Tuesday November 28, 2006

Yesterday was a record-breaking day, with over 10,000 page views, I guess because of the “Blogger Deletes Comment!!!“ post (which, incidentally, was post 1001, so two milestones there for CM). But since I’m sure very few people are still following that thread, I thought I’d point out Manuel A. Tellechea’s comment, which says something very interesting and important, and is quite eloquent, too. Everyone should go read. Less importantly, I feel compelled to point out that you are currently reading a comment about a comment about a comment about a comment about a comment. My friends, that’s five levels of meta-ness. Update: as though on cue, Kottke shows me I’m an amateur, easily finding seven levels of meta-ness on del.icio.us. Oh well.



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  1. Alex    Tue Nov 28, 01:18 PM #  

    Wow Alesh, are you discovering the hit benefits of flame wars? ;-)

    I’m not saying you care, because I’m sure you don’t, but does it bug you the obssesiveness with stats some bloggers have? I get that is the fruit of their labor and recognition is nice, but I much prefer quality over quantity.

  2. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Nov 28, 04:36 PM #  

    I’d like to comment just for the perverse enjoyment of commenting on a post about comments. Six levels … keep ‘em coming!

  3. mkh    Tue Nov 28, 06:59 PM #  

    I think I need to post a Hidden City link to Manola’s comment. Infinite regression is so relaxing.

  4. alesh    Tue Nov 28, 09:36 PM #  

    oh fuck. I forgot to turn off comments for this post.

    Now if the universe blows up from meta-overload it’s going to be my fault.

  5. Manuel A. Tellechea    Wed Nov 29, 01:47 PM #  

    Here are some more comments on blog “moderation:

    “So-called “moderation” — an euphemism worthy of George Orwell — has more to do with control than censorship. That much I have no problem acknowledging. Many blogmasters have a fixed idea of exactly what they want their blogs to look like and represent. To realize their conceptions they must have control not only of the output but also of the imput. They wrongly suppose that everything said on their blogs will ultimately reflect on them personally. If too many baboons decamp on their website, they fear that their blogs will acquire a reputation as baboon-friendly blogs. Their reams of nonsense would upset their carefully-constructed blog universe, and so they eject all who might mar their original design. Their eye, I think, is too fixed on futurity and their place in it. Sadly, their efforts to shape the present in a manner that will impress the future will likely be thwarted at every turn. The mere fact that they practice “moderation” would call into question the content of the blog. The future will not be easily duped unless the future belongs to baboons!

    It is also useless to delete “objectionable” comments because it is impossible to censor a comment once it has been admitted. Futurity will have the Google caches and the Wayback machine to supply all omissions and deletions if it is even conceivable that futurity would take the least interest in such things.

  6. NicFitKid    Wed Nov 29, 06:18 PM #  

    So Alesh, is del.icio.us the modern Ouroborus?