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Monday June 19, 2006

It’s a funny thing about RSS readers: they track everyhing going on at your blog. So even though Miamity is dead [sob!!], I can tell that Kyle recently updated the Filling Out The New Times Poll post. No idea what he changed, but it’s still worth reading.


Tuesday November 8, 2005

Oh, snap!

Miamity takes Miamist out behind the bar for a little man-to-man chat.

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Tuesday January 29, 2008

Look here: Kyle, the proprietor of all-time best local blog Miamity, long ago shut down, has a new blog.


Saturday November 19, 2005

The 'don’t let your ho go to the 7th floor' wrap-up

By now, the whole goddamned world has heard of the troubles Kyle has seen (the story was mentioned on Channel-7 morning news on Friday) since his original post about “Don’t Let Your Ho Go to The 7th Floor,” a song recorded by members of the Miami Hurricanes a couple of years ago. We mentioned it the other day, but a lot has happened since then, and we have a few observations to make:

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Thursday June 28, 2007

2 Live Looks

2 Live Looks

Discovering new “Miami” blogs and websites is becoming a daily occurrence in these muggy and rainy days of Summer, as peoples retreat into their air-conditioned rooms and behind glowing terminals.

The new street fashion blog 2 Live Looks is different, because Matthew actually has to leave his house to gather material. “Websites similar to this one have long existed for other cities, with Miami conspicuously missing.” Sure enough. The question is whether Matthew can keep up the post-a-day pace he seems to have set for himself. (Remember Miamity?) I sure hope he does.

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Thursday November 17, 2005

Pressure systems

Good news for those of us who secretly hate South Florida weather: the first sweater-able temperatures are coming, in the form of a cold front that will sweep through sometime between Sunday and Monday. If the meteorologists are right (and really, when are they ever not), we should have highs in the mid to low 70’s most of next week.

Something about your Ho . . .
The shit hit the fan over at Miamity yesterday, over a post about a song a few members of the Miami Heat Hurricanes recorded a few years ago. It did that internet wildfire thing, and the site, which had been receiving maybe 300 hits per day, was up to 5,000 hits in the space of a few hours after the whole sports world, including, linked to it. Racist comments and threatening e-mails ensued, and the post was yanked from the site. For the interested, here is a link to the Google cache version of the page.

Pre-Basel Tension
Can you feel it in the air? With Art Basel just two weeks away, Miami galleries are spit-shining their floors, breaking out the blockbusters, and printing their foil-embossed-best invitations of the year. Over on Artblog, Franklin quotes a glossy magazine quoting Franklin about the effects of the fair, and hilarity ensues in the comments. Meanwhile, The Next Few Hours has its own doubts, as does Onajídé at MAEx.

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Monday May 1, 2006

Kyle fills out the New Times poll. My WTF?! moment is “Best local Website: obviously.”

Not even as a joke, Kyle . . . not even as a joke.


Wednesday December 14, 2005

Public transportation as recreation

As someone who’s frequently taken the bus from South Beach to Downtown when it would have been a lot faster to drive, I can appreciate the entertainment value of our public transportation. You’re sitting higher then in a car, and spared having to pay attention to the road, you can really enjoy the scenery – it’s a surprising interesting way to see the town; MacArthur Causeway is particularly spectacular this way. There’s your fellow passengers: the potential to engage in or overhear interesting conversation is pretty well assured. On the end, being dropped at a somewhat arbitrary spot, rather then the parking lot of wherever you’re going, leads to at least a little bit of walking, which is always nice. Of course, the sightseeing potential is even greater with metrorail, and don’t get me started on the metro-mover, which seems like a tourist sightseeing device first and foremost.

Now we get Metrocrusade, wherein a couple of UM students take Metro Transit to a random stop and explore everything they find, providing 5-point ratings. In their first post, the reviews include I-Hop, which gets the only perfect score (?!), and . . .

It was a Middle Eastern market called the Middle East Market. Definitely a cool place. They had lots of fresh Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, packaged stuff, and even pretty inexpensive hookahs! They also served food, so we might go back for lunch some time. We bought stuffed grape leaves, hummus, and gyro bread, and we were very pleased with our purchases. The store was very vegetarian-friendly, so veg heads, check it out! We give it 4.5 out of 5 Metro Coins.

. . . that’s right: it’s a 5-point scale of metro coins. It’s hard to do dry wit on the internet, but these kids obviously are up to it. Let’s just hope they stick with the program. [Via Miamity. The photo is from the northern end of the metromover, facing downtown]

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Tuesday November 15, 2005

Tuesday morning clickiage

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Saturday October 29, 2005


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Saturday November 26, 2005

What's up with the dean of UM?

[Contributed by Steve Klotz]

Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass about college football, and in fact my observation is that in general, schools that take their sports programs seriously take their academics lightly, and attract both a student body and faculty of decidedly less ambition and achievement. Say, like, University of Miami.

The recent campus incident involving sophomore Kyle Munzenreider, who published a link on his blog (Miamity) to the football players’ 2-year old thugaphonic stab at art, is a perfect example of everything wrong with a school that prizes football over all else. It needs to be thoroughly researched and written up as a textbook case of what a serious Academy should not do. Ever.

The kid is on his way out the door—ultimately this may turn out in his favor, as he’s obviously too bright, too motivated, and too advanced in his development for the Coral Gables Temple of Basketweaving—for the High Crime and Cardinal Sin of embarrassing the football program. Disregarding the obvious point that the players themselves, the ones who actually recorded the dick-waving song, are the genuine culprits in the embarrassment category, exactly what did the blogger do that was wrong, let alone illegal? How do you defenestrate a student for “embarrassing” the football program? Isn’t that action in itself rather embarrassing to the whole university?

If the cover story of Thursday’s Miami Hurled is accurate, the real embarrassment here is the conduct of the Dean. (College deans are almost universally reviled by faculties and students alike. For the most part, they are failed academics—glorified bureaucrats whose lack of people-skills made them ineffective teachers, and whose intellectual shortcomings ensured their career status as mediocre academicians. They end up—where else?—in management). This poor deluded dunce calls the cops (“Arrest that kid! He embarrassed the football program!”) and has the kid delivered to his office on the pretense his “suicide note” posted on Miamity was genuine. This keen Dean still wonders why Curly doesn’t bleed when Moe smacks him with a hammer.

And apparently during the interrogation the Dean had a staff shrink stowed away in the next room (what, spying? It’s not clear, which is why before it goes into the textbooks, further research is needed) who pops in and advises the kid to go home (based on what? Eavesdropping?), and he gets bounced from the dorm. How does this work? If the suicide note is genuine, he’s tossed into the street unsupervised, out of care and custody. Very responsible. If it isn’t genuine, why evict him?

These are not first-raters we’re dealing with here, but as noted above, this is the dismal mediocrity generated by a university that prizes its football program above all else. If I’m on the Board of Trustees, I’m outraged and want an accounting directly from the Dean, who BTW anounced his retirement last September and ain’t talkin’ now. Perhaps he’s arrived at the conclusion that it’s better to clam up and be thought a fool than to open his pie hole and remove all doubt.

Update: Deadspin agrees, and provides an e-mail address for those who want to share their disgust with his decision.

Update (Nov. 28): The school responds.

Update (Nov. 28): Kyle responds to the school’s response.

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Wednesday May 17, 2006

The blogacious hipster politics

new times spread out
I’m writing this drunk, and it’s about silly shit, and life is short, and you’re probably better off skipping this post. Count yourself warned.

Item #1 is this ignore post, wherein our heros (a) make fun of this event for being sponsored by Toyota (“where does it end?” I don’t know, but it ended a long-ass time ago if you’re going to eschew anything with corporate sponsorship, guys. Also, and I really really do love ignore, but you guys using “hipster cunt” as a put-down is kind of like a bulldozer calling a forklift yellow, isn’t it?) and (b) totally go off on Crispin Porter + Bogusky, because they found out that someone at the company left an ignore-insulting comment on Miamity (Kyle is pals with ignore, so he prob. gave them the IP). Also note this, and also that said comment was left under the name “newtimez,” which brings us to . . .

Item #2 So the New Times’ best of issue named a TV station’s web site Best Local Website, which is great, except that (#1: the Associated Press style guide demands that “Web site” is two words, and #2:) the logic that got you to that selection, taken to its obvious logical conclusion, leads you to name the “Best local Website” every year henceforth. Still no big problem, except that they then say something like “the loozers in Bloward can have a ‘best blog’ category, but we in daD3z know that blogz are, like, sooo 2001; we ain’t even w’dat, yo” (check the link above, in case I’m mis-remembering their quote a little (and also, btw, a belated congrats to Rick, who got the best blog nod in da BPB)), with which I just have the slightest of problems. Blogs, to me, are a format, not so much a cultural entity in and of themselves. In other words, a particular blog can be good or bad, cool or uncool, but to call blogs in general uncool is equivalent to someone in the 1920’s saying that the talkies are a silly fad, or (as I put it here) someone in 1460 saying that books are “so 1455.”

OK, so the New Times said something dumb. Appropriately, tNFH makes fun of them for it, as does Franklin (in tNFH’s comments), as does Kyle, and as I would like to . . .

The problem is that NT is supposed to be a “fun” publication, and you can’t possibly be a “fun” weekly without shooting from the hip, and without saying some stupid shit from time to time. The problem is compounded in the case of the “Best of” issue, wherein the staff is required to make up all this shit in all these specific categories, and make it make sense, and be fun to read, and not be the same thing year after year, and, well, who am I to get upset if all those requirements get in the way of not saying stupid shit from time to time. Not to mention the fact, and let’s face it, that that everyone knows what the best blog in MIA is (and let’s face it: the only reason you’ve read this far was to see if I was going to go there, and now you know).

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Wednesday January 18, 2006

Tuesday ketchup

New court building, downtown

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