Friday June 24, 2005


[Contributed by Potato Head]

Here is a sweet little post from Sunshine State. About crabs. Trust me, it’s great. And worth a read. Discovered because, god bless her, she links to right here. If anyone knows this kid please tell her to e-mail us so we can beg her to write more.

update: Yes, we did end up hearing from Frances Nash. She likes us. She hates our commenters, though. Her home page says, “Some magazine wrote about my blog. And they called it dumb.”

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  1. dumb    Fri Jun 24, 09:15 PM #  

    this blog has really turned into silly silly nonsense. what happened? did you “wake up,” stretch and realize, “hey, it’s only a blog!”

  2. crissa    Fri Jun 24, 11:45 PM #  

    Actually, it’s not so silly. We used to see them migrating by the millions in the rainy season (slowing traffic on Old Cutler road to a crawl). Now their habitats are being destroyed by development. I can only hope that they will be protected.

  3. Harlan Erskine    Sat Jun 25, 02:00 AM #  

    hey, dumb, did you wake up this morning and go “hey I’m dumb so I’m going to make fun of people I’m jellious of because I can write as good this teen can.”

    anyway I liked this post. keep it up!

  4. riiight    Sat Jun 25, 03:59 AM #  

    teen angst can go away. cause i’m over it. what’s next, lovebugs? “gooking up my volvo S40, their existence so ephemeral”. bleh.

  5. ...    Sat Jun 25, 10:36 AM #  

    It’s just a reminder that Miami’s wetlands are vanishing…and few people care.

  6. Ashley    Sat Jun 25, 02:04 PM #  

    I’m glad she sees the beauty in it, because those crabs are f’in scary.

  7. cohen    Sat Jun 25, 03:15 PM #  

    can we have art reviews again on the blog,,, fuck

  8. Miami Harold    Sun Jun 26, 08:58 PM #  

    If you’ve ever had them, you’d understand there’s nothing funny about crabs.

  9. dumb    Mon Jun 27, 01:54 PM #  

    this makes no sense.
    “hey I’m dumb so I’m going to make fun of people I’m jellious of because I can write as good this teen can.”

    hey arty kids, go to jimbo’s, it gets the tums up from this blog. “that’s real culture.” that’s alesh’s slogan for CM.

  10. i hate sprawl    Mon Jun 27, 02:14 PM #  

    If you’re wondering why the wetlands are vanishing…consider all the condos popping up on every inch of the bay.

    If you’re not born and raised in south florida, you won’t recognize the change of seasons by subtle cues like land crab migrations, turkey vultures, and yes, “love bugs.” Not to mention manatee sightings, which are growing rare.

    Now they’re talking about building in the Glades.

  11. Harlan Erskine    Tue Jun 28, 01:26 AM #  

    Dumb, although I like your slogan. your making fun of, well were you making fun of this blog? or the sunshine state? either way ‘dumb’ is a cowardly name to post negative comments with.