Thursday November 17, 2005

Pressure systems

Good news for those of us who secretly hate South Florida weather: the first sweater-able temperatures are coming, in the form of a cold front that will sweep through sometime between Sunday and Monday. If the meteorologists are right (and really, when are they ever not), we should have highs in the mid to low 70’s most of next week.

Something about your Ho . . .
The shit hit the fan over at Miamity yesterday, over a post about a song a few members of the Miami Heat Hurricanes recorded a few years ago. It did that internet wildfire thing, and the site, which had been receiving maybe 300 hits per day, was up to 5,000 hits in the space of a few hours after the whole sports world, including, linked to it. Racist comments and threatening e-mails ensued, and the post was yanked from the site. For the interested, here is a link to the Google cache version of the page.

Pre-Basel Tension
Can you feel it in the air? With Art Basel just two weeks away, Miami galleries are spit-shining their floors, breaking out the blockbusters, and printing their foil-embossed-best invitations of the year. Over on Artblog, Franklin quotes a glossy magazine quoting Franklin about the effects of the fair, and hilarity ensues in the comments. Meanwhile, The Next Few Hours has its own doubts, as does Onajídé at MAEx.

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  1. Christian Calzadillas    Thu Nov 17, 09:13 AM #  

    FYI: Miami Hurricanes, not Miami Heat.

  2. Alesh    Thu Nov 17, 09:58 AM #  

    ah crap. shows how much I know about sports. thanks.

  3. Tanya Hyde    Thu Nov 17, 11:30 PM #  

    Cold weather sucks. If you don’t like the sun, the heat, and the humidity we’re blessed with here in beautiful south Florida, why are you here? I-95 is a 2-way street. Get back to Rochester and bundle up.