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Friday July 11, 2008

What's up with Norman Braman's lawsuit?

Quick recap: Norman Braman is suing the city of Miami to try to stop the “megaplan,” which includes the port tunnel, museum park, marlins stadium, and a couple of other multimillion projects. Most recently, a judge ordered the parties to try to work out their differences out of court.

Braman’s argument, that some of the money the city is planning to use for the plan is intended to fight “slum and blight,” is not without merit. But honestly, why does he care so much? Does anybody else suspect that maybe he’s doing this as a publicity stunt? Here’s a guy who’s name is very closely associated with his business — every time he gets it out in the news, it helps his bottom line. And to the extent that at least one element of the city’s plan is seen as wasteful/unnecessary/stupid by almost everyone, he’s ostensibly fighting a pretty popular fight. How does the cost of his legal fees compare to the cost of running a series of those tv ads? Is this a win for Braman regardless of which way the court case goes?


Wednesday October 10, 2007

Condo litigiousness

What with the current state of the condo market, it’s no surprise that lawsuits are flying back and forth with reckless abandon. Jared Beck uncovers two interesting strains of such suits. One surrounds situations in which condo projects were not completed within the promised 2-year period. In the other, a developer has refused to return $10 million worth of deposits for a project he apparently has no intention to build at all.

I’d say that the primary impact of these sort of suits is independent of the result — they will first and foremost fuel buyer’s suspicions, fears, and caution, and push the overall market further into the hole.


Sunday May 7, 2006

Ecko's graffiti lawsuit

ecko's house - computer rendering

It seems that there’s a Miami Beach law that bans anything that looks like graffiti, even if it exists with the property owner’s consent. Marc Ecko is challenging the law. The image above is a computer rendering of the piece his business partner wants to put on his house on Pine Tree Drive.

Coral Gables famously requires color samples before issuing permits to allow painting a house (and you can paint your fence any color you like, so long as it is green), but a law prohibiting “graffiti” is particularly vague. Appropriately, Ecko has won similar lawsuits in other cities.


Saturday May 6, 2006

We all love Carnival, right? Well, now they’re being forced to pay $6.25 million as a result of a class action lawsuit: turns out they were underpaying their employees. Nice work, Carnival!