Monday June 18, 2012

The Social of the Media

facebook This is just a brief note about what’s going on here at Critical Miami. Housekeeping. Boring shit.

So, first of all, I realize that nobody has time to check in with a friggin blog every day. This is why I have set up some handy social media things which you can use to follow Critical Miami in whatever way you like. Hooray!:

Now listen up! Eyebrows have been raised at the large type and lack of sidebar on this site. I am going for a new-fangled, mobile-friendly thing, inspired by this Zeldman post and redesign. (His fonts make my fonts looks small!) I have moved some of the stuff that was in the sidebar (and links to the social media feeds) to the footer at the bottom of this very page. Your input in all of this is welcome. Links to archives and a search box will be comeing soon, but let me know what else you miss and generally what you think. Note also that I am seriously considering converting the comment system to Disqus, so thoughts about that pro or con are welcome.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for reading. This site has been offline for longer than it was alive, and the fact that I can come back and immediately have so much positive reaction is incredibly gratifying.

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  1. Squathole    Mon Jun 18, 07:31 AM #  

    I like this new design. Therefore, you may want to reconsider its use.

  2. Rick    Mon Jun 18, 07:43 AM #  

    Squathole makes a good point!

    “So, first of all, I realize that nobody has time to check in with a friggin blog every day.”


    I know it’s old school but RSS reader….maybe?

    Welcome back…can be the first to second another commenting system? I’ve been waiting, oh, about 7 years.


  3. alesh    Mon Jun 18, 08:23 AM #  

    Ahh the irony… after posting this I did a late-night Textpattern update which KNOCKED OUT COMMENT DISPLAY.

    It’s fixed now, but ok, I’ll look into Disqus. (I also considered Facebook Comments, and eliminated that because I know some of our favorite folks would not be into it.)

    BTW, Rick, I had a lot of trouble posting a comment on SFDB. Like 4 times in a row i would enter a comment, name/URL (even tried anonymous once), and when I hit ‘publish’ the form cleared out and there was no comment. I think it’s because I’ve got my browser set to reject third-party cookies.

  4. Rick    Mon Jun 18, 10:20 PM #  

    Sorry ‘bout that. I haven’t received any other complaints but that doesn’t mean that much.