Sunday June 12, 2005

Freedom for My People

Freedom tower proposal The latest in crazy downtown buildup seems to be that developers now have their eye on the freedom tower property.

Well, nevermind “have their eye on.” Actually, they’ve bought the damned thing, and are on the cusp of getting the city commission to approve a plan to tear off the large building that surrounds the tower, and build a huge condo with a little sliver cut out of it for the tower to sit in. If you squint at the picture you’ll see the little tower, with the building looming over and around it. CM is a little apprehensive about the massive buildup of Miami, but this really does seem to be going too far. The Freedom Tower is one of the few actual historical landmarks this city has.

The Miami Planning Advisory Board will be getting together at 6 pm Wednesday at Miami City Hall (3500 Pan American Dr.), to consider the Freedom Tower condo proposal, among other projects. They’ll be taking public comments, so if you’re in the neighborhood you just might want to stop by and share your thoughts on this project.

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  1. cohen    Mon Jun 13, 02:31 PM #  

    there is nothing wrong with tall buildings that house many,,, the other option is building townhouses in the everglades. take your pick

  2. otto    Mon Jun 13, 04:15 PM #  

    I remember way back… when I first came to Mami there were two Newspapers in town.. The Miami Herald and the Miami News (Offices in the Freedom Tower.) There was competition in the papers for stories… the Herald always won…but the competition was enought to keep them honest, then the Miami News went belly up and the Herald shortly thereafter did the same as far as content goes…

    The Freedom Tower has been bought, renovated, sold, deteriorated, bought again, renovated again, and bought and sold a few more times… I would just like to see it being used again.

  3. Harlan Erskine    Mon Jun 13, 11:30 PM #  

    Yes, there is nothing wrong with tall buildings that house many, in fact, I think thats 100 times better that sprawl, especially everglades sprawl. But there is plenty of unused space around the freedom tower that could be used so, why tear any of it down? If you ask me thats just wrong but then again this is Miami and we hate anything old. So I’m surprised the didn’t propose to flatten the whole fucking thing.

  4. Miami Harold    Tue Jun 14, 02:38 PM #  

    I don’t find the tower particularly attractive or impressive
    as an architectuiral specimen,
    but its greater value,
    particularly as a Cuban Ellis Island,
    indicates the appropriateness of preserving it.
    Dwarfing it with yet another condo cathedral
    diminishes its significance actually and symbolically.
    And this being Miami,
    I can’t escape the feeling that reducing its stature
    is part of somebody’s plan.

  5. ShinyPenny    Tue Jun 14, 02:44 PM #  

    there is everything wrong with most tall buildings that house many… particularly in Miami… and that is that investors, vultures, whatever you’d like to call them, in Miami, Florida, other states, South America and all over, buy these ridiculously overpriced condos that a good 80% of the miami population can not afford in the first place, then attempt to flip them over at a 50% increase OR charge some exorbatant rent rate.

    it’s bad enough that high-rise condos are sucking up coastline and displacing whole neighborhoods, now one has to wrap it’s glossy, gawdy facade around a historic structure.

  6. Hugh Briss    Tue Jun 14, 03:11 PM #  

    The fact that Freedom Tower once housed a newspaper is entirely irrelevant and best forgotten. It probably housed plenty of other vermin in its day, too—what’s that got to do with the price of immigrants? Build the hideous condo somewhere else. Let Freedom breathe.

  7. Historectomy    Wed Jun 15, 11:53 AM #  

    How does one edit history? Can portions of it be removed to fit an egotistical “reality”? In my opinion, the whole of the Freedom Tower building is historical. I would say, even the site.

    Recent attemts to incorporate fragments of architecturally significant buildings into new developments have failed. Such is the case with the Sears Tower at the new Miami Performing Arts Center. The remains of the severed Art Deco tower stands awkwardly and meaningless on the site.

    It seems that the Coconut Grove Playhouse may also fall prey to the developers scalpel.

  8. cohen    Wed Jun 15, 01:44 PM #  

    ,” buy these ridiculously overpriced condos that a good 80% of the miami population can not afford in the first place, then attempt to flip them over at a 50% increase OR charge some exorbatant rent rate.”
    while this is true, your ignoring that living in close quaters with many other folks, is still a better idea than townhomes in the everglades. the danger of crocs should still be accounted for.

    yes and who gives a shit about the freedom tower once being a housing for a newspaper

  9. Merkin    Thu Jun 16, 09:19 AM #  

    Let’s see…..the building is ugly, the neighborhood’s depressed, and the people who want to “preserve” it all live and work somewhere else. Here’s what to do. Pick the damn thing up and relocate it into a park somewhere and use it as a community domino hall. Then use the waterfront site for a new baseball stadium. Yoiu can never please ALL the whiners in this town EVERY time, but this takes care of some of them.

  10. George    Sun Jun 26, 11:20 PM #  

    Miami lives off the tourism industry and they want to tear down one of our few landmarks? How shortsighted

  11. Camilo Santana    Mon Jun 27, 04:38 PM #  

    How typically American. I say go ahead and tear it down. We have no sense of culture anyway. If Miami had a sense of culture, it would have restored this building long ago.

    Lets continue with the kill fuck kill culture until Miami is nothing more than another generic-ville USA.