Sunday June 1, 2008

Home safe & sound. Thanks to all for the good wishes, and for keeping tuned. Blogging resumes tomorrow, with all the trip show and tell and whatnot. Meanwhile, welcome back our weather map, in honor of the first day of hurricane season, and see the twitter updates resume their modest old spot on the sidebar. Unless they keep slowing down the site, in which case maybe gone for good. Also, bear with me while my handlebar-numbed hands reaccustom themselves to a keyboard. It’s been a long ten days.



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  1. swampthing    Sun Jun 1, 10:08 PM #  

    be it ever so swampy, there’s no place like home.

  2. Rick    Sun Jun 1, 10:41 PM #  

    So you biked the remaining 218 miles [Titusville to Miami] in 3 days with one day being “breakdown day” with flat tires and broken spokes?

    Man, that is some riding.


  3. squathole    Mon Jun 2, 09:49 AM #  

    Welcome back. I am amazed that it’s taken you all this time and a bike ride to find out that the area around J-ville stinks like ass. Everybody who ever drove up or down the east coast knows it and expects it. I believe it emanates from refineries. A few years ago, when the city hosted a SuperBowl, it became cost to coast talk radio fodder. The Secaucus of the South.

    You want your cat? She’s made herself quite comfortable around here, despite the lack of air conditioning.

  4. Gus    Mon Jun 2, 10:59 AM #  

    Welcome home. It hasn’t been the same here without you.

    Look forward to seeing the photos from your ride.