Tuesday March 7, 2006

Looking for a Forum

I’ve been asked to participate in a panel discussion about artblogging in Miami. I have by far the least knowledge of art of anyone on the panel, and I’m not particularly an art-blogger, so I guess I’m the non-expert slot on the panel. It’s a little intimidating, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. The panel takes place on Thursday, April 6th, 7 to 8:30 pm, at the Miami Beach Regional Library auditorium, 227 22nd Street, Miami Beach. Mark your calendars!

Looking for a Forum:
Art bloggers and artists on writing art and culture in Miami


Franklin Einspruch, Artblog.net
Alesh Houdek, Critical Miami
KH, The Next Few Hours
Onajide Shabaka, Miami Art Exchange
Alfredo Triff, Tu Miami Blog

Moderator: Helen L. Kohen, Director of the Vasari Project and Art Critic Emeritus for The Miami Herald

Organized by Denise Delgado, Curator, Miami Dade Public Library System

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  1. mek    Wed Mar 8, 09:33 AM #  

    don’t sell yourself short, alesh. your blog is my fave.

  2. lara    Wed Mar 8, 02:26 PM #  

    Thanks for posting this. I’ll try to attend! It’s nice to hear about some positive motion in miami.

  3. alesh    Wed Mar 8, 03:43 PM #  

    an interesting discussion about this over at artblog.

  4. Denise    Wed Mar 8, 04:24 PM #  

    Thanks for helping spread the word, Alesh! For what it’s worth, I don’t think of you as the non-expert slot. You were a regular and articulate commenter on artblog, and Critical Miami covers a lot of Miami cultural stuff in addition to the visual arts. I think that’s important, too.

    I’ll repeat what I said on artblog:

    I’m open to suggestions from readers as far as discussion topics and what people might like to see come out of this, if anything (a series of discussions, a project, etc.). Folks could email me, or just post here.

  5. Kathleen    Wed Mar 8, 06:11 PM #  

    Alesh fills the ass-kicker slot. :)