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Thursday April 17, 2008

In front of the building at Meridian and 13th, recently redone. Some sort of Philippe Stark meets the old west meets Japanese traditional thing going on here. I tend to frown on this sort of thing when done to multi-residence buildings.


Saturday October 21, 2006

Pink Flamingos RIP?

pink flamingo lawn ornaments

Union Products, makers of the original pink flamingo lawn ornaments, are closing down. According to the article, the flamingos came out in the 1950’s, when everybody was trying to get in on the original wave of Miami cool. Of course, they’ve had some famous history since then.

Some sort-of decent knock-offs available here. Interesting that both the wiki page and the LA Times article have a photo of some other crappy black-beak knock off (the LAT article actually includes a correction/apology for this). (via bb)


Thursday April 6, 2006

Yellow arrow

It’s taken a long-ass time, but Yellow Arrow [made me download a new version of Flash] finally has some traction in Miami, with 128 arrows (this one is on the sidewalk on Lenox Ave on the Beach). Yellow Arrow started in NYC years ago.

The basic idea is that you use the arrows to tag stuff in the real world (can’t be private property) with arrows you get from the site, and link the unique code on the arrow to your comment about the thing. Others who come across the arrow can get your comment by SMS from their cell. I can’t link to the specific pages on the site (drat that flash!) but poke around.

Tracking these down can’t possibly be worth the effort, but they’re definitely something to be on the lookout for. Better yet, plant some of your own – you order the arrows for 50 cents a piece, and you can do the whole thing from a cell, out in the real world.