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Thursday June 28, 2012

Not the Hitler youth

downtown schoolboard building banner

The sinister looking main office building of Dade County Public Schools has had a banner on its south-facing wall forever, and for years it was a close-up of one ernest-looking student doing her work. Boring, and due to budget cuts that banner stayed up way longer than it should have, and over the years in the sun got embarrassingly faded and sad looking. Well, the school board finally decided to spring for a new banner last year, and this is the result. I can see how the intentions behind the photo shoot that led to this image were good, but the fact that none of the people who saw this image on its way to being hung from the side of the building said anything, well, it just tells you everything you need to know about the people in charge of educating our future leaders.

I want to count the ways in which this picture is terrible, but I’ll just note that the DCPS staff decided — at the very start — that sending a photographer into a school to take a photo of actual students actually learning could not result in a presentable photo and therefore they’d have to “stage” something.


Monday August 13, 2007

Miami Nights’ review of M.I.A.‘s Kala. I too have been listening to it non-stop, and loving it. I thought Bird Flu and Boyz were great, and they sound much better on the album then on crappy YouTube stream.


Wednesday January 30, 2008

I’m sure glad they just got done putting up these custom-made signs. I fully expect that Adrienne will have the tact to insist on less obnoxious signage.


Tuesday February 7, 2006

Supreme happiness Tuesday


Monday November 19, 2007


The Sahara Hotel of North Miami Beach. If you’re like me, you’re thinking this place will be torn down, for vague political-correctness reasons, any second now (or at least the crazy lawn ornaments will be). Then again, I’ve been thinking that since the 1980s.


Wednesday May 2, 2007

Efforts continue to bring Miami to a point of having more stadiums per-capita then any other city in the world. Update: And I hear there’s talk of putting a soccer stadium of all things on Virginia key!


Tuesday October 9, 2007

Misogyny from around the web

Two case studies:


Sunday February 4, 2007

About the ads: I recently got an e-mail from Google nudging me to put one of these big ads on my site. “The medium rectangle is the most demanded size among our brand advertisers,” they say. So I’m trying it out. One silver lining out of this is that it forced me to clean up the CSS a little, and some of the mistakes that made the margins a little off in IE6 are now fixed. The bad news is that I had to widen the sidebar by about 50 pixels, and it looks a little out of balance now. Complaints? Update: The black BG will be up for exactly 24 hours unless there’s overwhelming support for making it permanent.


Tuesday October 9, 2007

Ipanemic: easily my new favorite blog. Weird, passive aggressive, and ultra-local. At first when I saw this I was worried that I had MPD, and this was the blog of one of my alternate personalities, and while I’ve ruled that out, well, I mean, geez — the thing where he went to Tantra by himself? Just genius. Please take the time to click around and really explore the site, because it does not operate like any other website in the world. I mean — huh?? — Since when is a ham sandwich a variation on pb&j.


Tuesday May 8, 2007

The origin of the name of Dade County.


Monday June 19, 2006

It’s a funny thing about RSS readers: they track everyhing going on at your blog. So even though Miamity is dead [sob!!], I can tell that Kyle recently updated the Filling Out The New Times Poll post. No idea what he changed, but it’s still worth reading.


Wednesday May 24, 2006

oh shit, Tom's ATM is gone!

Tom misses his ATM. But look at the gorgeous photo he made!


Tuesday May 6, 2008

John Spain explains how to pimp your booze.


Friday February 9, 2007

“According to a credible source, an employee of Anna Nicole Smith found her in her room in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The employee pulled back a sheet and discovered that she appeared to have choked on her own vomit.”


Thursday January 31, 2008

A great article on the state of cycling in Miami in the New Times. Good news: a burgeoning bicycle-activist movement, lots of riders. Bad news: complete apathy and ineptitude by city planners (I still can’t get over the fact that they re-did Biscayne from scratch and didn’t include bike lanes).


Saturday November 26, 2005

SoFla blog scene picks up steam

Sorry to bug you with a nother post about Miami blogs, but there’s lots going on. We’re going to sail through it, and then lay off the blogs for awhile; fair enough? (BTW, we’re much more interested in blogs about Miami, not just bloggers who happen to be in Miami).


Friday November 10, 2006

Critical Miami status

Looking at this post from last year, and looking at how things have changed. It’s a graph of search terms (from October, the last complete data set) that people use that land them here; there are fewer entries on the graph because there are actually more seraches, and as each slice gets proportionally smaller it becomes impossible to show them on the graph. So here’s a table version:

301 critical miami 25 alabama jacks
132 miami ink 23 miami ink tattos
70 miami performing arts center 21 money stacks
64 nancy spungen 20 watson island
56 ticket clinic 19 ticket clinic miami
47 carnival center 18 bodies miami
46 miami blog 17 miami carnival center
35 uli herzner 17 gil dezer
30 carnival center for the performing arts 17 carnival center miami
29 miami blogs 5090 [not listed: 3,278 search terms]
29 johnny winton



Tuesday June 13, 2006

Geez, they’re really serious about this water-transit thing.


Thursday June 23, 2005

Cop Cars Torched

In an obviously GTA-VC inspired incident, some kids (?) threw a Molotov cocktail into a police parking lot in Miami Shores, blowing a few of them (the cars) up. Now, we’re all for authority-directed victimless violence (especially when it involves blowing shit up), but there’s something sad about this. ‘Cause we have a pretty good idea of what happened. In fact, Miami Shores is famous for this shit:

We’re guessing we have here a fairly wealthy two-parent family, where both adults work their butts off in jobs they love (say, a mom lawyer and a dad doctor), put in crazy overtime, and compensate for not being around for their kids with money. You end up with spoiled brats. Get a few of these brats together, and shit tends to escalate. Next thing you know, they’re booty-bumping crank, and competing to see who can do the best rampage. Dang. You need a license to own a dog, right?


Monday March 10, 2008

Another video of an Alley Cat Bike Race. Looks like fun. (via)


Friday May 20, 2005

The Last Picture Show

Charles Ray, Plank Piece Those who have not seen The Last Picture Show at the MAC have a pretty good chance tonight. At 7:30 pm, Christopher Phillips (a curator at the International Center of Photography) will talk about “Why Artists Love (and Hate) Photography.”

Their guest speakers are usually pretty good, and the show is a must-see.

Update: It’s 8 hours before the event, so it must be time for the MAC’s PR department to issue a press release about it. Sharp:

In recent decades, photography has seemed inescapable in the world of contemporary art. However, the enthusiasm of artists for photography has often been accompanied by a definite wariness and skepticism regarding this medium. This talk will explore the ways that artists such as Joseph Beuys, Robert Smithson, and Dennis Oppenheim, among others, have both utilized photography and sought to distance themselves from it.


Monday September 25, 2006

Stuart Miller, president of the largest housing builder in Miami-Dade, is puzzled by the sudden downturn in the housing market: “It happened very quickly, very suddenly. I can’t identify the trigger.” That’s ‘cause you haven’t been reading, dude. “Miller plans to ‘keep the conveyor belt running’ and finish building new homes in projects already underway. He also plans to offer sales incentives and slash prices to get the homes sold.”


Wednesday October 24, 2007

Jeff Weinsier, a reporter for Channel 10 news, was arrested for “trespassing” while standing on the sidewalk in front of Miami Central High. After the arrest, police found a gun on him, so charged him with possession of a firearm on school property. Police say he had previously stepped on the grass, but the video clearly shows them arresting him on the sidewalk (“which is usually considered public property,” as the report incredulously puts it) after he refuses to cross the street. (Via Carlos Miller, who unpacks some of the law around this.)


Wednesday July 12, 2006

Oh crap, Critical Mass already happened. I guess I need to get out ahead of this stuff a little.


Wednesday April 25, 2007

Friends With You written up in Wired magazine this month.


Wednesday June 21, 2006

Hey, everybody: the Heat just won!


Wednesday July 11, 2007

Genius of despair with an ode to reading the newspaper (the real newspaper).


Thursday January 10, 2008

trump plaza

“I always think, why don’t they just slap pictures of their genitalia on there and be done with it? The message would be the same. Sunny Isles Beach is a travesty of overdevelopment. These four men, Jorge Perez in particular, are responsible for turning a sleepy and dilapidated but charming beach town into a glittering canyon of inaccessible glass and steel.” — From Rebecca Wakefield’s brief history of The Related Group.


Monday September 24, 2007

goya etchings

Francisco Goya’s etchings, on view at the Freedom Tower (!) through November 9th (12 – 7 pm every day except Sunday and Monday). I saw these the last time I was in Prague; they’re exquisite.


Monday November 7, 2005

State of the blog update