Monday August 15, 2005

Miami Wiki

Yesterday’s post, in particular the bit about Awesome New Republic, got us thinking . . . even today, in this age of hip-hop and electronica, there are so many actual bands living and breathing in Miami (mostly at Churchill’s, but still); shouldn’t there be some sort of account of them? Actually, shouldn’t there be some sort of account of everything??

Well, ok, whatever. This is an experiment which, frankly, is likely to go nowhere. But in the interest of doing right by folks who deserve to be known, we hereby launch Miami Wiki.

If this is to be anything, it will be a user-created source of information. For the time being, anything goes. You should be able to log in and create and edit whatever entries you want. As valuable content is created, structures will fall in to place to protect it. This is the way wiki works all over the place. Eventually, we hope to integrate this wiki with Wikipedia, who’s current Miami page, while useful and interesting, leaves much to be desired.

By way of seeding, we have copied a few Critical posts to the Wiki, although without pictures, links, or much grace. Frankly, we’re not sure what the proper relationship between a blog and a wiki is; both are somewhat embryonic WWW structures. We leave it up to our readers and users to forge the way (MiamiWiki is really great for sharing your thoughts . . . much better, say, then comments on the blog).

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  1. Franklin    Tue Aug 16, 11:55 AM #  

    For the sake of future integration with Wikipedia, keep in mind that Wikipedia has a non-negotiable policy of maintaining a neutral point of view.