Tuesday August 14, 2012

Dan Hosker

dan hosker

Dan Hosker died over the weekend after four months in a coma. Dan played with the Holy Terrors, and more recently with Boise Bob and His Backyard Band, and in between with a quarter million other bands including the Laundry Room Squelchers, which is of course how I knew him. I spent a couple of hours yesterday searching my archives for the photos I took of him playing with Bob at Dorsch’s, couldn’t find anything, and then I got depressed and went to work. You can read at the NT about his music, and Dan was a truly great musician. But I remember just as much his calm, solid presence. Dan was the epitome of calm reasonableness, and I liked him from the moment I met him. He was the guy you’d want around if something went wrong, because he’d know what to do, and I think actually that confidence is what made him such a great musician.

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