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Tuesday November 13, 2007

November artwalk

November artwalk

Mural at Locust by Ed Young. (btw, I’m debating whether to do these this way, or in the slideshow. But for now, you can click them to see bigger.)

November artwalk

Inside, a rockin’ installation site-specific sculpture* by L/B.

November artwalk

Adorable mini-art-fair at Spinello. Just to the left of guy’s head is Jen Stark’s piece (because why miss an opportunity to mention Jen Stark?).

November artwalk

I’ll tell you what — word got out about the Diet Gallery. Or maybe it was the heavenly neon sign outside, but the place was packed. And the art, it was good. Welcome DG! Anyway, here’s Andrew Mowbray.

November artwalk

I was a little taken aback and forgot to get this artist’s name. Anyone?? Abby Manock, who’s website is worth a visit.

November artwalk

The consistently stunning María José Arjona. (Actually, a better picture here.)

November artwalk

How to impress people at your gallery opening or function: make delicious mojitos.

November artwalk

A few stills from Carlos Rigau aka Kenneth Cohen’s new video, which distills down all the man’s-head-on-boy’s-body stuff into a mind-bending 5 minutes. Nice work, sir! This is at the lovely show Erika curated at Tachmes, which consisted almost entirely of video and sculpture based on television sets (up through Basel).

November artwalk

And during which was produced this guitar cake.

* I give up: is it an installation or a sculpture? Is it site-specific?

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Monday January 15, 2007

January arthop

at Locust

Um, I was [what’s the opposite of meticulous?] about getting the names of artists Saturday. No big deal — somebody will set me straight soon, so check back in a few days and I’ll have them all. Until then [That was quick.] This is by Jen Stark [thanks, KH], in the group show at Locust (see here for links to most of the galleries). It is what it is: a color vortex cut straight out of the wall.

Kerry Phillips at Locust

Kerry Phillips’ installation at Locust.

Vicenta Casañ at Diana Lowenstein

Vicenta Casañ‘s photoshopped images work a little better in theory then in practice, but I loved them anyway. At Diana Lowenstein.

at University of Miami project space

Brent Cole [thanks, bp], at University of Miami project space. A suitcase containing two Miami swimming pools and the sky.

Arnold Mesches at Dorsch

Arnold Mesches kicking ass at Dorsch. My glare? Not so much.

Georges Rousse

That’s my man Georges Rousse, folks. Very odd to stumble randomly on to a show of his work.

Georges Rousse

Same guy, video installation. A video camera mounted above where I was standing live-feeds to a nearby projection.

That’s about it for the work. A few more pictures, mostly of people, at the flickr.

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Monday March 12, 2007

Saturday gallery hop + more


Pictures from Saturday night, and yes — mixing images of art with unrelated photos of the evening. Here are Abner Nolan’s found negatives at Leonard Tachmes Gallery.


AA spot in the Design District I can never seem to catch the name of (Update: it’s an annex of the Moore Space Update #2: madebythem says: “That space as well as the show was is in no way related to the Moore Space. My friend and I wrote a proposal to get the space and decided to have a show with no theme, flyers, invites or any sort of publicity.”), a big exhibition involving live dogs in uncomfortable-looking costumes, video, a lawn-sized patch of live sod, copious piles of broken furniture, an altar, and at least one boy in neon-orange briefs.


This is not art. Actually, I don’t think I was supposed to be upstairs, as the whole floor was linoleum-recently-removed sticky.

Tarot card altar by l’elk!


I am sometimes asked to explain the difference between the Design District and Wynwood. They are adjacent art districts, with roughly separated by I-195. The Design District has some notable architecture and history, and contains several non-profit art spaces, along with high-end furniture showrooms.


Wynwood is mostly old warehouses, many of which have been occupied by the hottest commercial galleries in town. (There are also a few private collections and the MoCA annex.) There used to be a rivalry of sorts, but I think the DD folks largely gave that up when they changed their gallery walk to second Saturdays to coincide with Wynwood’s.


Sara Stites at the Buena Vista Building.


A Jen Stark peephole piece at the Bas-Fisher Invitational.

Kerry Ware

Kerry Ware at Dorsch.


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Friday March 14, 2008

Saint Patrick's weekend

St. Patrick

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Monday December 10, 2007

Aqua, Wynwood, more Pulse, Geisai, Photo Miami, Aipad, Casa Lin, Art Miami

Art Basel Miami Beach

Shana Lutker’s Hear It Here, at Art Perform, was a bit of a dud, at least from the little bit I saw. Maybe it got cooking later, but for me it confirmed a long standing suspicion that performance art is much easier to pull off in a small enclosed space.

Art Basel Miami Beach

Wynwood: This piece is officially the best thing all week. A kid from Dash high school made it, and promised to send me his information, and of course didn’t hasn’t yet. But and so yes, they were offering to take people’s pictures, right there on the street. This skewers more things that deserve skewering in one stroke then most people manage in a career, and it brings to new heights to the “But is it art?” issue for dessert. Rock over London, rock over Miami, Mission Accomplished. Update: Ilan Wilson-Soler. Thanks to everyone who helped track him down, and thanks Ilan for the kick-ass piece. Let’s have more like this.

Art Basel Miami Beach

At Twenty Twenty, Jen Stark’s How to Become a Millionaire in 100 Days (answer: make 10,000 pieces of paper a day, which is exactly how this piece came about).

Art Basel Miami Beach

Did you hear of a fair called Fountain? Me neither, but I stumbled across it, and was pretty impressed. Here’s one of a few of David Opdyke’s great little sculptures.

Art Basel Miami Beach

William Lamson’s Vital Capacity. A guy is in a vertical chamber, encased in a box up to his neck, his face covered with up-facing spikes. Balloons get dropped on him, and he must keep them up as long as possible by blowing, because, imagine a constant barage of balloons popping right in front of your face. Great use of a vertical LCD.

Art Basel Miami Beach

Bob and Roberta Smith (what is up with those names?), 26.05.07 Never Trust an Hippie. I hope you can read this (and btw it’s over 100 inches wide).

Art Basel Miami Beach

It’s always a treat to see one of Robin Griffiths’ pieces.

Art Basel Miami Beach

Brandon Opalka’s mural covers the entire side of Dorsch. (It’s going to have to be a “to-see,” because my photo here just really isn’t doing it any justice.) Do we have a candidate for Largest Artwork in Miami?



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