Monday July 21, 2008

A front page article in today’s Sun Sentinel pities the poor weather reporters at local TV stations, who have to decide whether to interrupt your programming with hurricane updates or wait for the commercial. Poor babies. You know what? Wait for the frigging commercial. I don’t care how close the storm is to Bermuda. All I care about is is we are actually in a hurricane watch. It’s just not that hard.

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  1. Angela Salomon    Tue Aug 26, 07:53 AM #  

    Watching the weather on Channel 7 is torture!
    I even think that they get upset when the storm does not head our way; even when the storm is going away from South Florida, their weather forecasters (Senor Felipe and his staff) always find a way to instill fear in our hearts by showing the dreaded CONE. It is funny how the Director of the Weather Bureu corrected Senor Felipe during Fay, when Senor Felipe kept bringing up the CONE and showing to the Director how it would be possible for Fay to make a 180 degree turn to South Florida.
    I used to watch channel 7 for the weather, but not any more!