Tuesday May 13, 2008

Sassy photos from Miami (NSFW). Chinese food in the belly button: do not try this at home.



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  1. Duran    Tue May 13, 08:28 PM #  

    Dude, that shit is like from WMC. Wait ‘til you see the photos from this past Saturday at Poplife. I finally got to speak with the man behind the camera too. Surprisingly very down to earth.

  2. alesh    Tue May 13, 09:55 PM #  

    I know… I actually went to the site looking for the new stuff, but I couldn’t resist posting that set.

    Dude is amazing with a camera, but more importantly his pictures are indicative of how photography can be a reflection more of a person’s lifestyle and personality then a contrived artistic vision. Killer.

    BTW, how do you tell a girl you just met to take her top off for a photo?

  3. Mikhail    Wed May 14, 09:05 AM #  

    You lie and promise to make her famous!