Saturday June 4, 2005

Sun Post

Critical Miami takes an interest in local publications. The Sun Post is one that has been plesantly suprising us lately. We’ve passed their metal distribution boxes next to the New Times’ for years without so much as a second glance. But having picked up copies now and again lately, and occasionally stopping by their web site, we find something impressive about this publication. With all the talk about the imminent death of newspapers, here is a serious, readable, and informative free weekly (?) newspaper. Suprise. Omar Sommereyns, formerly of The Street, was apparently picked up by them after that mostly-useless City-Link wannabee folded. His heart may be elsewhere, but he turns in solid, professional work here. In fact, two the current issue’s three cover stories are by him (one about a Miami Beach Commission election, one about cat calls during memorial weekend).

The issue’s fifty or so pages have a high ratio of relevant, local content. How does a free publication do it? A pull-out “advetroial” section reveals: big fat residential development marketing bucks. But so what? This kind of money funds plenty of crap. At least here it’s fundint a decent publication, and one which seems like it might have the editorial integrity to question those rich patrons should a story call for it. Do they? Our impression is yes, but we’ll keep an eye on them out of curiosity.

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  1. Chad Harris    Sun Jun 5, 05:07 AM #  

    I will check out the Sun Post. I miss Street, although I’m happy with sensational, ridiculous New Times. ..but, Street was fun and filled with total trash... Also, the art writing was better than in New Times, which is pretty weak. Semi-related: Does anyone else read “Savage Love” religiously? You all should.

  2. cohen    Sun Jun 5, 12:33 PM #  

    street ,,, since it was a smaller mag, was easier to read, i guess i miss a smaller mag

  3. skip it    Sun Jun 5, 04:50 PM #  

    that mating call headline is really off target – just another redundant article from the cops’ perspective with little “details” like flyers tossed in for “color.”

  4. mitch cambell    Sun Jun 5, 06:33 PM #  


  5. melissah    Mon Jun 6, 01:10 PM #  


  6. Whitie305    Tue Jun 7, 01:01 AM #  

    Lame headline aside, at least the SunPost article actually acknowledged that the Memorial Day weekend crowd is black. An out-of-towner reading The Miami Herald last weekend could have only surmised such, from lightly dropped inferences made by white-ass editors tiptoeing around the whole thing. A June 5th article merely called the urban weekend crowds “tourists”, included the requisite gruff Miami cop statements, and in leui of comments from the actual “tourists” themselves, opted for the same complaints from beach residents about noise and crowds. In fact, their wrap-up article had only one color-based comment and it was this:

    Said City Manager Jorge Gonzalez,``I’m very pleased that there was no major incident that would lend a black eye to Memorial Day, and my sense is a lot of people came, they had a good time and the city was prepared.’’


  7. alesh    Tue Jun 7, 09:12 AM #  

    The bitch disgustedly mentioned a “White Party” at Grass. Enjoy the weekend in style, and all that. Unfortounately, the online version does not have a copy of the invite, which print did.

  8. mario    Tue Jun 7, 01:05 PM #  

    New Times did indeed mention race-problems in The Bitch, Whitie305. Though it should have been a feature, I can’t believe Grass got away with throwing such a party with so little heat. The Sun Post article (and the newspaper for that matter, I live on the beach), could be much better.