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Thursday March 27, 2008

Quick note about the crane thing, just because I’m curious what people have to say about it. I’ll say this: the “cause of the accident is still unknown,” but speculation is pretty easy — sloppiness caused by cost-cutting and rushing on the job site. Also, you probably heard this already but the building the crane fell on was the house that was in Something about Mary, and the specific room it destroyed was being used as the construction site’s Safety Office.


Thursday January 17, 2008

Some current estimates on the cost of the Metrorail expansion: $57 million+ for planning/consulting, $290 million+ for construction of a line between the intermodal center and Earlington Heights, $2 billion+ for a northern extension into Broward and the east/west line.


Monday July 9, 2007

BoB Miami has current photos of most of the construction projects in downtown. (You need to right-click and say “view image” to really see them, because the images on the blog are resized in-browser and very jagged.)


Thursday June 21, 2007

Graph. Dania Beach.


Tuesday January 23, 2007

building guts

Guv says: Attached is a photo I took Saturday with my cell phone, during a beach bike-ride, of one of the (many) buildings along Miami Beach that is being torn down for new construction. I like the way the guts of the building are suspended mid-crumble.


Tuesday January 16, 2007


Nipples. Biscayne Blvd renovations, around 50th Street.


Monday October 23, 2006

Biscayne construction

Construction along Biscayne Blvd., taken with my dangerous new camera. Location.


Thursday June 22, 2006

So . . . will the Miami Performing Arts Center be finished on August 4th? Nope: “The Miami Performing Arts Center is on schedule for its Oct. 5 grand opening, but workers will be putting finishing touches on the complex until the end of the year.”


Monday May 22, 2006

You heard the one where Miami is paying $2 million to ‘exercise’ a train because of construction delays at MIA? Well, it gets better: turns out the terminal project is now a full $500 million over budget and the Herald is calling for a re-thinking of the whole thing.


Monday May 8, 2006

”[A]t least two of the workers were wearing safety harnesses, but he didn’t know whether they were fastened to the building or the framework.”

Considering they ended up in a pool of quick-drying concrete 16 floors below, I’d say it’s pretty clear whether they were fastened. Update: Nevermind. The more I hear about this accident, the more confused I get about how it exactly happened.


Thursday April 20, 2006


Rendering of the University of Miami medical-practice building, to be completed in 2009, downtown. (via Miami Transit)


Wednesday April 19, 2006

Miami Transit and Overtown USA with some first-hand reporting and reflection on the traffic mess created during the recent closure of Biscayne Blvd. Herald on same, with a little more about the crane accident, which left one man dead and another injured (they were father and son, by the way). Update: Steve Klotz with a related traffic situation…