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Thursday October 4, 2007

You know what, fuck House of India. I’ve been there a few times with friends (who insist on going regularly despite consistently bad treatment) and while the food is fine, the service is uncomfortable and weird. But this takes the cake: they had a lady arrested because of a misunderstanding over $3 on her bill. And it pretty much sounds like their mistake. I’m sorry for you people in Coral Gables with restaurants that feel like they can abuse you because there’s no competition, but this place needs to be boycotted. Update: Also, fuck the asshole Coral Gables police officer who thought it would be a good idea to arrest this woman, and the asshole police chief who agreed. (via whl)


Saturday January 20, 2007

The University of Miami has to get permission from the City of Coral Gables Planning and Zoning Board to build anything of significance on campus. However, the board has refused to approve anything since 2004. Most recently at a January 10th meeting, the university’s 25 projects were unanimously rejected.


Wednesday January 3, 2007

“Grove Playhouse drops appeal of historic designation” basically because “the developer backed out of the deal.” The Coconut Grove Playhouse saga continues.


Tuesday January 2, 2007

New blog: Coral Gables View. Lots of news clippings with interesting observations. Looks promising.


Wednesday November 22, 2006

Tere catches some shit at Oneburger. You might could find their menu on their website (oneburger – dot – com) but make a sandwich, because it takes at least that long to load this flash monstrosity. I once again extend my sympathy to Coral Gables residence, as they continue a search for one — just one — competent restaurant in their fair city.


Wednesday May 24, 2006

What's up with the Merrick statue?

statue of merrick
Image: Miami Transit

Here’s the new statue of George Merrick, the crafty bastard who created Coral Gables. Doesn’t something seem a little funny about it? I’m comparing the statue with the photo of Merrick here, and it strikes me as a bit cartoonish and almost, well, squat. Is it the photo? Tere’s photo looks a little different (although some of her commenters thought it looked funny). Hmm . . . maybe it’s best enjoyed in person.