Tuesday May 13, 2008

The Bas Fisher Invitational just had its last show ever and is closed.



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  1. Robert    Tue May 13, 09:36 AM #  

    you were a little late on this one. What happened to your listings! shame…

  2. cohen    Tue May 13, 02:08 PM #  

    first time i went to this space….. they had a gas station made of cardboard…. with a hummer made of cardboard…..that was a really good show… what happened to the artist.. and why is Bas Fisher closing….

  3. swampthing    Wed May 14, 08:51 AM #  

    With regard to material support, (real-estate/ market-building), of promising local artists,
    one collector, Craig Robins, out-shines the other few. Robin’s commitment to art in miami is generous and unwaivering. The impetus is not nepotism, it is a healthy mix of business and passion. He helps us, we help him. Artist run galleries (hernan)Bass-Fisher(naomi) differ from bandwagon commercial galleries in that they are like social-clubs for the artist, venues for newest risque art. Sales are rarely brisk, but the openings are always a cool-crush.

  4. R.    Thu May 15, 06:53 AM #