Monday May 9, 2005

Trapeze Lessons

somebody please call them!!
Holy crap: someone is giving trapeze lessons in Bayfront Park. This contraption was spotted over the weekend between the amphitheater and the big fountain. Don’t they know we’re living in a litigious society?!

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  1. cohen    Mon May 9, 02:27 PM #  

    a little to physical for me, ill stick to TV

  2. harumi    Tue May 10, 12:10 PM #  

    I always wanted to join circus. maybe this is the step to take.

  3. alesh    Tue May 10, 03:11 PM #  

    Please do! Somebody needs to do this, because we’re going to need to know what it is they actually teach you. I mean, there’s no safety net!

  4. Miami Harold    Tue May 10, 06:12 PM #  

    Got one of these in my bedroom.