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Friday June 22, 2012

hialeah haiku heat championship This image, created by Hialeah Haikus (which is usually a blog but is currently redirecting to a listing of a book by the same name, which you should probably buy) was posted to Facebook by the always awesome Liz Tracy. But so ok: look at the middle line. How many syllables do you count? The correct answer is 7. “We’re” = 1 syllable. “going” = 2 syllables. “Versailles” = 2 syllables. BUT if you’re Cuban apparently you pronounce it with three syllables. So, by the powers of poetic license, I concede that this is a right and proper haiku.


Monday August 13, 2007

Somewhat relevant to our discussion about beating the heat, the Herald profiles the Hash House Harriers. “Not runners with a drinking problem, but drinkers with a running problem.” Turns out that running and drinking is a global thing. The lesson is clear: you gain more hydration from drinking beer then you loose through the alcohol. (thanks Steve)


Tuesday August 7, 2007

Tips for dealing with the summer heat

the sun

The Herald has tips for dealing with the summer heat. Don’t bother — it’s the usual stuff. Here’s some real advice (the comments are for what I’ve missed):


Thursday June 22, 2006

Right before launching into a discussion of zoning that made my eyes glaze right over, Rebecca Wakefield reveals why the Heat won. “Props go out to the lithesome gold-diggers at the Forge (you know who you are) who did their hometown proud last week by keeping several members of the Dallas Mavericks, ah, occupied, well into the night before a critical game 4. ... The Heat’s championship is due to the dissipating forces of South Beach at least as much as Dwyane Wade’s bank shot.”



There is no shortage of Heat victory celebration posts and articles around. The only one remotely worth it is Christian’s post about the impromptu parade on Washington Avenue Tuesday night (ever the generous one, he also uploaded his full 457 picture roll). I’m sure the official parade will be great. But c’mon – a celebration three days after the victory? And only for people who can take a half-day off work?
Update: Oh, and read Christian’s hilarious reflections on posting the images, a comment that’s longer then any post he’s done on fanless in months.


Wednesday May 17, 2006

Heat playoffs tickets presale passwords. I don’t care about the Heat; in fact, I have no idea what this is all about. Might be interesting for the b-ball fans, tho.