Thursday May 19, 2005

Movie Night

[Contributed by Potato Head]

Life and Debt
Somebody pointed out to me that even if you tell the My Footprint site that you live in a cave, walk everywhere, and grow your own food, you’ll still be told you need 1.5 planets. That’s because you live in the U.S.A., and just by doing so you’re supporting lots of environmentally damaging stuff. By virtue of the country where you live, you are an asshole by default. Life and Debt is an eye-opening (and visually beautiful) movie about the damage that you, my friend, are giving your tacit approval to.

This great documentary explains, in surprising detail, how IMF and World Bank policies are making poor countries poorer, looking primarily at Jamaica. It’s a visually arresting movie, and worthy of being seen on a big screen. The Historical Museum is screening the film tonight, for free. I would very strongly encourage you to go.

Time and Again/Snap
For you cinophiles who of course have already seen Life in Debt, your pal Justin Routt is showing his two new shorts tonight at Amika, 1532 Washington Avenue, on Miami Beach. Also free admission, but with also free drinks and sushi.

Actually, screw it, if you make an effort you can catch both.

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  1. cohen    Thu May 19, 02:00 PM #  

    is this the hist, musem in miamis downtown,