Friday May 23, 2008

& i'm out (again)

Well, folks, I’m off on the trip originally mentioned here. The route is different: I’m catching Amtrak to Savannah GA first thing in the morning, and pedaling back according to routes suggested by the ACA, via maps that finally arrived Wednesday.

My only contact with this site will be by cell phone, which is why the twitter updates have once again taken prominence. Should be back in 1 week and some change, barring unforeseen circumstances, in which case all bets are off. Stay tuned for updates from the road.


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  1. LJ    Thu May 29, 11:40 PM #  

    I have SO many questions, and since I keep forgetting them, I am going to blog comment ‘em!

    Why is Titusville your least favorite part of the trip? What did you mean about FL smelling bad?


    Sounds like a fab (if a bit rushed trip) so I hope you are enjoying it, and I cannot wait for the pix!! Keep safe.. LJ.