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Wednesday April 23, 2008

A little pussy chases a big cock. Ok ok let’s be nice — Miami, Bro has been rocking lately. Here’s two recent posts: Jimbo’s B-day bash, and Sneaking into clubs (easy, though it helps if you (1) have some gumption and/or (2) are a babe).


Wednesday April 2, 2008

What do you mean “ironic”? Photo by Miami Nights.


Tuesday March 25, 2008

Liz goes to the opening of The Vagabond, in the former location of I/O, and notes that the stage is gone, indicating that there probably will not be any live shows in the space. Bummer, that was a really great spot to see bands. Update: Three commenters in 12 minutes confirm that a stage can be set up on an as-needed basis, and bands will in fact perform. This is cool, because as I recall the space is a nice smaller-scale/more intimate alternative to Studio A.


Tuesday March 4, 2008

talkingnightlife: a discussion board dedicated to the Miami club scene. In “Alpha,” but appears to be pretty well populated. Slick design, too, with image sidebars that appear and disappear with browser width. (via Nefarious, who is a contributing photographer)


Tuesday February 19, 2008

“My worry is that Grove patrons are going to move in on Downtown, and Downtown clubs already have filled their douche quota. I shudder to think of being in the same room with a gaggle of Kendall girls with overly tight jeans that give them that muffin top look they love paired with their favorite top from Forever XXI.” — Duran’s reaction to the new 3 am closing time for downtown Coconut Grove night clubs.


Monday February 4, 2008

As they do every so often, New York Times surveys the Miami scene. An eclectic collection of galleries, clubs, and other odds and ends (e.g. Lost and Found Saloon, of which a review is forthcoming right here, and the recently mentioned Aventura Mall art collection). (via NefariousGirl)


Monday January 28, 2008

List your event at Miami Nights, free! Boy, you could have some fun with this, right?! “Party at Jessica’s!”


Thursday January 10, 2008

Circa 28 Saturdays and Lolo part ways.


Wednesday January 2, 2008

The old I/O space is soon to re-open as The Vagabond. Rumor apparently has it that “there will be no bullshit at the door with lists and drink prices will be sweet.”


Monday December 31, 2007

Ay Miami at lastnightsparty, which really sort of captures it pretty well. Also: Paris in Miami. Plus, added lnp/miami to the links.


Wednesday November 28, 2007

80's Prom

Jipsy’s photos from the 80’s Prom rock. Much less interesting pics at New Times. (thanks Lolo)


Thursday August 2, 2007 Here’s a post on the cheap: weekly pictures of people in a club.


Wednesday July 11, 2007

Opium Garden decided to make a federal case out of its right to blast loud music all night (something about having their right to due process under the 4th amendment violated, if you must know), and well, it got knocked down by the 11th Circuit Court.


Tuesday June 26, 2007

Miami Nights has a dSLR, and they’re not afraid to use it. They are, however, afraid of editing their photos down to two manageable sets. I scoured through their two most recent galleries (I only recommend doing this if you were there those nights and you’re looking for pictures of yourself), looking for diamonds in the rough. A few I liked: Black fingernail: there’s a blank but distrustful look, but there’s also a lot of interesting stuff happening with fingers and feet. Two hamming girls: but the guy in the background sort of steals the picture. Overhead: reminds of that Gursky rave picture. Saddest picture: Closed bottle — nobody looks good in this, least of all the photographer that instigate the scene. Update: Nefarious girl’s photos from the Dirty Disco night.


Monday May 21, 2007

An absurdly comprehensive list of complaints about club/restaurant bathrooms. “Nocturnal – Your large stall is good, but the floor is always wet, and the sink is always broken. The garbage can is full of drug paraphernalia and vomit. The bathroom guy is annoying. It’s always warm.”


Monday January 22, 2007

Honestly, I was a little too far gone to even realize where I was at that point. Circa 28, as it turns out. Seemed nice enough.


Thursday January 4, 2007


New Year’s Eve at Mansion, photoset by Merlin Bronques/lastnightsparty. (via Miami Nights)


Wednesday December 27, 2006

Miami Nights isn’t fucking around: they started last week on their New Year’s Eve party list, and are updating it continually. Prices for most parties are in the three and four-digit range per person, whazzup! Update: Here’s the Herald’s list.


Sunday December 10, 2006

Confirmed: Miami clubs are assholes

District crowd

Okay, not really. I get it — when you have a room with a maximum occupancy of 500, and 5,000 kids wanting to get in, there are certain things you need to do — you actually have to start charging cover, and you almost also have to start playing games with people. You’re cool enough to get in — you’re not.

We’ve all expected this from South Beach clubs for over a decade: you can be a celebrity, have major cash to spread around, or look completely fabulous; preferably two of the above. For awhile, the downtown clubs were a refreshing alternative — places that dispensed with the bullshit, and were hipper, too.

My recent experiences with the District and PS14 indicate that this particular era has come to a close. They’re both still cool enough places to hang out (bettered only by the divine Studio A), but it’s undeniable that SoBe rules now apply. I was made vividly aware of that this weekend.

The District
While at the MoCA warehouse on Saturday night, a guy from the District came up to me and my friends, handing out wristbands for free admission to the club, until 12:30. No particular interest in going to the District that night, but I took one anyway. I figured I could pop in on the way to PS14. Anyway, I dropped in on the District around 12:10. A big crowd was outside, and I maneuvered my way to the one bouncer, who told me I needed to go to the other bouncer, who . . . let me in! — to see the girl at the register. I showed her the wristband, and she told me the time for the free entry was over, and it’d be $10. I told her it was supposed to be until 12:30; she checked her PDA and said it was 12:35. I thanked her very much and got the fuck out of there. When I got out of the crowd, I checked the time on my celly: 12:31.

For whatever reason, this was my second time being told I’d “be on the list.” Plus, other people told me that good shit (not even counting the New York Dolls) was happening at PS14 on Saturday. So I get there, and I actually have a business card with my name printed on it, which I hand to the door guy. He doesn’t have me on his lists. Fool me once, shame on you (oh right — a couple of months ago I was supposed to be on the list at PS14 and wasn’t. That time, I cheerfully paid the cover and had a great time), but fool me twice? Not fucking likely. I got the hell out of there without even asking what the cover was.

Another thing. Last time I was at either of these places, the standard price for, say, a shot of Jameson’s, was $8. Now, a 1.75 liter bottle of the stuff sells for $32, give or take, at most liquor stores (some have it for less). At that price, a shot (0.0443602945 liters ) is worth about $.80. So the price is a 10x markup. A 1,000% markup. A crazy fucking markup. Since I tend to go through a number of these drinks, I actually would be a good bet to be let in anyway.

But the moral is simple: Go out. Have a good time. And if someone offers to get you in for free, be very skeptical. Just be glad you can pay your cover and get in at all.


Wednesday June 21, 2006

Nefarious Girl

The official after party for KRELwear 'WILD LIFE' Collection 2006

The other day, I got an e-mail from Jipsy, who’d just seen my brief mention of her great column from a few months ago. This would have been cool enough in itself, but it pointed me toward her amazing photography site,

Anyone who’s ever opened Ocean Drive knows that taking interesting photos in clubs is usually impossible; you get two or three garishly flashed idiot-smiling people standing in front of a camera, and a pitch-black background. Jipsy turns those photos on their ear, creating instant little dramas with a remote-flash technique that gets her interesting photos with alarming regularity. Borrowing liberally from punk, disco, goth, and glam, the kids in her photos make the perfect subjects for photos, too.

It’s tons of fun to just browse through her pictures. A few of my favorites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.


Saturday May 27, 2006

white WEAR party flier

It’s nice to see that these promoters learned didn’t learn shit from last year’s fiasco about throwing a ‘White Party’ on Memorial Day weekend. To wit: they inserted the word ‘wear’ between ‘White’ and ‘Party.’ Nice job.


Thursday May 18, 2006

That’s right – buy it bitch. White Dade (see here for a dubious explanation of the name) brings this rant, which starts out as a guide to partying smart, and devolves rapidly into a misogynistic tirade. Oh, well. It’s difficult to get too upset with a guy who lists “Bob Seger, Bruce Springsten, John Mellencamp, Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue” at the top of his “favorite music” list.