Monday May 12, 2008

“I do not believe that the effort required of my staff to gather and organize the information regarding job descriptions and cost of all board office renovations … is an effective use of their time.” — School Superintendent Rudy Crew, responding to a request for information from the School Board. From Michael Lewis’ column on how the School Board operates, which is a must-read. (Among info Crew is not interested in providing: where the overtime is going.)



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  1. swampthing    Mon May 12, 10:20 AM #  

    Public schools, magnets in particular, are like a three legged stool, the students, the faculty and the school buses. cut transportation and the school/stool will topple.

  2. Mikhail    Mon May 12, 02:35 PM #  

    The school board is a joke. They’re stuffing their pockets and don’t give a rats furry ass about the schools or the students. I know of many instances where kids are given a pass into another grade, without ever learning the basic curricula for the previous grade. The schools “fast track” kids through. What results is a mass amount of people graduating High School though they are barely literate.

    The problems with our schools most definitely are exasperated by a horrible and corrupt school board… but they begin further North… In Tallahassee.