Sunday June 4, 2006

Laptop Battle

Notes from the Laptop Battle at Churchill’s on Saturday. It was much stranger, and much more fun, then one might be led to expect. The performers fell into two categories: the straight-ahead music types, and the performance-oriented types, who often just hit ‘play’ on their computer (an MP3 player might have sufficed) and did some performance art. Seen above: Line Noise.

Here we have an attempt at a hybrid. I think this group was called Pet Sounds Kentsoundz, though i was a little too loaded to catch the other names. We have a guy in a wolf mask working a computer an a girl in an angel outfit dancing the Muse behind him.

The judges take this shit very seriously. There was a ‘no microphones’ rule, and the one guy who bent it (by singing without a microphone, at the top of his lungs, into the audience) passed on to the next round (he was wearing a New Kids on the Block shirt, so there was that).

DJ Saul DJ Je Nais Se Qua entertained the audience between matches with silly fake-Frence schtick and cheesy music (The Police? Aphex Twin!?). He would have stolen the show, at least until . . .

This guy WDF fired up his powerbook, pulled his overalls down around his ankles, and jumped into the audience, raving lunatic-like. He has on a leopard print g-string and a little monkey backpack with a strange strap hanging off it.


Ravelstein and friends rounded out the evening with a performance on the back patio. Hell yeah.

Update: Anyone know any of the other names of acts in the pictures? Got ‘em – thanks!

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  1. Rick    Sun Jun 4, 08:24 PM #  

    Oh, yeah. Now I can understand why you don’t think much of classic rock. These guys would blow them away any day of the week.

  2. Manola BBB    Sun Jun 4, 08:29 PM #  

    Yikes, indeed! There are some things eye balls don’t want to see!

  3. misery    Sun Jun 4, 10:04 PM #  

    i don’t know why i even went to this. nobody was there, no moderately cool girls were there and it was a ripoff. why not just bring a mixtape, play it on a boombox and invite everybody to dance? and why not do this at an apartment for both flips of privacy?

  4. cohen    Mon Jun 5, 10:52 AM #  

    yes everyone should just stay home ,, and talk instead.. ..

    NO its good to go out and do things,,, be part of the city,, if you dont like ,,, do something to fix it . have your own event.. these folks are not sitting around,, moreover not dancing in a nameless club at southbeach,,,

    although i dont like laptop battles,,,it sounds like they should throw the laptops at each other until someone wins

  5. alesh    Mon Jun 5, 01:23 PM #  

    the whole place was teeming with hipsters. You can’t see them in the photo above ‘cause they scattered like flies when that dude jumped into the audience. And yes, some of them were women (although if you’re looking to hook up, you probably find a better time/place then a laptop battle).

    The laptop battle was very performance-art oriented. Cohen would have approved.

  6. Kentsoundz    Tue Jun 6, 11:39 AM #  

    Hello there! My name is actually Kentsoundz, not Pet Sounds, but thanks very much for the mention + image!

    Much peace,


  7. brendan    Tue Jun 6, 12:13 PM #  


    my name is brendan (W D F) and i’m the lunatic that skattered the hipster women like flies. thanks to everyone who came! and thanks to critical miami for the blog, you’re awesome!!

    you wouldn’t happen to have any other pictures of the night, by any chance? i don’t have any! and i wanted to post some on my website; i’ll list the photographer next to the pic and provide a link, if you’d like.


  8. Lolo    Tue Jun 6, 03:31 PM #  

    Hi! I was one of the judges. The guy in the first pic went by “Line Noise” and that’s not DJ Saul, it’s his “friend” DJ Je Nais Se Qua ;)

    I totally had a great time tho and hope to do it again next year. The performances were great and people will be talking about it for years to come! Big ups to New Art School and for making it happen.