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Monday July 30, 2012

Riding Metrorail to the new Miami Intermodal Center and the airport


The Metrorail opened in 1984. This weekend, the track that connects it to the Miami International Airport finally started transporting passengers. Let’s take a ride, check out the route, the new station, the Miami Intermodal Center, and how it all connects to the airport. And yes, let’s complain about the fact that this took 28 years.

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Tuesday March 18, 2008

Check out John VanBeekum’s beautiful photos of Metrorail maintenance. And btw, we haven’t been keeping up with the heavier aspects of maintenance, so we’re looking at buying all new cars.


Thursday January 17, 2008

Some current estimates on the cost of the Metrorail expansion: $57 million+ for planning/consulting, $290 million+ for construction of a line between the intermodal center and Earlington Heights, $2 billion+ for a northern extension into Broward and the east/west line.


Tuesday January 30, 2007

“[Metrorail] also does not go to many other places that many Miami residents would like to go, which is why most of them do not use it. To them, the Metrorail train is a mysterious object that occasionally whizzes past over their heads, unrelated to their lives, kind of like a comet. The point is, you need to rent a car.” Dave Barry’s guide for Miami visitors.


Monday June 19, 2006

FIU refuses Metrorail stop

Larry reports that there’s a problem with the planning of a Metrorail East/West line. Seems that FIU is refusing to allow the last stop to be built on its campus. This is completely insane on a number of levels, and the fact that the FIU administration is sticking to it does not bode well for the U’s future. What’s more, they’re refusing to even comment about their reasoning.

Well, I say they’re taxpayer funded, and mostly attended by locals, and they have to do what we say. Maybe a phone call or two (305-348-2111) to FIU’s (soon to be grossly overpaid) president would help.

Meanwhile, I’m glad to see that something like what I want is in the works for Metrorail. I still say connect it up with Miami Beach, though. There again, residents have to speak up and not let backwards-looking forces kill the deal.

Bonus chuckle: check out the multiple redundant headings on the page with Larry’s column: “Larry Lebowitz / Streetwise / STREETWISE BY LARRY LEBOWITZ / Metrorail project stopped in its tracks / By Larry Lebowitz /” And in case you forget, his name is repeated again at the end, this time with a different e-mail address. LOLz Herald!