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Monday July 16, 2012

Found at Out of the Closet, part 1


Out of the Closet is a fairly awesome thrift store near my house. (Contrast with Bargain Barn, re. which a story at the end of this post if I remember.) They’re way smaller than typical thrift stores but they always have great stuff, particularly in the way of furniture. Their book selection, too, is better than at a typical thrift. I don’t know if their donations are just of better quality, if there’s better curation going on, or if it’s some combination of the two. But while browsing through the other day, here’s what I found.

See the article and 5 photos


Tuesday June 19, 2012

Fox's Lounge

fox's lounge

Can you believe I’ve lived in Miami for over 30 years and I’d never been to Fox’s Lounge until last weekend? There’s a mystique that surrounds Fox’s that it’s hard to imagine a real place (a bar) living up to. Originally a pilot’s hangout in the 40’s, it’s sort of a Raymond Chandler/Charles Bukowski old-school bar, once classy, then sleazy, now mildly renovated and reformed, but yet to lose it’s original charm.

fox's lounge

I have been inside some dark bars, but when you first walk in Fox’s is dark. You find your way by feel (or memory) to one of the booths or barstools in the small first room. It turns out there are two other small rooms that are actually well lit. People come here to eat, and I hear the food is actually not bad.

fox's lounge

After awhile your eyes adjust and you get this. Much to my chagrin there is a TV set mounted to the wall, otherwise it is exactly as I would have it. There are a handful of beers on tap, but they seem out of place. This is a place for simple old-school cocktails. I had a whiskey sour (single-liquor drinks are two-for-one during happy hour), which was spot-the-hitting.

fox's lounge

On the wall is a stained-glass geometric red fox light. In the hallway is a free jukebox with 60’s music. Tellingly, the mirror in the bathroom is by the door, so you can come in, do your business, wash up, and never have to look at yourself. Anachronisms abound, like window outside around back where you can buy liquor. It’s the sort of thing that’d make a person want to blog about Miami. Better go before they turn it into a Starbucks or a CVS.


Wednesday June 4, 2008

Georgia and Florida, manmade


More photos from the trip, this time hopefully in contrast to the previous “nature” shots. To answer some of the practical questions I’ve been getting: I took the train up to Savannah last Friday. Upon getting to the train station at 8 pm (just as the sun was setting) I had to put my bike back together (it was boxed for the trip) and search for a camping spot for the night. I began pedaling the next morning, and arrived back in Miami the next Sunday. That’s nine days on the bike, including three night stays in motels and five nights of camping. My speedometer was once again on the fritz during this trip, but my daily mileage averaged over 80 miles, with at least a couple of 100 mile days. Other then an almost-constant headwind, the weather was cooperative, with no rain to speak of, and comfortable days and cool nights (at least until the last few days in South Florida, where the sun laughed at my SPF 30 and cooked me to a crisp).

As a bicycle tourist, I was able to tap into an abundance of goodwill from motorists, truckers, pedestrians, convenience store clerks, waitresses, other cyclists, bike shop workers, park rangers, law enforcement officials, and just plain everyone I ran across. There is a whole taxonomy of friendly waves that I discovered which unfortunately I cannot express in a text format (but ask me if you run into me).

One story I can share is the thing about the dogs. Folks in rural Georgia sometimes have loose dogs hanging around outside their homes, and a cyclists is exactly what these dogs love to chase. In fact, for the first few days of the trip, I’d be chased by dogs several times a day. Usually, a little adrenaline would kick in and I’d hustle a bit and soon pass out of the dogs’ territory, at which point they quickly give up chase. Two occasions stand out. Once, two dogs ran after me and straight into the path of an oncoming minivan, which came to a screeching (and honking) halt, within a hair’s breath of death. The other time, two good sized dogs saw me coming, and ran out to meet me, barking, growling, and blocking my path of escape. I got off the bike and tried to use it as a shield between myself and the animals, but they wisely spilt, each circling me from one side. I fended them off for a bit by yelling and squirting my water bottle in a wide arc, and walked down the left side of the road, my bike a sort of shield. They escorted me, and whenever they got too close I again squirted water and yelled at them (my yelling got gradually friendlier as the threat seemed to subside). Once I was passed their territory I was allowed to get back on my bike and ride on.

So. Anyway, here’s the slideshow of photos of man-made stuff from the trip.


Tuesday June 3, 2008

Scenic Georgia, Florida

Northern Florida mudflat

In Miami, a dense urban and suburban strip of communities borders the Everglades on the west and the Atlantic on the east. So it’s easy to forget that most of the rest of the country is rural — a web of roads connecting scattered homes, farms, and the occasional small town. This is commingled with lots and lots of largely raw nature, with forests, prairies, rivers, and lakes, many of which look exactly as they have for thousands of years.

Or rather, on some level we’re aware of it. You can’t leave the state via I-95 without driving through stretches of forest, but it’s always seemed like an abstraction to me that way. And of course the best thing about riding a bike, even around the block, is for the slow way you experience your surroundings. Here then, the first of a few slide shows from the trip. I edited out anything with overt traces of humanity, trying to convey the varied and primal nature that’s still out there.

The route I followed started in Savannah and followed Section 6 and Section 7 of the Adventure Cycling Association’s Atlantic Coast series of maps. Through Georgia the rout heads about 60 miles inland from Savannah and meanders through the interior of the state, then follows the coast for most of Florida. Here’s the slideshow.


Tuesday May 13, 2008

Sassy photos from Miami (NSFW). Chinese food in the belly button: do not try this at home.






Thursday May 8, 2008

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

morikami museum and japanese gardens

Most people have heard of the Morikami but haven’t been there, because it seems so far away. Actually, it’s less then an hour from Miami, and totally worth the trip. Hours are from 10 am to 5 pm, and I’d recommend getting there on the early side, as the highly rated restaurant inside the museum closes at 3 pm. Click the photo above to see a slideshow of what it’s like.


Wednesday April 23, 2008

A little pussy chases a big cock. Ok ok let’s be nice — Miami, Bro has been rocking lately. Here’s two recent posts: Jimbo’s B-day bash, and Sneaking into clubs (easy, though it helps if you (1) have some gumption and/or (2) are a babe).


Tuesday April 22, 2008

The new ginger-bread house bridge in Hollywood.


Thursday April 17, 2008

In front of the building at Meridian and 13th, recently redone. Some sort of Philippe Stark meets the old west meets Japanese traditional thing going on here. I tend to frown on this sort of thing when done to multi-residence buildings.


Thursday April 10, 2008

Do not adjust your monitor — the geniuses in Hallandale insisted that the little bike guy face right, even if that meant two overlapping opposite signs.


Tuesday April 8, 2008

Evening air.


Thursday April 3, 2008

YAY!: Article about the March gallery walk in OceanDrive by Brett Sokol with photos by me! No word on when my Bigshot Photojournalist certificate will be mailed.


Wednesday April 2, 2008

What do you mean “ironic”? Photo by Miami Nights.


Wednesday March 26, 2008

The North Shore Community Garden, around 73rd Street on Dickens Avenue, Miami Beach.


Tuesday March 25, 2008

A zip through the Florida Keys


So, the plan was simple: bike down to the Keys over Thursday and Friday and back Saturday and Sunday. I wasn’t sure how far I’d get, but as the weather seemed to be agreeable I decided Friday afternoon to go all the way to Key West. Unfortunately the way back was marred by technical difficulties with the bike (part of the reason for doing this was just to work out these sorts of problems in preparation for the longer trip) resulting in total breakdown at MM(Mile Marker) 69, and rescue. So, here’s the long, heavily annotated slideshow.


Monday March 24, 2008

Back from the Keys. Whole story later, for now, here’s a picture from somewhere around Marathon. Life would be easier if they put mile markers on maps.


Wednesday March 19, 2008


Haha.. someone stole Trump’s ‘T’. (Tagged ‘activism’?)


Tuesday March 18, 2008

Check out John VanBeekum’s beautiful photos of Metrorail maintenance. And btw, we haven’t been keeping up with the heavier aspects of maintenance, so we’re looking at buying all new cars.


Wednesday March 12, 2008

Jonathan just posted a bunch of new photos. I particularly like this one, of a tractor trailer tower pulling a tractor out of the bay.


Monday March 10, 2008

Port of Miami, from Miami Beach.


Thursday March 6, 2008

Photography equipment rental: I stopped by Word Wide Foto this morning to ask about renting my signature lens (which is currently in the shop after suffering a nasty fall). They were out of stock, and I asked the dude if he knew of any other place I might try to rent it from. “No… not right now.” Whatever. The nice folks at Dale have it, let me reserve it over the phone, and are only charging me for one day ($25) for Friday to Monday. Anyone else know of good places to rent photo equipment? I’d like to borrow a 5D (fever’s weapon of choice) sometime to play around with.


Tuesday March 4, 2008

South Florida roadkill gallery

Roadkill gallery

Here are some pretty troubling pictures. I took most of these late last year, and have been giving serious though about whether or not to run them. In the end, though, this is a slice of reality which we miss zipping around in our fancy cars, but it deserves a little bit of examination. Follow 14 pictures of what happens when nature intersects with our car culture. No cats or dogs — I was spared seeing any, and I wouldn’t have photographed them if I had. Pretty gruesome anyway, though. Click for slideshow.


Tuesday February 19, 2008

37 photographs of hostesses at South Beach restaurants.


Thursday February 14, 2008



Tuesday January 22, 2008

Villa Serena

Villa Serena, built in 1913 and just added to the Miami Register of Historic Places. Photo by, and full story at, Miami Memories.


Monday January 21, 2008

Crazy scene on the Turnpike a couple of weeks ago — a bad accident had traffic tied up so long that almost everyone was out of their cars, a block party of an odd sort.


Wednesday January 16, 2008

A set of images from vintage Florida postcards.


Thursday January 10, 2008

trump plaza

“I always think, why don’t they just slap pictures of their genitalia on there and be done with it? The message would be the same. Sunny Isles Beach is a travesty of overdevelopment. These four men, Jorge Perez in particular, are responsible for turning a sleepy and dilapidated but charming beach town into a glittering canyon of inaccessible glass and steel.” — From Rebecca Wakefield’s brief history of The Related Group.



A great set of photos from Art Basel. (via Provocateur)


Wednesday January 9, 2008

Custom truck(s?), Hollywood. The left side is a GMC, the right side is a Chevy. I have no idea if both sides have operational engines, but the cockpit on each side sure looked complete.


Thursday January 3, 2008

a pork is roasted at tom’s barbecue on eighth street…not a BBQ place at all, more like a super cuban dive”


Wednesday January 2, 2008

The band that plays Tap-Tap on Thursdays is hot. Bass, electric guitar, tenor sax, and light drum-machine percussion, with revolving vocalists. I’ve seen them a few times, and not only are they great, but they really inhabit the space and fill the room without being overwhelming. They do traditional Haitian songs and jazz standards.


Monday December 31, 2007

Ay Miami at lastnightsparty, which really sort of captures it pretty well. Also: Paris in Miami. Plus, added lnp/miami to the links.


Friday December 21, 2007

Interview with Miami Fever.


Wednesday December 12, 2007

Miami Fever’s photos from Photo Miami. (I just got dizzy typing that sentence.) Also, did you know that MF has a video stream? Here is a nice one of a South Beach club line.


Tuesday December 11, 2007

Kites, Haulover Beach marina.


Wednesday November 28, 2007

80's Prom

Jipsy’s photos from the 80’s Prom rock. Much less interesting pics at New Times. (thanks Lolo)


Tuesday November 27, 2007

Children’s’ block and syringe. Wynwood.


Monday November 26, 2007

I cannot possibly explain to you how much I am hating this Monday. Update: And that was fucking before i lost my fucking cell phone somewhere on the street. Fuck the fucking fuck. Once there was a very ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everybody died. The End. Update: Believe it or not, I retraced my steps the next morning, and found my phone in the grass, a few inches from the pavement, on a street in Hollywood. A bit the worse for getting morning-dewed on, but fully working. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord. Y’all may please to resume blowing my shit up, 305.532.2587. Also: the SNPA is far from my dessert-island beer, but I can dig the flowery character once in awhile. A full discussion of beer is beyond the scope of this update.


Tuesday November 20, 2007

Miami Skylift

It flies! I’d almost forgotten that I snapped this picture over the weekend until I saw Rick’s post of photos from the Skylift.


Monday November 19, 2007


Commitment to place.




The Sahara Hotel of North Miami Beach. If you’re like me, you’re thinking this place will be torn down, for vague political-correctness reasons, any second now (or at least the crazy lawn ornaments will be). Then again, I’ve been thinking that since the 1980s.


Thursday November 15, 2007

Waterfront parking lot.


Monday November 12, 2007

From Saturday’s bike ride. Despite the scenery, I do not recommend that stretch of Krome Ave.


Thursday November 8, 2007

I ♥ Cuba. Same spot as previous photo (see geotag at flickr).



Untitled, from the Castles of Miami series.


Wednesday November 7, 2007

Jorge Rivera, P.A., Immigration Law Office. I love this building.


Wednesday October 31, 2007

Two more roosters found!

william burroughswilliam burroughs

Muchas gracias to Suzy of MB411 for sending these photos over. She says: “I found you some more cocks! These aren’t Cuban though…I found each of them outside of Nicaraguan establishments! The first one is on Flagler and NW 16th Ave and the second is on SW 2nd ST and 8th Ave.”

Perfect. I’d say that we now have enough material to get a tag up: cocks. And while careful examination of the shapes suggests that not all the photos are originate from the Miami-Dade Empowerment Trust program, clearly there is a family resemblance. So . . . does anyone have any more cock pictures?



Noel’s rainbow, from this morning. It was gone by 10 am.


Monday October 29, 2007

Miami from the Venetian Causeway.



Found: another one of the cocks, at Miami’s famous Firehouse Four.


Thursday October 25, 2007

Sunset, Washington Ave.


Wednesday October 24, 2007

Large load.


Tuesday October 23, 2007

Fishing, Haulover Beach.

Dusktime fishing, Haulover Beach.


Monday October 22, 2007

FEMALE LOVE, IT’S AL WAYS TEMPORARY” And getting it painted on your cars is the best solution? I don’t know what she did to you, buddy, but it’s time to let go a little.


Thursday October 18, 2007

Ferris wheel is a bad idea?!


Miami-Dade Commissioner Carlos Gimenez recently floated the idea to build a big observation-type ferris wheel somewhere by the water, either in downtown, at the port, or on Miami Beach. Jim DeFede and Alex thing this is a bad idea, because, they say, there’s nothing to see. I think that’s just crazy. Click the image above, or better yet, “check out James Good’s aerial picture set, all photographed from a similar moderate height from the general area where the wheel would go. Now consider the difference between compact-digital photos of something and the real 360° view of same. Nothing to look at? Say what?!


Tuesday October 16, 2007

October gallery hop

bakehouse art complex

Click for slideshow. October second Saturday at Emmanuel Perrotin, the Bakehouse Art Complex, Snitzer, and Dorsch, and more. And can I say: less then two months till Basel. Of course I can.

Update: More pictures of art at dig.


Wednesday October 10, 2007

Courthouse reconstruction, 2005.


Wednesday September 26, 2007

The sad result of speeding in Miami — a boy on a bicycle hit by a speeding driver, as witnessed and reported by Asawaa. This is old, but I’ve been staring at it in my browser for over a month and it’s oddly compelling. Asawaa’s photostream is worth investigating, too. He has images that are stitched together from hundreds of smaller photos.



Swimmers in Sunday’s triathlon.


Monday September 24, 2007

The Big Squeeze, North Miami.


Monday September 17, 2007


Cuchifritos in Miami at Daily Cocaine (his photo, and a huge screen-filling version is available over there). What is it? Well, “a light stew of pig parts (I’m pretty sure I inhaled some semi-crunchy strips of ears, maws, and stomach, and maybe some tongue, too), surrounded by two baked(?) green bananas (con guineo), was perfect for a hot late summer day.”


Thursday September 13, 2007

Caution on South Beach


Tuesday September 11, 2007

Dawn over Biscayne Bay.


Monday September 10, 2007

Rotund World visits Miami, and gives it the skeptical eye of a former resident (with photos!): part 1, part 2. “Seen a certain way, at just the right distance, the Miami of today is a teeming, sky-high toy metropolis, as appealing as a dream. It looks like a sleek urban pleasure craft for the twenty-first century’s captains of industry, or whatever they are these days: real estate moguls, no doubt, on-the-lam financiers from Venezuela, summering drug lords, homegrown art collector-pashas. But the newness quickly curdles.”


Sunday September 2, 2007



Around Virginia Key.


Friday August 31, 2007

Cover story about NefariousGirl in Citylink this week! Grab the print edition, the online is but a pale shadow. Congrats, NG!


Monday August 20, 2007

Miami globe

Miami globe.


Wednesday August 15, 2007

Jonathan’s got a nice photo taken from the Virginia Key bridge. Left to right: Port of Miami, South Beach (tall buildings), Fisher Island (squatter buildings), Virginia Key Beach Park, and the Pusty Relican. The water is the Biscayne Bay aquatic preserve. Don’t miss the link to the big version. Compare also the google map view (the view is roughly East-Northeast).


Monday August 6, 2007

MIA approach: slideshow

Home Page

Back in April on returning from Bogotá, I snapped a series of pictures from the plane flying in to Miami International Airport. Here they are, annotated.


Friday August 3, 2007



Thursday August 2, 2007 Here’s a post on the cheap: weekly pictures of people in a club.


Tuesday July 31, 2007

“Publix was responsible for many store amenities that are de rigueur in supermarkets today, including air conditioning and automatic electric-eye doors, which were both introduced in the early 40’s.” Details from the history of Publix, with great photos. (via SotP)



Photos from the City of Miami’s 111th birthday on Sunday. Also, more about the birthday (from before the event) at Category 305.


Monday July 30, 2007

Seagulls. And this is at 22mm, so I was really up on those fuckers.


Thursday July 26, 2007


Monday’s 2LL image, an achievement both sartorially and photographically.


Tuesday July 24, 2007

MB-D80 My used Nikon stuff for sale on ebay: MB-D80 grip/battery pack, SB-400 flash, and MH-18a charger. All gently used and available to a good home, and yes, I did kvetch about getting my D80 stolen in every single listing.


Monday July 23, 2007

swimwear fashion

Feast your eyes: photos from last week’s Swim Fashion Week.


Sunday July 22, 2007

Charles Deering Estate

Frances Nash has photos from the Charles Deering Estate. More about the estate here, and here is the satellite view.


Wednesday July 18, 2007

The City of Miami Beach’s response to water restrictions: this water main at the recently demolished Holtz stadium, has been dripping like this for days.


Tuesday July 17, 2007

nefarious girl's photo

From the freshly redesigned website of Nefarious Girl.


Thursday July 12, 2007

Hey look, Onajide spotted one of those black helicopters they keep telling you don’t exist. Think, indeed.



Coral House Redux

Here’s the other coral house, on the 10th block of Washington, soon to be a restaurant. Good, but not nearly as quality as the one they’re demolishing.


Wednesday July 11, 2007

South Beach haunted house

South Beach haunted house?


Tuesday July 10, 2007

Hialeah park

A group of historical photos of Hialeah Park at Florida Memory. Three Cuban Guys have photos of what it looks like now.


Monday July 9, 2007

BoB Miami has current photos of most of the construction projects in downtown. (You need to right-click and say “view image” to really see them, because the images on the blog are resized in-browser and very jagged.)


Thursday July 5, 2007

South Beach Community Hospital

South Beach Community Hospital, photographed last week.


Monday July 2, 2007

Margaret stopped by Lincoln Road on Friday and photographed the Sicko protest and iPhone line.



Around the Beach

snake palm

I finally got a new bike Friday. In between downpours this weekend, I spent some time riding around Miami Beach. Here’s a slideshow of a few interesting things. Looks like water is going to be the big theme. Water and destruction. Well, water, destruction, and renewal.


Wednesday June 27, 2007

Yes, it’s a grasshopper. But really it’s a caption contest, isn’t it?



Night tennis. Somewhere downtown?


Tuesday June 26, 2007

Miami Nights has a dSLR, and they’re not afraid to use it. They are, however, afraid of editing their photos down to two manageable sets. I scoured through their two most recent galleries (I only recommend doing this if you were there those nights and you’re looking for pictures of yourself), looking for diamonds in the rough. A few I liked: Black fingernail: there’s a blank but distrustful look, but there’s also a lot of interesting stuff happening with fingers and feet. Two hamming girls: but the guy in the background sort of steals the picture. Overhead: reminds of that Gursky rave picture. Saddest picture: Closed bottle — nobody looks good in this, least of all the photographer that instigate the scene. Update: Nefarious girl’s photos from the Dirty Disco night.


Friday June 22, 2007

New Flickr set: Graphs and infographics.


Thursday June 21, 2007

Graph. Dania Beach.


Monday June 18, 2007

Clevelander renovations. Lovely wrap-around billboard that doesn’t promote anything other then general hedonism.


Thursday June 14, 2007

Ceviche on the beach.


Wednesday June 13, 2007

June gallery hop

What's your DADA performance
Click image for slide-show.

Contrary to all predictions, the weather on Saturday was actually very nice — not just no rain, but sort of almost comfortable out. We’ll see about July. Anyway, I decided to do this as one of these slide-shows (10 images), so click the picture to get started. You’re not going to see a whole lot of art, because frankly, there wasn’t much art to write home about. A few nice pieces here and there, which we’ll hear about later.


Tuesday June 5, 2007

sand art

hay-zoos: Free Jams goofs around in the sand.


Wednesday May 30, 2007


Tornado in downtown Miami, May 12, 1997. (via Rakontur, via SDoFB)


Tuesday May 29, 2007

Miami Gmaps street views

gmaps miami

This is more interesting/cool then useful, but a Google truck with a 360° camera mounted to the top spent some time driving around Miami last year, and now we see the results: you can click on many of the streets in Miami in Gmaps and get a panable photo-view every few feet. In other words, they photographed everything from every spot along the roads deemed interesting enough, to wit: Downtown, central Coral Gables, and Miami Beach south of 5th, as well as all major streets for a couple dozen miles. Not only does this point in the direction of of how reality and the internet will continue to merge in the future, it’s a lot of fun to play with. Here are some spots I’ve stumbled on (click the little dude-figure icon in each case to get the panorama; you may need to download a new version of flash):

OK enough. Anybody else spot anything interesting? (via Kottke)


Wednesday May 16, 2007

kid with a shark on the beach
Miami Fever strikes again. Link goes to big photo, and here is a guy on a bicycle holding his cock.



Vestigial smokiness
Vestigial smokiness, yesterday.


Wednesday May 9, 2007

Relaxin’ or murdered?



I just noticed this photo of fireworks during the SuperBowl. Same scene during the day.


Tuesday May 8, 2007


Smoke from the brushfires today.



Our pal NicFitKid has escaped from Miami. Godspeed!


Friday April 27, 2007

Silver Goose

The Silver Goose. Parked between Palm Island and the MacArthur for the last four days.


Thursday April 19, 2007

Admired Desired Required Acquired

At Aventura Mall. It’s like they held a meeting to see what they could do to make the mall more subtly irritating. The other side has the same message in Spanish.


Wednesday April 18, 2007

Redlands real-estate album

where the ultra-rich now live
Click image for slide-show.

These images were made for an e-bay auction of some property down in the Redlands part of Homestead, and they show how quickly that area is being transformed from agricultural to suburban use. In fact, Gabriel, who discovered the set, bemoans the transformation. I’m mainly appreciating them for their inherent beauty, and so they’re presented here in a full-resolution slideshow.

They’re a sort of weird Dan Graham and Barbara Kruger. Apparently photographed with a disposable film camera, they were lovingly scanned and overlaid with magenta all-caps boldface text. One of them even has a line connecting the text to a spot in the picture.

The photographs depict McMansions, both cookie-cutter and outrageous, being constructed, as well as some photos of the surrounding streets and farms. We get a real sense of being between two places, for example in the 4th image, where a dirt country road and a wrecked fence suddenly find themselves juxtaposed with a house that will soon be occupied by an upper-middle-class family. Occasionally we get a glimpse of a slice of the realtor’s car, and in one picture a man spreads his arms invitingly, standing on farmland that will no doubt not exist in another few years.

Gabriel is right — there is a real melancholy to these images. But this is the reality that has always been Miami — people are moving here all the time, and large-parceled suburbs have been swallowing farms since the 1920’s. The transformation in downtown is a part of this too, and while I wish more people liked living in urban high-rises, the truth is that owning a big fat house is a pretty standard human desire. As went Miami, Coral Gables, and Aventura (they didn’t name it “Ives Dairy Road” out of whimsy), so go the Redlands.


Monday April 9, 2007

Photos from Bogotá

Bogotá 2007

Photos from Bogotá. Bogotá is near the equator and almost 9,000 feet above sea level, so it gets a constant year-round temperature of around 66 degrees, a fact with very pervasive consequences: none of the buildings need heating or air conditioning, the distinction between being indoors and outdoors can be safely blurred. It reminded me a lot of Europe — the architecture, the weather, the people, etc., but maybe what I’m really saying is that it’s unlike the US in those respects.

As I said, my Nikon D80 got mugged off of me in downtown (where I’d been repeatedly warned not to bring it) along with 1,000 pictures from the first week of the trip. These photos are from my pocket camera, and shot, as you can imagine, with a certain amount of timidness. So they don’t quite do it justice, but it’s all I’ve got.

Also, I’m a little over flickr, and I’m trying to work out a decent way to show photo galleries on this site. It’s a little rough around the edges, but not bad I think.


Monday March 12, 2007

An update on the Carlos Miller case. The attention seems to be on the charges filed against him, rather then charges against the police. And how’d Homeland Security get involved?!


Wednesday February 28, 2007

Jackie Gomez took photos at the International Noise Confrence. Hey, I met Jackie at the Joan LaBarbara concert last night!


Tuesday February 27, 2007

City of Miami police beat up photographers

Miami Police

OK, first of all photographers have the right to take photos anytime they are on public property. Andrew Kantor lays out the law pretty well, and links to some great resources, including the photographer’s pocket guide. Unless you’re photographing a military installation, or using a zoom lens to get at someone where they have an expectation of privacy, you can do whatever you want. This applies in particular to photographing the police, who are granted extraordinary power by the public — they are supposed to serve us, but we know that they have a tendency to abuse their rights. Photographing the police isn’t just a right — it’s an important check on their power, and lets them know they can’t get away with doing whatever they want (at least not in public).

The City of Miami police ought to know this, but they repeatedly ignore it, regularly harassing photographers on the street (I’ve been the subject of such harassment), and sometimes meeting having these rights pointed out to them with brutal beat-downs.

OK, so a photographer who was in town photographing the Anna Nicole Smith mess decided to come down to Miami to photograph the transition along Biscayne Blvd. He came upon five City of Miami cops who were apparently questioning someone. He began photographing them, and, well, here’s his account:

One of the cops told me to keep walking because this was a “private matter”.

I said that I will not keep walking because this is a “public street”.

Within seconds, the five officer left the first man alone and came after me. One cop escorted me across the road. As I stood on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road, the cops began surrounding me, which was when I shot several more shots.

That was when they slammed me against the pavement even though I offered no resistance, causing a deep abrasion on my right knee. One officer grabbed me by the back of the head and repeatedly bashed my forehead against the sidewalk, causing abrasions and swelling to the right side of my forehead.

Another officer grabbed my right hand and bent it backwards in a 90 degree angle, causing me to scream out in pain and continuing to do so even after the handcuffs were placed on me. As I verbally protested, one officer threatened me with a taser gun if I did not stop talking.

The officers charged me with five counts of disobeying a police, one count of obstructing justice, one count of obstructing traffic, one count of disorderly conduct and one count of resisting arrest without violence.

On the arrest affidavit, the officers lied several times in order to justify their arrest. They accused me of photographing them without identifying myself, which is not true (and not even against the law as far as I know). As soon as one of the officers questioned me about taking photos, I immediately identified myself by name and profession.

There is an interesting debate going on on the photo’s flickr page, but one thing is for sure: this is not an isolated incident.

Recently a lawsuit was reported against the Miami Police for actions during the 2003 World Trade Organization protest. Seems they had trouble with what this young lady was doing. Rather then beat her up (how macho would that be?) they destroyed her belongings, including her car (!), detained her for extensive questioning, and then left her stranded in downtown Miami.

Are we surprised? Um, no. Our police officers doing whatever they want is par for the course. What is surprising is how well tolerated this stuff is. The debate linked above is full of “he should have done what the police told him to do” type of comments. This is another indication of how we’re willing to let the government do whatever it deems fit post — 9-11, and not question our “betters,” and it’s disturbing, not just from a civil libertarian perspective, but also from a “we’re giving the terrorists what they want when we sacrifice our freedoms for a false sense of security” perspective.

What we should be doing is holding demonstrations in front of police headquarters over incidents like this, and asking our elected officials to send a message to the police that this stuff will not stand.

Update: The photographer is Carlos Miller, and he was on assignment for Category 305. Read Rebecca Wakefield’s article about the incident, which includes a more detailed description of the incident and comments from Miller.


Monday February 26, 2007

Miami panorama link

A spectacular Miami panorama. Click, then scroll to the right. Wow, eh? Photo by Mark Diamond.


Thursday February 22, 2007

Trilingual traffic school alterations notary public clothing store

Trilingual traffic school alterations notary public clothing store.


Sunday February 18, 2007

Great Cormorant

A Great Cormorant. Obviously not a very shy one.


Friday February 16, 2007

Nighttime sports, Flamingo park

Night baseball

Nighttime baseball, Flamingo park. See also nighttime soccer, right next door. There’s a fence along the infield edge, but the improvised soccer field extended past it a little, and at one point the the soccer ball got kicked deep into the baseball game. This resulted in a fun interaction, with joking from the second base ref and maybe slight defensiveness from the soccer player who retrieved the ball. Flamingo park was humming, with another baseball game and another soccer game going on other fields, each of which was a notch more “serious” then these.

These baseball teams had uniform t-shirts and mismatched pants. The players were men and women of all different ages. The serves were underhand, and there were two referees. The soccer players were at least as good, but there was no way to tell who was on what team, so less interesting to watch. The teams included some teenagers, and the goals, fairly hardcore at maybe five feet wide, were marked by piled-up jackets.


Thursday February 15, 2007

Sunset rays
A crazy sunset photo I took Tuesday.


Wednesday February 14, 2007

Was this photo stolen for a sleazy web developer’s ad? Sure looks like it. Compare the original.


Tuesday February 13, 2007

Miami Photo Resources. Color House rocks!


Friday February 9, 2007

rule of thirds
Rule of thirds on Collins Ave. Photo by Miami Fever.


Wednesday January 31, 2007

Cameo theater

The old Cameo theater, which is no longer Crowbar, is going to be the Cameo theater again. I hope they start having concerts there again.



Somewhere between confiscating your water before you get on a plane and a stairway to heaven we have this treasure.


Friday January 26, 2007

Ambiguity is our watchword. NicFitKid says: “These [were] all over Carol City right [before the election]. I think it’s pretty slick how they don’t even mention the strong mayor proposal.”


Wednesday January 24, 2007

Photo of the Sears tower when it was the Sears Building.


Tuesday January 23, 2007

building guts

Guv says: Attached is a photo I took Saturday with my cell phone, during a beach bike-ride, of one of the (many) buildings along Miami Beach that is being torn down for new construction. I like the way the guts of the building are suspended mid-crumble.


Wednesday January 17, 2007

God's view

(photo by miami fever, formerly Incredibly Smooth Blondie) This photo was taken with a special lens, which allows the sharp focus line you see from the upper left to the lower right, while twisting everything else out of focus. This happens naturally at close focal lengths, which is why this effect makes everything look like a toy (or a model).

You’re getting the American Airlines Arena, part of Bayside, and, in the lower right, part of the amphitheater. Compare the google maps view. Possibly taken from this building. See also this shot, possibly more interesting, but less place-obvious.




I saw this while working on a series of photos of houses in Morningside. A crazy tree covered with huge flowers that hang straight down. The hedge around the house was blooming, too, with big flytrap-looking flowers.



Hey, what is it with the animal crossing road signs?


Tuesday January 16, 2007


Nipples. Biscayne Blvd renovations, around 50th Street.


Thursday January 11, 2007

Hollywood Boulevard.


Wednesday January 10, 2007

aerojet facility view from sattelite

Jonathan visits the Aerojet rocket factory in the Everglades, where Saturn I rockets were once constructed and tested, before being barged up to Cape Canaveral. He’s got eerie photos and a good account of what happened there. An amazing bit of South Florida history.


Tuesday January 9, 2007


Little treasure, remnant of holiday decorations.


Thursday January 4, 2007


New Year’s Eve at Mansion, photoset by Merlin Bronques/lastnightsparty. (via Miami Nights)



Frank Thiel's Stadt 7/12 (Berlin)

Stadt 7/12 (Berlin)

Carlos Suarez De Jesus reports that Frank Thiel’s Stadt 7/12 is currently on display at the Bass. Wow; it’s time for me to pay them a visit. No reproduction will ever do it justice, let alone a 500 pixel one, but this is the photograph. Imagine if all of downtown Miami were being built at once. (That’s sort of what happened in Berlin after the fall of the Wall.) Imagine a photograph of that event, the detail of which is almost infinite. This image consists of four panels, each of which is 9 feet tall, and which has per-square-inch detail better then your 4×6 Kodaks. What you have, then, is the informational equivalent of about a thousand regular photographs. “Staggering,” is an understatement — I saw this piece at ABMB in 2004, and nothing I’ve seen since has equaled it.

Carlos’ article gives a pretty good historical background of the piece (and makes the show sound pretty damn good!). More of Thiel’s work here (keep clicking for enlargements, and try to convert the centimeters to inches — these are all big photos). Every year since Art Basel brings more Thiel photographs, but this one was his zenith. Lately, he’s been taking pictures of paint peeling.


Tuesday January 2, 2007

Photos from the King Mango Strut. Be sure to click the marching Marjories picture and read their signs. Update: More Strut photos. And more.


Friday December 29, 2006

clever train holiday decoration

Cute photo, uploaded to the Herald’s Holiday Lights page. Check out the “smoke.”



A fruity person has a good time in Miami during the holidays.


Thursday December 28, 2006

Carnival Center

A few new photos at the Miami at night photoset. Here’s the Carnival Center from across the bay.


Tuesday December 26, 2006


The caption to this picture reads “Many people talk on their cell phones an awful lot. The threat of cancer does not intimidate this young lady. Note the tight pants and chancletas.” Here’s what chellybelly has to say about “chancletas:”

A word for flip flops or other type of slip on, inexpensive sandal. Only SoFla people ever know what I mean when I say it. The word is Spanish Slang Cuban and Carribean [sic] influenced. Miami girls wear them everywhere in the 00’s. Also called Chanks, or Chanx.

The image is from the photostream of humhooter, who has another great picture here.


Saturday December 23, 2006

Ho ho ho. Frances Nash photographs some holiday lights. And you thought there was going to be no holiday post. Look out for her trademark Chuck Taylors.


Friday December 15, 2006

An Art Basel flickr photoset, dominated by pictures of the Friends With You parade. Great!


Monday December 11, 2006

Still more pictures from the weekend: Miami Art Exchange photoset.


Friday December 1, 2006

Miami at Night photoset

Added some photos to my Miami at Night photoset, including a few interiors.


Tuesday November 28, 2006


Hey, baby, check out my 85mm f1.2. Seriously, though, ISB has the four things needed to get this particular brand of pictures: a good location, decent photoshop skillz, the nerve to step to people and put a camera lens in their face, consequences be damned (though he usually picks on unaccompanied females, fwiw), and maybe like around ten grand worth of glass. Count me jealous, at least of the latter two. (via SotP/r)


Sunday November 26, 2006

24 hours

Miami at night, a new photoset. The downtown shots are hand-held, the South Beach shots are mostly . . . well, that’s right, I was the guy schleping around the beach with a tripod at 5 in the morning this weekend . . .


Monday November 13, 2006

olympus c-8080

My kick-ass Olympus C-8080, sadly for sale on ebay.




Taken during that insane fuel tanker fire on I-95 last week.


Friday November 10, 2006

Edgewater from Wynwood

Looking out over Edgewater/OMNI area from Wynwood.


Wednesday November 8, 2006

Yellow duckie graffiti

NicFitKid’s photostream: driving around, tagging shit with a rubber duckie ‘n heart graphic. People, that’s class.


Tuesday October 17, 2006

Yay: A new batch of photos from Frances Nash. I love the one of the power plant.


Tuesday October 3, 2006

Around Downtown

around Downtown Miami

My new photo set, taken around downtown, mostly here, in the area just west of the Cultural Center. According to the Miami River Commission, this area is supposed to contain “office buildings, condos, and river-oriented commercial businesses,” but as you can see, it mostly appears to contain abandoned, gutted buildings and empty lots. I’ve inclued specific Google Maps links with some of the photos; let me know if any other locations are unclear.


Tuesday August 15, 2006

castro and a gigant robot

Holy crap: Photoshop the Fidel Castro image and win a free ticket to Disney World at Miami Beach 411.


Monday August 14, 2006

If you can use photoshop then Fidel must be alive

castro holding a recent newspaper . . . and then you woke up.

No, seriously. What are you trying to do, lull us into a false optimism? This is just sad . . . my cat can work photoshop better then this. I used to do better photo montage with MS Paint when I was in jr. high. Or, were you trying to say that if you can whip up a cartoon with Fidel in it it proves he’s alive?

What, in Cuba they always do a 4-inch bottom margin on the front page of the newspaper, so that bearded dictators have a comfortable spot to grip? Well, ok, i’ll play along. Look at his fingers. Look at the newspaper right around his fingers. Anyone who’s ever held a newspaper knows that’s not how it looks to hold one. OK now look at the newspaper closely. You’ll notice that the paper is sort of an off-white in the photograph. Compare to Fidel’s (sporty, I must say) Adidas jacket. The jacket, along with his face, is clearly lit by crappy flash. The paper, on the other hand, has a much more natural lighting to it, sort of a diffused indirect-sunlight sort of thing.

Speaking of light, though, my favorite thing is the “shadow” the newspaper casts. Look at the neat little line running along the right side of the bottom part of the newspaper. We’re supposed to believe that this is the shadow cast by the camera’s flash. It doesn’t follow the shape of the bed because it’s all about the shape of the object (paper) relative to the flash and the lens. True: crappy flash pictures really do work this way; you can try it. The problem is that the exact thing should happen with the shadow of the top half of the newspaper. But our Comrade Photoshopper thought it looked pretty natural this way: newspaper casting a shadow on the vertical part of the bed, not horizontal. Give me a break. Buy yourself a newspaper, sit in front of a bed, and have a friend flash you. Have fun: get yourself a Cuban-flag-colored Adidas jacket!

Maybe the el Nuevo Herald guys learned photoshop on the island. Sorry, kids: I’m not sure if that’s a real newspaper or not, but I’m damned skippy that it was never in the same room with Fidel.


Fidel with Hugo Chavez and Raul

Here’s the photo released this morning, Fidel with Hugo Chavez and Raul. I haven’t had a chance to look at it closely yet, but on first blush I find this one a little more convincing. While it’s certainly possible that they montaged ‘em together, if I were trying to inspire confidence I wouldn’t choose a picture of FC lying in a hospital bed. Also, Chavez would have had to go along with it, and why would he put his integrity on the line like that? On the other hand, we have the weird “be prepared for bad news” comment coming out of Cuba, so it’s a mystery. I still say the first photo’s a fake, though.


Monday July 17, 2006


Just to test out this flickr link thing, here’s a set of photos from 2004. Could it be that it was all so simple then? Remember Street??


Thursday June 22, 2006

The New Miamian has been hitting the pavement and taking pictures: Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, South Beach, Downtown.


Wednesday June 21, 2006

Nefarious Girl

The official after party for KRELwear 'WILD LIFE' Collection 2006

The other day, I got an e-mail from Jipsy, who’d just seen my brief mention of her great column from a few months ago. This would have been cool enough in itself, but it pointed me toward her amazing photography site,

Anyone who’s ever opened Ocean Drive knows that taking interesting photos in clubs is usually impossible; you get two or three garishly flashed idiot-smiling people standing in front of a camera, and a pitch-black background. Jipsy turns those photos on their ear, creating instant little dramas with a remote-flash technique that gets her interesting photos with alarming regularity. Borrowing liberally from punk, disco, goth, and glam, the kids in her photos make the perfect subjects for photos, too.

It’s tons of fun to just browse through her pictures. A few of my favorites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.


Wednesday May 24, 2006

oh shit, Tom's ATM is gone!

Tom misses his ATM. But look at the gorgeous photo he made!