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Thursday May 18, 2006

Oh boy, everybody’s coming down on Johnny Winton: Jim DeFede, the police, and even John/Miamista. That’s gotta hurt.


Thursday September 13, 2007

Rebecca Wakefield on Florida government budget cuts. “According to the gloom and doom projections of financial analysts, the consequences of years of mortgage fraud and ill-considered sub-prime loans have just begun to hit. In other words, we ain’t seen nothing yet. The budget reductions could last several years. .  . It won’t surprise you that Florida ranks 44th out of the 50 states in benefits for workers, such as health-care coverage, and 50th in the percent of private sector workers with pension/retirement plans.”


Friday September 29, 2006

Home Depot to build in the Grove

proposed home depot design has trees along the street and a sloped roof

It appears that Grove residents have lost the fight, and the Grove Depot is going forward. On the other hand, maybe what they got for their trouble is a much more neighborhood-aware, smaller design. But they sure aren’t satisfied. Although some disagree that it’s much of a compromise.

I guess I just don’t get it. This is a gigantic property along US-1 which formerly held a K-Mart. Is having a Home Depot and a Milams there really the end of the world?


Friday June 9, 2006

Reading books in Miami: The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel, and Notes from Underground. Somebody contribute more of these to this site and let me know. (via Kottke)


Tuesday April 22, 2008

The new ginger-bread house bridge in Hollywood.


Friday February 1, 2008

Things not looking so hot for our pal John Timoney. Docked a week’s pay ($4,348, which if you’re all mathematical means his yearly salary is $226,000) plus a little extra, and he’s been persuaded to testify before the citizen’s panel, which makes recommendations to the city commission. Update: Actually, he didn’t testify. Can you believe this asshole?!


Monday May 15, 2006

One of those idiotic unclaimed luggage auctions is happening on Saturday. You pay $3 to get in, and bid on suitcases, contents unseen. You either luck out with someone’s laptop, or (more likely) you get someone’s dirty old clothes. Strictly for voyours.


Thursday August 2, 2007 Here’s a post on the cheap: weekly pictures of people in a club.


Wednesday June 28, 2006

Here’s one guy who got overcharged by FPL, to the tune of $140. “His digital meter was connected to another apartment and they think that the digital meter is reading incorrectly.”


Monday October 8, 2007

'Stay as far away from us as possible'

Miami Beach Mayor David Dermer: “I come from a city that doesn’t have a lot of need to ask the county for things, other than to stay as far away from us as possible.”

Miami-Dade Commissioner Jose ‘Pepe’ Diaz: “I do not want to see that city come before us and ask for any money like the $300,000 to help with the festivals.”

Miami-Dade Commissioner Bruno A. Barreiro: “That’s one voice within a city. People when they’re leaving office go off on tantrums.”

Dermer’s response: “We are the engine of revenue production — certainly tourism revenue production — within the county. It behooves the county to ensure they have the cleanest, safest and strongest engine to keep that revenue coming.”


Wednesday August 8, 2007

The Herald argues that the HUD takeover of Miami-Dade County’s Housing Agency is unjustified, because the agency was in the process of mending its ways. Of course the sentiment that it’s quite well justified will persist. More here.


Monday August 13, 2007

A car crash I witnessed

car crash diagram

Going home on Friday around 7:20 pm, I was right behind another car that got hit in this intersection in Hollywood. One person was pretty badly hurt, and I ended up talking to the police about it. Here’s what happened.

First of all, all the streets in the diagram are one-way. Tyler is three lanes Westbound, of which the leftmost lane is a turn-only lane onto Dixie Highway. Dixie and N. 21st Ave are 3 lanes each, respectively Southbound and Northbound, bisected by railroad tracks. The group of cars on Tyler were all standing at a red light. Car [A] is the car that got hit, a Mercury Grand Marquis or some similar big 4-door 90s American car, [B] is me, © is a bus, [D] is the other car that witnessed the crash and stopped. We’re all standing at a red light, and when it turned green, we all went. Because of the size of the intersection, it’s not uncommon for cars to get into the turning lane and change to the center lane to continue along Tyler, and that’s what both [A] and [B] did. At this point, I’m just about to the railroad tracks, and I see car [E] zipping down Dixie Highway. [A] saw him too, and swerved left before the hit, but it was too late.

The front driver’s side corner of car [E] hit the front passenger-side door of car [A], which then hit a cinder-block wall between the sidewalk and front lot of the building on the Southwest corner. [B] and [D] pulled into the parking lot right next to that.

I got out of my car and saw that the lady in car [D] was already calling 911. There were three people in car [A], and the lady in the passenger seat looked hurt, and in serious pain. Several panicked moments ensued wherein the lady calling 911 was being asked a million questions about the situation, and the other people in the car were yelling trying to speed things along, though of course the ambulance had already been dispatched. First they were saying she couldn’t breathe, then that she was having trouble breathing. With her door busted in and up against the wall, the only way to get to her was through the driver’s side door, and there was obviously very little anyone on the scene could do to help her. Soon one police officer got there, followed shortly by the ambulance.

This was perhaps the most uncomfortable few moments of the whole thing, because the paramedics don’t really have any magic, and things are not instantly better when they’re there (although their presence makes a big psychological difference). They got in the car and checked the lady’s vital signs and asked her some questions to try to figure out her situation before moving her. Eventually they put a neck brace on her and carefully got her onto a stretcher and got out of there, along with the two guys from her car. After that the police interviewed me and the two people in car [D], got our information, and let us go. Before I left, I walked over the the guy from car [E] to see if he was OK, and got out of there. But something tells me this isn’t the last I’m going to be hearing about this.


Wednesday August 29, 2007

Ft. Lauderdale is going to supplement it’s eroding beaches with grains of recycled glass. (via MiamiNights)


Saturday May 6, 2006

Crockett's Theme

Let’s have s’more stoopid Miami Vice nostalgia videos. Here’s Don Johnson getting all deep with it.


Tuesday January 16, 2007

MaEx links to Beth Dunlop’s writeup of the unappealing new South Beach lifeguard stands. Here is the one I photographed last year, and here they are under construction.


Tuesday July 17, 2007

Biscayne blvd renovation

Diagram of the Biscayne Blvd. streetscaping currently underway south of I-395. Gabriel has an overview of everything planned for this stretch, full of links and images. I still don’t see, though, how getting rid of the median parking (only “useless” if you’re not looking for a place to park, btw) around Bayside makes the road less daunting for pedestrians — the number of lanes isn’t changing. Also: a Metromover overhaul (replete with more heinous Photoshopping).


Monday September 4, 2006

tropical depression six heading in the suspicious direction of florida

Say wha?


Monday February 11, 2008

Calm Bobby goes to a cockfighting ring. “Honestly, after the initial shock subsided, I was happy as hell to be there. This was a covert and illegal operation, probably the dumbest thing I had ever done. But I admired the culture around it, the energy in the room, all the men still trying to hold on to their old lives in Cuba or Mexico or Haiti.”


Tuesday August 7, 2007

Celeste Fraser Delgado profiles Mark Buckley and his pet rooster Mr. Clucky. Mr. Clucky has previously been featured in the New Times, has his own MySpace page, and has been photographed by Miami Fever. That’s quite the celebrity cock.


Sunday May 28, 2006

It never fails. I’ve got some news for you, guy: they’re not Latino. Also, Ed McMahon called to say, “you may already be a racist!” Personally, I’ve lived on South Beach for five years, and I’ve never noticed Memorial Day weekend as anything more then a bunch of people hanging out and partying.


Thursday November 1, 2007

The Miami-Dade commission has scrapped the recycling program under dubious circumstances.


Thursday July 21, 2005

Spiegel Grove Unstuck

A great big boat called the Spiegel Grove was sunk in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary few years ago to create an artifical reef. Well, it somewow turned over while sinking, and maybe part of it stayed sticking out the water. So our fearless park directors (and it doesn’t say, but we bet the Army Corps of Engineers was involved) cooked up a plan to turn the boat back over; that’s the diagram you see above.

Well, it didn’t work. But good news: Hurricane Dennis turned it over for them. Apparently, this makes scuba divers who visit the wreck very happy, because diving in a boat that’s right-side-up is more fun that an upside-down one. Got all that? Then tell us why they care about this in India.

[More pictures of SG ]


Monday April 24, 2006

Let’s talk about panty-dropping.” I agree that Carlos Suarez De Jesus’s ‘panty’ comment was pretty gratuitous. More importantly, KH is at her best when riled, and her deconstruction here is a great read.


Tuesday January 23, 2007

Pizza Rustica: opening in Hollywood, closing in the Gables Grove.


Monday July 24, 2006

On Tuesday, the Miami Vice movie premiere official after-party. $500 tickets (almost sold out). In attendance: the Hilton sisters, Hulk Hogan, and Jessica Simpson.


Friday October 5, 2012

Oktoberfest weekend one

Now listen here people, the REAL Oktoberfest Miami is at the German American Social Club, and it happens the last two(!) weekends in October. That said, I’m all for doing the


Friday August 26, 2005


OK, most of us appear to have survived. Over a million people are without power. A few died. The roads are generally fucked up. Channel 7 is glefully replaying a documentary about how they lost power in their studio for 45 minutes. CM lost internet connection, bringing an end to updates around 8:30 pm last night, though commenters came through (we never did loose power). Who screwed up? Let us take count:

1. It was like a mantra yesterday: “It’s going to be a rain event, not a wind event.” Wrong: the TV is full of turned-over trees, removed roofs, and people killed by wind.

2. It’s going to hit North Broward/South Palm Beach, and track west. Wrong: Could’t have been more wrong – it went southwest over Miami, and grazed the Keys.

3. It’s going to move slowly. Wrong: as we speak it’s over the gulf.

4. The highway overpass. Good grief; construction sites should not be abandoned without being able to withstand a category 4 hurricane. Wrong: An overpass in construction over 836 west of the Plametto colapsed onto the highway, which was open at the time! Construction engineers are cleaning up the mess in stunned silence.

A final note: We’ve been somewhat lulled in the past by hurricanes that give you a 3 – 4 day warning. Katrina went from a possible tropical storm to hurricane landfall in under 30 hours. It just goes to show you that you really need to be ready for the worst at all times during hurricane season – there is no particular reason a Cat-4 couldn’t do this.


Wednesday June 14, 2006

Hey, look: the book is gone.


Monday October 8, 2007

10 ways the new website sucks


“OK, we’ll show those bastards. We’ll re-design the site, top-down, make it all Web-2.0 looking, throw every widget under the sun at it, and be damned if they’re not blown away.”

Uh, sorry, Judi. You blew it. Big time. So much so that a comprehensive, methodical analysis would take weeks, of which I ain’t got. But let me give you some highlights:

  1. You’ve got five (oh so slick) tabs running across the top: ‘Home,’ ‘Service Center,’ ‘County Agencies,’ ‘County Hall,’ and ‘Calendar.’ With the exception of the first and last one, do you really think anyone who doesn’t work in a county government has any idea what those things mean? You get paid for obfuscation?
  2. It’s a non-standards-compliant mess of HTML tables. I sympathize: web standards have only been globally accepted since around 2002. Nobody would expect you to get up to speed when building a website for a body that only governs 2.4 million people.
  3. Some of your links launch new windows . . . some don’t. This would be annoying enough if there were some rhyme or reason to it. There ain’t. Speaking of links, about half the links to existing pages have broken.
  4. What’s the single worst method for delivering online video? Windows Media? OK, let’s use that exclusively. (I’m letting the random links to PDF’s slide.)
  5. Here’s another great idea: let’s have as many sections of the site look and behave as completely differently from each other as possible! OK, you’ve got the main page. Compare the following: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 . . . ok, I’ll stop. Those last two aren’t technically even on the same domain (btw, is there a reason for that?). This takes the cake, though, right? No navigation for you! (What makes this particularly fun is that all these pages are a just a single click off the main page. Imagine what we could find if we dug a little.)
  6. With the possible exception of the Luminati, every other website in the universe that requires registration has the registration button on the login page. I searched like crazy for the registration button, and after a long search was informed that “Due to our recent upgrade, however, registration is temporarily suspended.” Ah — so this is one of the new “features.” Got it. Curious about why I was trying to log in?
  7. because the “My Calendar” thing seemed like the only hope for getting useful information out of your otherwise hopeless calendar page. Speaking of the calendar, if a sane rethinking of the whole thing is out, can we at least have the events open to real pages, instead of crappy popup windows?
  8. On the “Information for . . .” menu, residents are #9 on a list of 11. Thanks for making it abundantly clear where we rate.
  9. Extra poke in the eye to Firefox (or any non-IE/Windows) users: home page opens scrolled down a random number of lines, “intro” video distorts into its letterboxed shape, and of course none of the previously mentioned FUBAR has been addressed.
  10. . . . all of which brings me to the sad conclusion that this is nothing but a shitty new skin on the same shitty old mess. We think these people are going to implement county-wide wireless internet access? They can’t even get a website working right.


Friday January 12, 2007

Art Deco weekend

Vicenta Casañ