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Tuesday November 8, 2005

Oh, snap!

Miamity takes Miamist out behind the bar for a little man-to-man chat.

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Wednesday July 19, 2006

‘Miami Vice’ Film Reminds of Cocaine Past in the Washington Post. “The ‘Miami Vice’ TV series (1984-89) accurately reflected those crazy times, according to people who lived through them.” Fun article. (via, of all things, Miamist)


Thursday October 20, 2005

Miamist stumbles onto the scene

Hey, check out our about page [Our about page has changed, the original one is here.], and it’s pretty clear we were inspired by the -ist family of city blogs. So when Kathleen dropped us a note earlier tonight about Miamist, we were very exited. On first glance (actually, the second glance – on first glance miamist crashed firefox), it’s hard not to notice the absence of a skyline icon, typical of the other -ist sites. On second glance, the site seems a bit of a mess overall; broken links abound, and the staff page is a complete train wreck (we got a screen grab; click the image to see the whole horrid thing, if they’ve improved things by the time you read this). Clicking on the staff suggests they’re writing for Chicagoist, but we assume someone just copied a page and hasn’t plugged in the information yet (no idea on what the garbage at the top is).

Oh right, so their archives indicate they went online at the end of September, about three weeks ago. So far the focus seems disproportionately on sports, with little tidbits thrown in. Some of it is clearly hack-work (hurricane prep tips??), while some of it is decent (a post on South Beach vendors works, but someone should tell them that “Google Images” isn’t really a photo credit!). Nothing we saw definitively proved that any of the writers has ever set foot outside Chicago, but doesn’t disprove Miami-nativeness, either.

Miamist is the competition, but we are thrilled to have them. Hi, guys! Thanks for gracing our town with your presence. Please clean up your links, import a skyline photo (we know you know how to use google image search!) into illustrator and get up a logo, maybe reconsider the puke yellow, and get down to business. We’ll try to compete with our (thus far) non-commercial resources. It’ll be fun.

Meanwhile, we’ll be rewriting our about page. And, especially in light of Wilma (Category 5, y’all), we’re packing an overnight bag and heading up to Chicago for a little Critical counteroffensive.

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Thursday April 13, 2006



Oh, by the way, today is the first aniversary of this’ere site. I started CM because at the time there was no Miamist, no Metroblogging Miami, and no other Miami based blogs of that sort. Today, there are dozens, and there’s a Miamist and MB-Miami (though they both blow), so technically, there’s no more need for Critical Miami. Nonetheless, though, I see no reason not to keep it up so long as it’s fun.

In honor of the anniversary, some changes are happening. Nothing drastic, but you may notice some things moving around over the next couple of weeks. To get you started, there’s a “one year ago today” feature in the left bar (thanks to Mary on the Textpattern forum for that one). The big thing will be that the Tuesday linkfest will be exploded and scattered throughout the week, ala There may be a slight design overhaul. The archives will be made easier. That sort of thing.

This would be a good time to kick in any suggestions, gripes, pet peeves, or advice you may be harboring. Thanks for reading.

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Saturday November 19, 2005

The 'don’t let your ho go to the 7th floor' wrap-up

By now, the whole goddamned world has heard of the troubles Kyle has seen (the story was mentioned on Channel-7 morning news on Friday) since his original post about “Don’t Let Your Ho Go to The 7th Floor,” a song recorded by members of the Miami Hurricanes a couple of years ago. We mentioned it the other day, but a lot has happened since then, and we have a few observations to make:

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Tuesday May 9, 2006

Speaking of Rick, he’s all exited because M****st (I will not link them in a house. I will not link them with a mouse. I will not link them here or there. I will not link them anywhere!!) linked to MB411. Whatever. And for the record, I have been to an auto show. It was when I was 14. They had a mock up of the A-Team van, with a mounted machine gun. It was great.


Monday May 1, 2006

Kyle fills out the New Times poll. My WTF?! moment is “Best local Website: obviously.”

Not even as a joke, Kyle . . . not even as a joke.


Monday October 31, 2005


What’s better then a bunch of bunch of sellout hipsters from Chicago writing a blog about Miami (compare this search to Miamist’s latest posts . . . cerfew lifted? check. generator death? check. lotto winner? do these people have no shame?)?

How about a Miami blogger invading their city during a hurricane weekend? That, dear readers, is serendipity. Yes, we checked out Chicago, thanks to the endless generosity (and patience) of Jeroen Nelamans, currently working on his Masters at the Art Institute (the grand tour of which included a brief visit to their metalshop/foundry).

Chicago is fucking fierce, yo. The Sears Tower view is for chumps – the real view is from the John Hancock building (which you’ll recognize from the 1991 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which always seemed to start facing the building). The pizza is amazing (getting out of the booth after you’ve eaten it is another thing, but neermind). Navy Pier is lame. The El is grungier then you’d have any right to expect. The Art Institute museum has an eye-popping collection of room miniatures. The bean was being cleaned, but yes, we were allowed to photograph it.

Are we buggin’ you with non-Miami content? You’d better take your seat, punk; Miami Beach 411 just called us a “Miami A-list blogger,” and we’ll do whatever we please (though is sort of under construction right now).

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Saturday October 29, 2005


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Wednesday November 30, 2005

More Basel, more problems

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Monday November 7, 2005

Upside down tuesday linkiage

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Wednesday November 9, 2005

Critical Miami in the news

This is all stuff we meant to tell you about yesterday, but plumb forgot. Critical has gotten mention at the Blog Herald for making fun of Miamist, and at Bloggers Blog for our crack post-hurricane coverage. The graph above shows search terms on the blog for yesterday. Finally got up a new about page (the old one is here). And, oh yeah, our shit is now validating (still working on the CSS though). Also, since your humble author is starting work at MPAC Monday, we’re yanking their picture off the masthead (yeah, yeah, it’s not really a masthead, whatever). One of these days that picture is going to rotate . . .

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Tuesday February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

sunset over the golden glades interchange

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