Saturday December 31, 2005

Critical Miami year-end chin stroking

Ordinarily, this space would be reserved for a review of the events of the last year. I’m not going to do one, though, partly because there are already lots of reviews out there (for example, you can read this one by our pal Rebecca Wakefield) and partly because I’m half a world away, and now the DSL went out and I’m stuck on European dial-up, and I just can’t be bothered.

What I can be bothered with, though, is a wrap up of how Critical Miami has done this past year. Web usage statistics are a pretty tough nut to crack, but you can see from my graph that page views are up (the specific numbers are probably exaggerated, but the trend ain’t bad). Since we obviously have a lot of new readers (and I can’t blame anyone for not digging through the archives), here are some of the more interesting things Steve and I have written:










Happy new year, kids!

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  1. mkh    Sun Jan 1, 04:07 AM #  

    And a happy new year to you!

  2. Mister E    Tue Jan 3, 02:52 PM #  

    It’s amazing you guys have been around this long. Thanks for the highlight film. I’ve been reading some of the older stuff, and it’s great. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year.

  3. Lois Terms    Tue Jan 3, 10:48 PM #  

    Best blog on the ‘net, and I follow lots! I just wish more of those thousands of readers would post comments. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one!

  4. Rollo Nickels    Thu Jan 5, 12:43 PM #  

    Just found this blog and can’t believe what I’m reading! I mean, literally, I can’t believe what I’m reading. You make up all this shit or just most if it?