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Monday December 4, 2006

Quintessential DeFede: “when you initially heard that a deranged fired newspaper employee had stormed the Herald building with a machine gun, you thought to yourself, ‘Oh my, what’s DeFede done now?’” The he gives some advice to McClatchy. Nice.


Friday April 21, 2006

Why not: I’ll just feed you these Jim DeFede comentaries as they come in, they’re that good. This one’s on the mess Joe Martinez has gotten himself into.


Monday April 16, 2007

DeFede on Rudy Crew, Miami-Dade’s Superintendent of Schools.


Friday June 9, 2006

DeFede riffs on hurricanes. “To me, the thing that makes a hurricane special in South Florida is that sense of panic that washes over the community when a hurricane is about a day away.” For the life of me, I can’t seem to be able to embed these videos here, though.


Monday May 8, 2006

Jim DeFede on the boot camp beating death. He’s never been more right: “the special prosecutor in the case needs to move forward in pressing criminal charges against not only the guards who were present and participated in this heinous act, but the nurse, who stood by and watched as a young child was killed.”


Wednesday November 22, 2006

“No candidate anywhere in the country spent more money on attack ads and TV commercials than Charlie Crist.” Jim DeFede wonders what kind of a governor he’ll be.


Sunday July 9, 2006

DeFede’s love note to County Manager George Burgess.


Sunday November 6, 2005

Jim DeFede's back

Here we see Jim DeFede on CSPAN, but he’s actually been on Channel 4 lately, as a commentator. He appeared on Thursday and Friday, on the evening (6 pm) newscasts, and will be on again Monday, talking about FPL!

More: Here are some of DeFede’s feelings about his firing, from a UM panel. And here is an interesting discussion, which points out that the Herald used information from the illegal tape in their own reporting.

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Thursday August 24, 2006

DeFede echoes my rant about the peaceful demonstrater that got shot by rubber bullets by cops. “Could it be that these gallant men are really just a bunch of cowards…. and are afraid to meet this woman face to face – without all their guns and rifles, and riot gear.”


Wednesday October 18, 2006

Jim DeFede’s mom: “Eat your spinach. It’s good for you. Have a salad, it won’t kill you.”


Sunday January 7, 2007

Radio and TV Marti is now broadcasting in Miami, and DeFede is not happy.


Thursday May 18, 2006

Oh boy, everybody’s coming down on Johnny Winton: Jim DeFede, the police, and even John/Miamista. That’s gotta hurt.


Thursday August 3, 2006

“I kept waiting to hear that the president dropped by Mansion nightclub so he could guest DJ and referee the latest VIP room slap fight between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.” Jim DeFede on W’s visit to Miami. Not uninteresting is that in the text version, Paris becomes “Jessica Simpson.” Ouch.