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Monday July 30, 2012

Riding Metrorail to the new Miami Intermodal Center and the airport


The Metrorail opened in 1984. This weekend, the track that connects it to the Miami International Airport finally started transporting passengers. Let’s take a ride, check out the route, the new station, the Miami Intermodal Center, and how it all connects to the airport. And yes, let’s complain about the fact that this took 28 years.

See the full article and 30 photos


Wednesday January 2, 2008

A modified version of the MIA Britto shirt has been approved and ordered, so get ready to puke at the airport.


Friday October 12, 2007

Miami International Airport employees are being sent to customer service training at Walt Disney’s Disney Institute.


Wednesday August 15, 2007

After more then a decade and a billion dollars, the new terminal at MIA is going to open August 29th.


Monday August 6, 2007

MIA approach: slideshow

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Back in April on returning from Bogotá, I snapped a series of pictures from the plane flying in to Miami International Airport. Here they are, annotated.


Thursday July 12, 2007

“Hot tar spilling out of a roofing kettle ignited a fire Wednesday afternoon at an under-construction gate-assignment tower at Miami International Airport.” No, not the main tower, and yes, everything’s fine. Here’s the story, but do you see something peculiar? In the photo, by Herald photographer Tim Chapman, there’s a little halo around the top of the tower, which is often a telltale sign of photoshopping. I guess the Herald considers a little digital burn-n-dodge Kosher, but you’d think at least they could be a little less sloppy about it. Here’s the photo, for when the Herald yanks it.


Wednesday June 6, 2007

The (Ft. Lauderdale) airport expansion, she is approved. Meanwhile, the power plant is denied. Update: “I probably would have voted no, but I don’t really care. This place is already ruined anyway.” — anonymous Pulp advisor.


Wednesday May 23, 2007

Break me a give — everybody’s up in arms about (granted, another) $4 million budget shortfall at the Carnival Center, but a $503 million budget overrun at the airport barely gets noticed.


Friday February 23, 2007

Trouble for the Miami Intermodal Center?


Friday February 9, 2007

The currently favored plan has the Metrorail extended to the Miami Intermodal Center, with a people mover covering the last stretch to the airport. MAP (the yellow thing is the MIC).


Wednesday January 17, 2007

The dumb ass Home Land Security people in Miami don’t even know the name of a Swedish Royal Family member, how on earth are they going to recognize the terrorists?


Wednesday January 3, 2007

All newly issued US passports now contain RFID chips, arousing some justified paranoia. Wired magazine to the rescue! How To: Disable Your Passport’s RFID Chip: “Hammer time. Hitting the chip with a blunt, hard object should disable it. A nonworking RFID doesn’t invalidate the passport, so you can still use it. . . . But be careful – tampering with a passport is punishable by 25 years in prison.”


Wednesday November 29, 2006

What's up with Miami International Airport?

MIA from overhead

My friend and co-worker Tiffany Hill flew home for Thanksgiving, and she told me about her terrible experience with Miami International Airport, which she says is the worst airport she’s ever seen. I should point out that Tiffany is a very experienced traveler, and that her criticisms are not particularly related to the Thanksgiving rush.

First, she was directed to an “Economy Park and Ride Lot” for long-term parking. This was by an attendant, after she’d entered the complex; there was no sign on the way in to direct one to the lot. So already she’s had to enter the airport, leave, and come back, just to park. Then there’s supposed to be a bus that takes folks from the lot to the terminal, but none was to be found. She eventually discovered that an MIA employee-only bus went to the terminal from an adjacent employee parking lot, and the driver gave her a ride. On her way back, another driver of the bus closed the door in her face without offering any other advice (and another one eventually gave her a ride).

As you drive around the airport, the signs that tell you what airline is in each area are almost impossible to read while driving by in a car. Inside, the information display terminals that tell you which gate to go to are nowhere to be found because they’re . . . at the gates!! Who designed this place?

The same thing happened in the luggage claim area — unless you recognize your bag, or people from your flight, you have no easy way to determine which baggage carousel goes with your flight. There are dazed and confused people wandering the luggage claim area looking for their stuff. This is insanity. Tiffany says, “It’s all about the signage!”


Wednesday September 13, 2006

Miami airport to train all 35,000 workers to spot suspicious people.


Tuesday August 22, 2006

Farecast is a service that tracks the price history of an airline ticket and tells you whether the price will go up or down, and whether you should buy the ticket now or wait. It has only supported flights from two airports, but is now open to 55, including Miami and Ft. Lauderdale!


Wednesday June 7, 2006

a trailer on top of some cargo containers

I’d heard about a mess surrounding the tower at Opa-locka airport, but I didn’t quite get it until I saw this picture yesterday. This thing is supposed to last three years, and it doesn’t matter that it’s “not a structure that meets any code whatsoever,” because the FAA, who put it up, is exempt from local building codes!


Monday May 15, 2006

One of those idiotic unclaimed luggage auctions is happening on Saturday. You pay $3 to get in, and bid on suitcases, contents unseen. You either luck out with someone’s laptop, or (more likely) you get someone’s dirty old clothes. Strictly for voyours.


Saturday April 22, 2006

Blue screen of death at MIA?

blue screen of death on CBS4

According to this report here (on UPN33 and/or CBS4), flights all over MIA were delayed because of a Win98-style blue-screen-of-death crash yesterday.

ORLY?! Uh, no, actually: the Sabre computer system has nothing to do with Windows – it runs on a mainframe computer, so the “blue screen” you see above is just some overzealous TV editor’s desperate attempt to show some sort of graphic representation of their idea of what a computer crash looks like.

I suppose next time they’re talking about a mugger they have no picture of, they can just use a sketch of the Unabomber or something, right? Or just do a search for “mugging” on YouTube. Good grief!

(btw, you do occasionally see windows errors on Airport displays, and it’s completely related to what happened here – one or two displays may be down, but with no effect on the actual flights. It’s a separate system.)


Friday April 21, 2006

You may not even need to click the link, but yes, a man was caught coming into MIA with a suitcase of dead birds. The suitcase was confiscated, and the man was allowed to go on his way. Good times.