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Thursday January 4, 2007


New Year’s Eve at Mansion, photoset by Merlin Bronques/lastnightsparty. (via Miami Nights)


Monday September 25, 2006

Two good ones via Miami Nights: Book Tour: Miami (NSFW) and Bacardi denies its 151 rum caused bar burn injuries. w/r/t the latter, wtf?—everybody knows 75% alcohol solutions are flammable. It’s like suing a bridge manufacturer for someone jumping off…


Tuesday June 20, 2006

I was at a party on Saturday night and around 12:30 like half the people left to go to see Jamie Lidell at Poplife’s 7th anniversary. Leaving wasn’t an option for me, but it sounds like I missed quite the thing. Next time, kids: CM promises to drag itself out to stuff like this more often.