Tuesday May 10, 2005

The Symphony

Miami Performing Arts Center construction The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Cleveland Orchestra has agreed to make Miami its “second home,” for three weeks per year, once MPAC is finished. This is considered a feather in MPAC’s cap. Go figure.

Anywho, you may recall that South Florida had, until recently, its own orchestra. Heated debate ensued today at Critical Miami headquarters about why the Florida Philharmonic couldn’t raise enough money to stay afloat, with no conclusive conclusion drawn. If anyone has thoughts beyond “South Floridians are a bunch of obstinate, vacuous, and generally ignorant philistines who won’t put themselves out for anything other then immediate gratification of sensual needs," please let us know. Meanwhile, careful if you’re driving into downtown on from the north: MPAC construction has Biscayne down to one lane each way through August 16th.

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  1. Miami Harold    Thu May 12, 11:17 AM #  

    Perhaps this is the solution to the stadium problem as well.
    Since the only time the Marlins draw a decent crowd
    is when the Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Braves, or Dodgers come to town,
    maybe we should send the Marlins off to Vegas
    and build that stadium as a rental facility
    where Major League Baseball could showcase visiting teams—kind of a series-of-the-week sort of schedule.
    A week of Yankees games, a week of Braves, etc.
    Three nights of 40,000 people are better than
    six nights of 15,000,
    and everybody-from-somewhere-better-than-
    oi-the-heat-oi the-humidity-
    gets to see their home town favorite.