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Tuesday October 9, 2007

Spencer Tunick shoot photo by Luciano Bove

One more photo, by Luciano Bove, from the Spencer Tunick shoot. Sorry, I can’t resist the pink.


Tuesday August 21, 2007

One more art thing: you can volunteer to get naked for Spencer Tunick’s project at the Sagamore hotel in October. (via, and more at, Wormhole)


Monday October 8, 2007

spencer tunick at the sagamore

Early photos from the Spencer Tunick photo shoot at the Sagamore. Photos: John Vanbeekum, Miami Herald. Update: Channel 10 has more photos in a slideshow, and some video.


Friday October 5, 2007

Miami Carnival weekend


“Miami Carnival” is not the same thing as “Carnival,” but it’s something. See Sunday. Also, I believe there’s still time to register for the Spencer Tunick nakedness on Monday.




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