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Friday June 22, 2012

hialeah haiku heat championship This image, created by Hialeah Haikus (which is usually a blog but is currently redirecting to a listing of a book by the same name, which you should probably buy) was posted to Facebook by the always awesome Liz Tracy. But so ok: look at the middle line. How many syllables do you count? The correct answer is 7. “We’re” = 1 syllable. “going” = 2 syllables. “Versailles” = 2 syllables. BUT if you’re Cuban apparently you pronounce it with three syllables. So, by the powers of poetic license, I concede that this is a right and proper haiku.


Thursday April 17, 2008

Midtown indoor soccer

A fierce combination of soccer and hockey, indoor soccer is played on a small enclosed court with some thin astroturf. It’s much more frantic then regular soccer because of the enclosed space and no stopping (the ball’s stays in play if it hits the wall as long as it’s below the black line). Midtown Stadium Indoor Soccer [Flash site; will play Van Halen Jump really loud unless you mute your speakers before entering] in Wynwood (where the indoor skate park used to be), it’s free to watch or $120 per hour to rent the field, less during off-hours and weekends.

Two co-ed teams that played like nobody’s business, the spectators sitting just behind a flimsy net, flinching as the ball hurtles to within inches of their face. All set to club music. Apparently they’re booked through most evenings (open 24 hours!), so you can just swing by and watch some soccer when in the neighborhood. (Thanks Brook!)


Tuesday February 19, 2008

marlins stadium renderings

Proposed Marlins stadium renderings. More here. Other images at Transit Miami and the Sentinel. Update: Like you needed reminding that public funding for ballparks was a bad idea?


Monday January 28, 2008

Shaquille O’Neal’s monthly income: $1.8 million. Expenses, again monthly: $12,775 on food, $17,220 on clothes, $48,750 on maids and babysitters, $156,116 on mortgages, and $60,417 on gifts. Hey Shaq — um, nevermind.


Thursday January 10, 2008

Orange Bowl souveniers for sale

orange bowl

Get your piece of the Orange Bowl here at the official site, or get them cheaper at the Canes shop. Obviously I don’t care, but the framed vintage seats are nice. There’ll be an auction on February 9th for all the bigger stuff (urinals!), including the scoreboard.


Thursday December 20, 2007

“It should be noted that while the above outlined County obligations and terms represent the major elements, they do not constitute all of the provisions in the draft BSA [Baseball Stadium Agreement].”

Michael Lewis explains how you, my dear tax-paying amigos, are soon to receive the anal reaming as it pertains to the Marlins stadium deal.


Wednesday December 19, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, your county commission is out of its collective fucking mind: They just approved $347 million for a new Marlins stadium (more then double what the actual team will contribute!), overrode the UDB veto (to allow building past the development boundary, and note that Katy Sorenson, Rebeca Sosa, Carlos Gimenez, and Dennis Moss are the only ones that stood up against development), and generally passed the whole downtown overhaul that was proposed last year. I’m with them on the streetcar and on Museum park, but not much of anything else. Update: The budget for the 800-unit replacement to the Scott and Carver housing projects can suddenly accommodate only about 150 units. (thanks, Carlos)


Wednesday September 26, 2007

Swimmers in Sunday’s triathlon.


Monday August 13, 2007

Somewhat relevant to our discussion about beating the heat, the Herald profiles the Hash House Harriers. “Not runners with a drinking problem, but drinkers with a running problem.” Turns out that running and drinking is a global thing. The lesson is clear: you gain more hydration from drinking beer then you loose through the alcohol. (thanks Steve)


Wednesday June 27, 2007

LOL: The Miami Dolphins sent an e-mail to hundreds of their season ticket buyers in a way that revealed all of their e-mail addresses


Wednesday June 6, 2007

How beneficial was the Super Bowl for South Florida? South Florida CEO magazine takes 2,000 words to say that nobody knows. The high estimates are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. One thing’s for sure — the indirect TV publicity is priceless. (Ok, not priceless: “the report by Sports Management Research calculates that just the region’s exposure thanks to the Super Bowl — Miami, South Florida and Dolphin Stadium hometown Miami Gardens were mentioned 65 times during the game broadcast — was worth $48.5 million.”)


Monday May 14, 2007

Rick does a great homage to a golf course that’s just closed, Raintree. Now if only I had a blogroll, you could go see it.


Thursday April 12, 2007

What’s the Miami connection with the Don Imus flap? Bob Norman lays it out, along with an analysis of why the Miami Herald failed to report the story. (Thanks, Steve)


Tuesday April 10, 2007

The Miami Dade College chess team has been scoring among the nation’s best for years.


Monday March 12, 2007

Yikes: Miami is #98 out of 100 on a list of the most walkable cities in the US. The main criteria was the percentage of people who walk for exercise. Contrast with an older study (no date) which looked at people who walk to work — Miami was #79 there. (via TM)


Wednesday February 28, 2007

Everybody knows that building baseball stadium with public funds is a terrible idea. Currently a proposal for a Marlins baseball stadium (total cost: $450 million; Marlins ownership contribution: $45 million; public contribution (city, county, and state): $405 million) is being seriously considered. Miami Vision tries in vain to justify the concept with some interesting ideas. “A few million here, a few million there, it all adds up.”


Monday February 26, 2007

“Republican leaders in the new Legislature have enthusiastically exhumed the oft-snuffed plan to throw away $60 million of public funds on a Major League Baseball park in South Florida.” Hiaasen lets us know how he feels about it.


Friday February 16, 2007

Nighttime sports, Flamingo park

Night baseball

Nighttime baseball, Flamingo park. See also nighttime soccer, right next door. There’s a fence along the infield edge, but the improvised soccer field extended past it a little, and at one point the the soccer ball got kicked deep into the baseball game. This resulted in a fun interaction, with joking from the second base ref and maybe slight defensiveness from the soccer player who retrieved the ball. Flamingo park was humming, with another baseball game and another soccer game going on other fields, each of which was a notch more “serious” then these.

These baseball teams had uniform t-shirts and mismatched pants. The players were men and women of all different ages. The serves were underhand, and there were two referees. The soccer players were at least as good, but there was no way to tell who was on what team, so less interesting to watch. The teams included some teenagers, and the goals, fairly hardcore at maybe five feet wide, were marked by piled-up jackets.


Thursday February 8, 2007

Via the radio yesterday, one of the main complaints that out-of-towners had about Miami during Superbowl weekend was the overzealous and unreasonable measures taken by the Miami police. They specifically quoted someone with ESPN, though I’m not sure if he was specifically referring to Miami PD or the County department. Sort of related: Miami’s Operation Tornado results in 101 arrests.


Tuesday February 6, 2007

Over at Fast Company, the business of hosting the Super Bowl. A sober analysis finds the official figure of a $350 to $400 million impact on South Florida’s economy is probably overstated by $260 to $370 million. Oops!


Wednesday January 31, 2007

Volleypalooza: the models of South Beach play volleyball. Will the wonders never cease? Christian wonders (jokingly?) where in the tori anus (.com!) Shulaville is. This reveals it: “Shulaville [is] Sprint’s ceremonial name for Lummus Park.”


Wednesday January 10, 2007

Here we go again with the Marlins stadium

The Miami Orange Bowl Oh my God, here we go again: Plans for a new Florida Marlins baseball stadium in Miami include the use of community redevelopment money. Let me quote the first few paragraphs:

The latest plan to build the cash-strapped Florida Marlins a new stadium in downtown Miami involves using millions of dollars of money meant to improve blighted neighborhoods.

It also calls for the city of Miami to deed property to Miami-Dade County so the Marlins — which would lease the stadium — could receive a tax break. And it requires money, once again, from the state Legislature.

“They’re looking at the Park West/Overtown CRA boundary that stops a block from where the site is,” said Miami-Dade tax collector Ian Yorty, the county’s point man for stadium negotiations. “The city has plans to expand the boundary.”

Money from a Community Redevelopment Agency, by law, must be used to spur economic development in “blighted” neighborhoods. Tax money created from a CRA stays inside the district.

Word of the new stadium plan infuriated some community members, such as Overtown’s Irby McKnight, who said the CRA has yet to build a single home in Overtown.

“I’m just looking at this in amazement,” he said. “We’ll remember this on Election Day.”

Miami Commissioner and CRA Chairwoman Michelle Spence-Jones declined to comment.

But Miami Mayor Manny Diaz described using CRA money to build a new ballpark as money well spent. He believes a baseball stadium would anchor redevelopment on the downtown’s western flank, much like the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts, which receives $1.43 million yearly from the CRA, has spurred development on the city’s eastern edge.

I have to say that I share McKnight’s amazement. The nerve of these people — and then the head of the CRA has “no comment” when the newspaper asks her about it? How’s that for a big middle finger to the taxpayers?

Let’s review. Baseball is a business; the government has no more business supporting it then they do paying McDonalds to build restaurants. Plus, they’re cynically bending the whole point of the CRA by expanding the boundary to include their chosen site! And if we didn’t have ample local proof that sports stadiums in fact don’t “anchor redevelopment” for jack shit (Hello Miami Arena? And the Orange Bowl was built in the 1940’s . . . last time I drove by it was located in a nice quiet residential neighborhood?), we could turn to the research, which shows overwhelmingly that government spending on stadiums is a big waste of money.


Wednesday January 3, 2007

The MiamiSportsDude had a busy day today.


Tuesday August 8, 2006

Miami will host the Superbowl in 2010.


Wednesday July 12, 2006

Oh crap, Critical Mass already happened. I guess I need to get out ahead of this stuff a little.


Wednesday July 5, 2006

Nevermind soccer. How about kickball? In Miami? Christian says that the WAKA Founders Cup World Kickball Championship is on July 22 in Bicentennial Park. Meanwhile, White Dade tells us about drunk Kickball in Brickell. In an odd convergence, both of these posts refer to the same kickball league. Go figure.


Thursday June 22, 2006

Right before launching into a discussion of zoning that made my eyes glaze right over, Rebecca Wakefield reveals why the Heat won. “Props go out to the lithesome gold-diggers at the Forge (you know who you are) who did their hometown proud last week by keeping several members of the Dallas Mavericks, ah, occupied, well into the night before a critical game 4. ... The Heat’s championship is due to the dissipating forces of South Beach at least as much as Dwyane Wade’s bank shot.”



The Pulp’s interesting little meta-tidbit about the Heat/Mavericks championship. “Don’t believe a friend of a friend who claimed to have heard the Dallas Mavericks owner yell profane accusations.”



There is no shortage of Heat victory celebration posts and articles around. The only one remotely worth it is Christian’s post about the impromptu parade on Washington Avenue Tuesday night (ever the generous one, he also uploaded his full 457 picture roll). I’m sure the official parade will be great. But c’mon – a celebration three days after the victory? And only for people who can take a half-day off work?
Update: Oh, and read Christian’s hilarious reflections on posting the images, a comment that’s longer then any post he’s done on fanless in months.


Wednesday June 21, 2006

Hey, everybody: the Heat just won!


Wednesday May 17, 2006

Heat playoffs tickets presale passwords. I don’t care about the Heat; in fact, I have no idea what this is all about. Might be interesting for the b-ball fans, tho.


Thursday April 13, 2006

Let’s test this out: Steve Klotz rolls his eyes at the latest name change of what I still call ‘Joe Robbie.’