Friday May 6, 2005

Bye Veronica!

Veronica at Jimbo's Our friend Veronica, who spent the last two months in Miami, and instigated some of the touristy explorations over the last couple of weeks, has returned to Italy. Next week she’s off to India, the little globetrotter. Stay in touch, Veronica!

We miss her, and are listless. Sudenly, it seems like there’s nothing to do in this crappy, sweltering city. The New Times Night and Day section is full of crap like “Meet Cristina Saralegui” at ElDorado Furniture. The Miami Herald web site returns 441 hits for our search of their god-awful events database, none of which seem to be actual events on the dates we asked.We heard about openings at Snitzer and Diana Lowenstein (website plays annoying music and is horribly out of date), but who can be bothered?

The good news is that there is plenty to do starting in about a week. Stay tuned; next thursday, Critical Miami will plan your weekend.

Update: While the editors were puting together this New-Times-bashing post, our Marketing department was busy sending them a request to cover CM in the forthcoming Best Of issue. Oops . . . sorry guys; we love you (most of the time).

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