Friday May 27, 2005

Phony Plantains Stuffed with Blow

Phony plantains stuffed with cocaine Exquisitly realistic, hand-painted fake plantains mixed in with real ones are being used to smuggle cocaine. The feds just discovered a 750 pound shipment. Seems pretty light for a coke haul, no? Somebody better check the avocados.

Other methods of smuggling whilte gold that CM has enjoyed: hidden in jars of baby formula, the broken arm trick, classy rides, and of course the giant squid.

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  1. Jeroen Nelemans    Fri May 27, 04:09 PM #  

    smugglers are the best artist…!!
    craftmanship pays off.
    forget the conceptual art world

  2. Miami Harold    Sat May 28, 08:55 AM #  

    Yikes. Looks like the post-op table
    following the Jolly Green Giant’s circumcision.

  3. wedge    Sat May 28, 01:13 PM #  

    i think i saw some of those at pawn shop lounge last nite.

  4. GlennK    Sat May 28, 06:35 PM #  

    Smuggler’s are half of humanities salvation ..the cops that is. Most of what they smuggle should be legal the rest is sold as exports for big $$ like weapons of mass destruction! Amerika hates anything that makes anyone feel anything but remorse or guilt. How is it that as a society we learned zero over the last 50 yrs.? Look at the total fuckwads that are in control everywhere? Maybe, it’s time to start taking LSD again and hope it all was just a flash forward?

  5. cohen    Sun May 29, 01:02 PM #  

    jeez, those gloves make the plantains look very dangerous

  6. glasgow    Mon May 30, 01:25 PM #  

    speaking of lsd, i’ve been hearing it’s about to hit the south again big. the bust in 2002 wiped out everything – but things come full-circle.