Wednesday December 14, 2005

Public transportation as recreation

As someone who’s frequently taken the bus from South Beach to Downtown when it would have been a lot faster to drive, I can appreciate the entertainment value of our public transportation. You’re sitting higher then in a car, and spared having to pay attention to the road, you can really enjoy the scenery – it’s a surprising interesting way to see the town; MacArthur Causeway is particularly spectacular this way. There’s your fellow passengers: the potential to engage in or overhear interesting conversation is pretty well assured. On the end, being dropped at a somewhat arbitrary spot, rather then the parking lot of wherever you’re going, leads to at least a little bit of walking, which is always nice. Of course, the sightseeing potential is even greater with metrorail, and don’t get me started on the metro-mover, which seems like a tourist sightseeing device first and foremost.

Now we get Metrocrusade, wherein a couple of UM students take Metro Transit to a random stop and explore everything they find, providing 5-point ratings. In their first post, the reviews include I-Hop, which gets the only perfect score (?!), and . . .

It was a Middle Eastern market called the Middle East Market. Definitely a cool place. They had lots of fresh Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, packaged stuff, and even pretty inexpensive hookahs! They also served food, so we might go back for lunch some time. We bought stuffed grape leaves, hummus, and gyro bread, and we were very pleased with our purchases. The store was very vegetarian-friendly, so veg heads, check it out! We give it 4.5 out of 5 Metro Coins.

. . . that’s right: it’s a 5-point scale of metro coins. It’s hard to do dry wit on the internet, but these kids obviously are up to it. Let’s just hope they stick with the program. [Via Miamity. The photo is from the northern end of the metromover, facing downtown]

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