Other events
The big thing is Saturday night in the Design District/Wynwood. There’s going to be a huge street party, with all the galleries open, bands playing, and general mayhem. Traffic and parking are going to be the nightmare of the century, but it’ll be fun. I’m probably going to entrust myself to the hands of friends who will know what to do (Update: Though Cody Chesnutt is performing at MocaSonic!). Tons and tons of other events listed at Alex in the City (I don’t know who she is but she’s doing a great job of rounding this stuff up), The Next Few Hours (a great, “mostly kid-friendly” list), and Miami Nights (party-oriented). You might also try to slog through the Herald’s coverage: try here and here, or try the New Times, who says “We’ve got Basel’s best!”, but appears to list everything (I’m just scanning). It’s probably better in the print version. Online they say “see our Art Basel Event listings” but there’s no link, and I can’t find them!


Monday December 4, 2006

The word on Art Basel

Basel always brings some temporary outdoor art installations. This one is in front of the Jackie Gleason Theater. Some more are here and here

Yes, I’m going to be talking about Art Basel this week; apologies to those who don’t care. For non-art people who are interested, I’ll probably do a post on Friday to tell you what to see if you don’t want to see everything. For the others, somewhat more frequent updates on what’s particularly interesting.


Tuesday November 28, 2006

The Art Basel Plan

gallery sign at basel

Art Basel weekend is right around the corner: It happens the weekend of December 9th and the few days before (the official opening is Thursday). If you’re coming in from out of town, you’re mainly concerned with getting yourself some airline tickets and hotel reservations. Us locals have it good. Here’s what the smart ones will be doing:


Friday November 17, 2006

Bookie weekend

books are on a shelf


Wednesday November 15, 2006

Friends with You will be doing a parade of giant balloons on December 9th 7th [either the 7th or the 9th, not sure], and they need volunteers. Information at Wormhole.


Tuesday October 31, 2006

The WikiProject Florida: stuff to see, contribute, and do on Wikipedia, including some small but helpful tasks. (I’m not sure this counts, though.)



Goth, Grime, and Guilty Pleasures

It’s Halloween at Rainbowsk8. Lolo says:

GOTH: New wave and goth club classics mixed into the ROLL OUT playlist!!

GRIME: Tonight will be the official CD release party for the new Lady Sovereign CD “Public Warning” coming out on Def Jam Records!! We have tons of samplers, posters, and giveways, and we’ll also have a drawing box to win a super rare limited edition Lady Sov SKATE DECK!!

GUILTY PLEASURES: Drink specials, free shots given out throughout the night, spooky visuals and SERIOUS PRIZES for the best costumes… $100 for the best costume!! $20 +bar tab for most original!! $20 + bar tab for best couple!!

Along with this we’ve got 3 super guest DJs joining us in the booth: Ray Milian (Off The Radar), DS363 (Dadeabass), John Vincent (Television Club)

As well as fun Halloween decorations, candy and more!! AND, for this special night we’ll be open from 8pm until 1am!! We hope to see you all there.

Someone spent some serious time on the flyer, so check it out: front, back. And roll out on myspace.


Friday October 27, 2006

The weekend

Felice Grodin and Erika Morales

Tonight, two of my friends have openings. (left) Felice Grodin (with Matthias Saillard and Veronica Castillo) at Carol Jazzar‘s home gallery. Felice uses abstract-expressionist ink drawings as her starting point, then meticulously applies the language of architecture to them, creating delicate, multi-level maps. (right) Erika Morales, with drawings and an installation at Leonard Tachmes Gallery. Erika’s last installation was a home made set of monkey bars that were wired to produce sound when someone monkey-barred across them, so this should be impressive.

More this weekend:


Thursday October 26, 2006

Two cool things happening tonight: At the Wolfsonian,
Go Native!: Ideas to Make Your Garden a Natural Habitat — landscape architect Raymond Jungles (ha!) runs through native species suitable landscaping, and shows some recent projects done native style. At the MAC, Dan fucking Grahm. 8 pm. Update: Grahm was great. A true believer in the power of [old-school] video technology to bring people together.


Friday October 20, 2006

Damn weekend

Design Art Miami Now


Thursday October 19, 2006

Jim DeFede is moderating a debate between the candidates for Miami District 2 commissioner tomorrow (October 20). 7 pm at the Bayshore Lutheran Church, Biscayne Blvd. and NE 60th Terr. You can send questions you want him to ask to (via Biscayne Boulevard Times e-mail)


Wednesday October 18, 2006

Tonight, Tigertail Productions is throwing a party to kick off its season. A panel discussion begins at 6:30, the party kicks in at around 8 pm. Astrid Hadad, who’s performance is this weekend, will be in effect.


Saturday October 7, 2006

becky stands over a canal, contemplating jumping in.

Becky Flowers, FIU grad student and performance artists, has a blog where she documents one action she took each day. For example, intervening with a sculpture. Check out day 1. Also, her action for tonight will be at the Wallflower Gallery at 7:30! (thanks, Dervis!) Related: Bust that cycle.


Friday October 6, 2006

Carnival Center opening

Carnival etching 2Carnival Etching 1

This is it, folks: the big weekend! And not only does the Carnival Center have a brand new website that actually works, but in addition to the expensive stuff happening all this weekend, there’s a free festival, Globalbeat, on Sunday from noon to 10 pm. Ok, ok, there are still some problems: when you click the Globalbeat link on the website you get a blank page (try here for the basics), and apparently the big show on Thursday didn’t go over great, but it sounds like stuff that can be ironed out. See you there Sunday.

Update: Manola comes through with a press release she dug up out of the Google cache(!) and posted in the comments.

Target Globalbeat is free, but space is limited for the indoor performances. Vouchers, which are redeemable for wrist bands on the day of the event, will be available at the 13 Miami-Dade County Commissioners’ District offices from Monday, September 18 to Friday, September 22. Carnival Center recommends contacting the District offices for a specific time and date to pick up vouchers. Vouchers can be redeemed at the Target Globalbeat Tent on Sunday, October 8 for wrist bands which provide admittance into the Center during any one of three three-hour sessions beginning at noon, 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Wrist bands will also be issued, as space permits, on Sunday at the Target Globalbeat Tent up to two hours before the start of each session. Arriving early is highly recommended.

Hmm… in other words, anyone who had the inside scoop and got their vouchers two weeks ago is getting in. Everyone else will have to show up and hope for the best.


Wednesday September 13, 2006

Yay(?): Miami is getting the Bodies exhibition. It opens in (of all places) the old Virgin record store in The Shops at Sunset Place, September 22. Update: Interestingly, the article doesn’t mention which organization is bringing the exhibit.


Friday September 8, 2006

Art Saturday

the order of perfect happiness

Too early in the fall for my taste, but the art season is back. Stuff I’m planning on hitting Saturday night, tentatively:

Probably more at TnFH soon.

Update: I’m adding more the the list above. I guess you can keep checking.


Monday August 7, 2006

ceiling mural at Viscaya

Frances went to Viscaya, As in July, in August it’s free on the last Sunday; that would be the 27th. The closest thing we’ll ever have to a real castle, Viscaya seems like a no-brainer must-visit for any Miamian. Since regular admission is $12, a free day is not insignificant. Info on the Viscaya site.



Dixie Dingo Super-8 Film Festival

This is a project that Brook Dorsch and Julie Kahn cooked up last year. They somehow came into the possession of eight Super-8 cameras, and gave them to eight semi-randomly selected people along with a three-minute spool of film. One week later, everything gets returned, developed, and subsequently screened. The screening is the first time anyone gets to see the movies, including the organizers. Nice. I missed it last year, and I’m not missing it again.

Tomorrow Night! (Tuesday, 8 pm) From the website (which as far as I know has no permlinks:

Julie Lara Kahn & Brook Dorsch announce the second Dixie Dingo Super-8 Invitational Film Festival at the Dorsch Gallery on 8/8/06 at 8:00 pm. The DDS8IFF is a free one-night festival of Super-8 films by Miami strangers. The festival celebrates the 3rd birthday of a stray Dixie Dingo puppy named Logan who appeared on the steps of the Dorsch Gallery on 8/8/03. We adopted him and he changed our lives forever. The festival pays homage to the creative possibilities of such serendipitous meetings with strangers. The evening will benefit Faktura Pet Projekts—a non-profit organization run by artists Jacquelyn Johnston and Angela Roell dedicated to using the arts to enhance community by raising awareness, funds and support for the rescue of stray pets. This year”s 8 filmmakers are: Elizabeth Howard; Eduardo M. Lopez, a personal driver, sailor and diver from Argentina; Teresa Mears, an assistant features editor for the Miami Herald; Crispin Sylvester, a Rastafarian; Bethany Quinn, a UM hunger striker; Nastassja Schmidt, a high school actress, singer, model, dancer & aspiring filmmaker; Us Not Him, a local collaborative; Alon Siso, a hairdresser and modern artist who works with oil and canvas.

On a hot day earlier this year, Brook & Julie cruised through Miami neighborhoods handing out cameras & film to 8 random people. Each stranger was provided with a super-8 camera, a 3-minute film cartidge & 1 week to shoot. Their exposed film was then collected, processed and compiled onto a single reel without any editing beyond what was done in camera. The reel will be screened via old-fashioned projector with the help of Barron Sherer and Kevin Wynn of Cinema Vortex at the Dorsch Gallery on August 8th at 8 pm. No one will view the films before the festival, not even the organizers or the filmmakers, we will all be virgins together. In addition to the 8 virgin films, the organizers commissioned credit trailers by Miami-based art duo, the TM Sisters, best-known for their xerography, sewn collage, animation, and video game collaborations. After the films and trailers are screened, the audience will vote for an Audience Choice Award Winner. The evening will conclude with a dance party featuring DJ le Spam and an opportunity to mingle with the filmmakers and their guests.

Update: No AC yet, so dress light.

Update: Sweet Jesus, I didn’t even realize (but KH points out) that it’s 8 folks making Super 8 movies, shown on 8/8, at 8 pm. I’m about to have a seizure.


Friday July 28, 2006

os mutantes on tv, 1960's

Os Mutantes, legendary 1960’s Tropicalia band, have reunited and are playing on Wednesday. $35, and you’ll want to get tickets asap. (thanks, Cohen)


Tuesday July 25, 2006

Roll Out!

sk8 pix

All sorts of people will tell you that roller skating is more fun then ice skating, right? Of course it’s apples and oranges. But Roll Out Tuesdays in Ft. Lauderdale isn’t just an ordinary rollerskate night. Hosted by the inimitable DJ Hottpants and attended by the hippest of both counties, Roll Out is (well, not to be retarded about it, but) like a club on wheels. I realize it doesn’t look like much in my pictures (hey, it’s dark in there, and people are zipping around: you try photographing it with something that fits in your pocket), but plenty of busy people will tell you that it’s worth a trip up from as far as Coral Gables on a school night. And hey, nobody’s getting stabbed.

sk8 pix

Take 95 north to 595, head East, get off at US-1, and go North. Gold Coast Roller Rink will be on your right almost right away (2604 S. Federal Highway). 8 pm to Midnight: hell yes. $3 door, $2 skate rentals. And the snack bar serves beer.


Monday July 24, 2006

On Tuesday, the Miami Vice movie premiere official after-party. $500 tickets (almost sold out). In attendance: the Hilton sisters, Hulk Hogan, and Jessica Simpson.


Thursday July 20, 2006


Saturday July 15, 2006

Miami Light Project announces 2006/2007 season

Miami Light Project continues to be one of the most exiting performing arts presenters in South Florida, and they’ve just announced their new season. No household-name type superstars (i.e. Laurie Anderson, Sonny Rollins) this year, but it looks like a solid season. I assume that the Miami Performing Arts Center shows are in the Studio Theater, which along with the newly renovated Colony Theater would mean that MLP has finally got their perfect roster of venues. Rock on! From the press release:

November 30-December 2, 2006 8:00pm
Miami Performing Arts Center
Her latest work, UpWake, has been in development for the last 3.5 years through MLP’s Here & Now commissioning program. Up Wake is a fast-paced tragic-comedy that fuses clowning, movement and technology to follow Zero, a toon character, throughout his day. More than a show, Up Wake is a science project where performer, original score, text projection and digitally animated images are meticulously integrated to transform a live 3-D installation into a magical journey of the human soul. This program is co-commissioned and co-presented with Miami Performing Arts Center.

January 26-27, 2007 8:00pm
Colony Theater
Descended from a long line of Sangomas (traditional healers), Mantsoe hails from Soweto, South Africa. Blending traditional African dance forms with contemporary modern & ballet, and Asian forms, Men-Jaro features an international ensemble of 5 dancers & 5 musicians from the Traditional African Orchestra. In Men-Jaro (township slang for friendship), Mantsoe redefines the intrinsic relationship that exists between African contemporary dance & music, investigating ancestral worship and rituals in a powerfully ritualistic, highly celebratory & transcendentally spiritual work.

HERE & NOW: 2007
March 13-30, 2007
Miami Performing Arts Center
Here & Now features newly commissioned short works by 4-6 Miami-based artists curated by MLP staff for a 2-week performance series. In addition to a commissioning fee, the artists receive rehearsal time in the Light Box, production support and professional development assistance. Here & Now is co-commissioned and co-presented with Miami Performing Arts Center

April 6-7, 2007 8:00pm
Colony Theater
Italian choreographer Greco & Dutch theatre director Pieter C. Scholten have worked together since 1995. In their latest work, Hell, they take on dance as their art form absolute – delving deeply into the layers of dance expression to investigate components of different dance styles and discover their associations. A contemplation of “hell on earth,” Hell offers a profound perspective on the current global situation. The artistic team includes Dutch experimental filmmaker Joost Rekveld who specializes in kinetic installations & light compositions.

April 18-22, 2007
Miami Performing Arts Center
Before relocating to Miami in 1995, Luquini worked throughout Europe and the Americas for 30 years as a performer and choreographer. For MLP’s latest major commission, Idalina, Luquini collaborates with Brazilian Capoeirista masters Fernando Lee and Eurico de Jesus, and Miami-based Composer and Musician José Elias. Inspired by the saga of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the capacity of mankind to endure cruelty and degradation with ingenuity and hope, Idalina explores ideas of resistance and freedom, creating a movement, sound and word collage of the enduring symbols of Capoeira, resonant with collective nostalgia, memories, universal themes and a message of personal resistance. This program is co-commissioned and co-presented with Miami Performing Arts Center

May 3-12, 2007
Various Locations
Miami/Project Hip Hop is an annual 10-day celebration of hip hop music, dance, theater, spoken word, visual art and film, will feature South Florida-born, New York-based composer and violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain who seamlessly blends funk, rock, hip hop and classical music into a new sonic vision for the next generation.


Friday July 14, 2006

cat power

Oh shit! Cat Power at Studio A tonight!


Saturday July 8, 2006

A comprehensive list of art-related activities for the weekend. Every single thing on KH’s itinerary sounds worth doing.


Thursday June 29, 2006

CandoCo at Florida Dance Festival

The Journey

Oh, so the Florida Dance Festival has been on since last week. Last night there was a performance at the recently reopened Colony theater by CandoCo Dance Company. The performance consisted of two extended pieces. The first, “The Journey,”[1] a kinetic piece built with tight clusters of activity, dancers interacting mostly in groups of two or three, even when all seven are on stage. CandoCo includes two disabled dancers,[2] one of whom has no legs. You would think this would be a challenge to creating a coherent performance of people dancing. In fact, though, the physicality of being disabled energizes the interactions of these men with the rest of the members of the company. It sort of makes sense when you see it. The choreography explores various ways in which a person in a wheelchair and a person standing can interact, but those movements are so well integrated into the piece that, suddenly, nothing could seem more natural then a dance company with wheelchairs.

In Praise of Folly

After that (and an intermission so long that the idea of ditching got bounced around) relatively straightforward piece, the second opened with a stage darkened except for a couple of spotlights, some arcane recitations, and a solo performance on a contraption which was sort of a cross between some pilates equipment and monkey bars (and which was later turned on its side to form a padded table). From there it proceeded to get really weird. Dance theater has a tendency to get theatrical and dark, but I’ve never seen it taken to this extreme before. The whole thing played like a scene from a David Lynch movie, with some dark meaning just out of grasp (out of my grasp, anyway). Lisa Hunt says of one section of the piece:

Most memorably the spotlight singles out a dancer, blindfolded, struggling and falling, in a metal tunnel – one of the most poetic representations of human suffering I have ever seen on the stage.

It was wonderfully strange. Not having a literal meaning allows dance to incorporate fantasy, horror, and science fiction elements in a way that’s, well, poetic. Were straightforward theater to do so it might come off as silly, but here it’s redeemed by the focus on movement. More stuff like this would have me going out to a whole lot more dance performances then I currently do.

The Florida Dance Festival continues through the weekend; here’s the schedule.

[1] Why do dance pieces always have silly names? Maybe because choreographers are inherently visual- and movement- oriented people, and dealing with words is so removed from their creative experience.

[2] This performance was co-sponsored by Tigertail, part of a collaboration with Florida Dance Association called danceAble.


Sunday June 25, 2006

at the Knitting Factory

Tilly and the Wall, t’nite!


Thursday June 22, 2006

There is no shortage of Heat victory celebration posts and articles around. The only one remotely worth it is Christian’s post about the impromptu parade on Washington Avenue Tuesday night (ever the generous one, he also uploaded his full 457 picture roll). I’m sure the official parade will be great. But c’mon – a celebration three days after the victory? And only for people who can take a half-day off work?
Update: Oh, and read Christian’s hilarious reflections on posting the images, a comment that’s longer then any post he’s done on fanless in months.


Friday June 16, 2006

Darc karnival fetish party

goth chix

You’ve gotta love the goths. This is from an e-mail I just got:

Come one,Cumm all,
Indulge yourself at Darc karnival
Mesmorized with sights and sound, strobe lights flash as heart beats pound.
With a sentence and a smile, anxious all the while, to wait so patiently.. arriving seperatly
Flesh to flesh and skin to skin ,
Eyes connect and we begin dressed to kill just lick your lips sharpened claw like fingertips
Something wicked this way comes hypnotized we bang the drums Leather and latex vinyl and lace a new addiction with just one taste
Eyes connect and we begin Flesh to flesh and skin to skin ,
once a month a fetish ball Abusement park’s Darc Karnival fire breathers circus tents please Click Here To View Event.

Saturday June 17 2006, something wicked this way comes

So don’t hesitate…DV8!


Saturday ,June 17


Darc Karnival has a great vibe ,intense music and BDSM equipment set up thru out the club for your darkest fantasies, as well as our famous fetish shows ,kinky carnival games,Vending booths, and special surprise guest/performers all night long!!!

INFO 954 822 6350

doors open at 9pm
17813 Biscayne Blvd
Aventura, Florida

$10 in proper dress code

DRESSCODE: Vinyl, Gothic, rivet, cyber, Rubber, Leather, Vampyre, Uniforms, Victorian etc.
(all black accepted)

Be edgy. our past events have shown that it’s not only about the best underground parties but also about the incredible fashion…>

Plenty of FREE PARKING!!!

Abusement Park Productions-24 HOUR INFORMATION HOTLINE 954-822-6350

Doors :7PM-5AM, (open to the public @10pm after miami munch fetish dinner)
info 954 822 6350


You got it, guys.


Wednesday June 14, 2006

Don slips a love note to Miami on his way out. So long, Don. And actually, there’s some stuff on his list I need to check out.


Friday June 9, 2006

Something Awful Friday

production still from Something Awful


Monday May 22, 2006

Ice skating


Ice skating seems like a natural fit for the hot, muggy months in Miami. Yet the only ice skating rink I knew about (up by FIU North) was torn down years ago. For the last few months I’ve been on a quest for ice skating, and it turns out it was under my nose the whole time: a friend pointed out that the Scott Rakow ice rink has public skate on Tuesdays and Saturdays, 8 – 10 pm (plus teen night on Fridays).

We stopped by last week (it was on Tuesday, and it was rainy, probably hence the relative emptiness of the place), and it was great. The serious skaters show up early and zip around, doing spins and jumps and and skating backwards (which I fell on my ass trying to replicate), along with a few couples. There was also a family with a few cool kids. I’m sure it’s kind of a crazy social scene on the weekends; the Tuesday thing is probably better for novices and serious skaters. Either way, though: FUN. $9 for adults, $6 for kids, $3 for Miami Beach residents(!), which includes skate rental. Here’s a Mapquest link, otherwise you’ll never find it.

And yes, there’s also the Kendall Ice Arena.


Friday May 19, 2006

Nostalgia weekend


Saturday May 13, 2006

KH and Jose have art-things to do tonight.


Friday May 5, 2006

South Beach Chamber Ensemble


The South Beach Chamber Ensemble performs at MAC at 4 pm on Sunday. I caught them doing the same program a few weeks ago at the Miami Beach Community Church, and they are excellent. Drawn from the teaching staff at New World School for the Arts, SBCE is a surprisingly hip string quartet. This program, for instance, includes nothing older then 1957. Between pieces, they explain, give background, and tell stories, sometimes interrupting each other to jump in on a point.

They open with Shostakovich’s String Quartet #7, which is Russian modernism at it’s best – dissonant, dramatic, and in places just plain weird. It’s the sort of piece that demonstrates why the string quartet can be the most effective of classical music units – it is able to create rich layers of texture with unusual techniques on each instrument, while allowing each of the instruments to be heard as a distinct voice. The show continues with Osvaldo Golijov’s “Tenebrae” (composed in 2003) a shimmering, slowly developing tribute to a visit to a planetarium, and concludes, fittingly, with a string quartet by Villa-Lobos, the Brazilian master.

The show is part of the ensemble’s “Music in Beautiful Spaces,” a good execution of a good idea. ($5)



Breakin' weekend

mlp hip hop


Friday April 28, 2006

A childrens' weekend

kid with horn


Friday April 21, 2006

Rebecca’s got some stuff to do for Earth-Day, which is tomorrow.



Flew Friday


Friday April 14, 2006

Precious little weekend

clubbin' as far as the eye can see

Not much going on this weekend that I can see. I guess it’s the


Friday March 31, 2006

Orchid Weekend

Hey: Also, I’m working on something about the UM Janitor strike. Anyone have any thoughts, e-mail me; think of it like comments in reverse. In particular, I want to get my hands on something called “Why the Protest Continues: It’s All About Democracy.”